Feng Shui 2022:
Magnified Five Yellow Dominates the Year!

The #5 star in Flying Star feng shui is widely considered the most dangerous star. Known as the Five Yellow, or Wu Wang in Chinese, this inauspicious Earth star brings personal tragedy, financial losses and misfortune. It also triggers all kinds of conflict and obstacles, which is why we always recommend subduing its vicious energies whenever and wherever it appears in house charts, as well as in annual and monthly charts.

This affliction is of even greater concern in 2022 because it flies into the center sector of the Lo Shu Magic Square, making it the dominant star of the year. In this location, it impacts EVERYONE, EVERY household, office and retail space, in EVERY part of the world.

Being an Earth star in an Earth sector strengthens it further and suggests that if one gets hit by its bad luck, the consequences can be serious.

It is thus extremely important not to disturb the center of the home this coming year. Do not knock, cut trees, renovate, or stir up this area with excessive noise, bright lights and activity. If you must turn on the lights, make sure they are not overly bright. Fire produces Earth, so reducing the Fire energies that emanate from lights here will help keep the Five Yellow under control.

A magnified Five Yellow must be subdued with strong cures and the best remedies against Earth afflictions are powerful heavenly energies. For this reason, we have designed the Supremacy of Heaven Energy Activator featuring six celestial guardians from the heavens to tackle the harmful afflictions that this star brings. Having these guardians in your home and office, together with the Supremacy of Heaven Plate, not only shields you against bad luck, it also attracts an abundance of good fortune, benefiting all who fall under their influence, so it is an exceptional activator to invite into your space.

Every year, we advise that a Five Element Pagoda be placed where the Five Yellow appears. Because it is so strong next year, we have reinforced the new Pagoda with the potent Heart Sutra. Displaying this cure in the center of your home and office in 2022 suppresses the harmful energies of the number 5, and helps to neutralize any incoming misfortune.

We have also made Mini Heart Sutra Pagodas to use in individual rooms, to correct the small tai chi spaces within the home, as well as in your astrological sign’s home sector when your sign is hit by the monthly Five Yellow. Do note it is best to be extra cautious in months of this kind. In these months (check when this is for your sign in your sign’s Fortune and Feng Shui book by Lillian Too and Jennifer Too)the advice is to lie low, and ensure you stay constantly protected by carrying the Heart Sutra Pagoda portable amulet.

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