Aunt Agga Issue #100



 My office colleague and I have been secretly going out for a few months now. Last month our boss (a woman Snake, age 36) discovered us and has since told everyone in the office, and made it clear that our relationship is bad news for the work place. She has advised him to date other people and badmouths me to everyone behind my back. She piled so much work on me and we are now so stressed out! I’m a Rat (age 29) and my boyfriend is a Tiger (27). Please help!


I’m sorry to tell you that office romances often attract these kinds of reactions, which is why I always advice young people to avoid office dalliances! It’s fine when things work out but imagine the awkwardness for everyone (and yourself) when it doesn’t! In this scenario I get strong vibes that your boss secretly admires your boyfriend too, and is probably why she is reacting so strongly. My advice is to start hunting for a new job elsewhere! Activate your career corner in the North with a Lotus Root. It is pointless to continue working here as you will be miserable especially now that you know that your prospects for career promotion is very low since your boss dislikes you so much! Let this be a lesson in office romance, and if this guy is indeed really meant for you, there is no reason why your love cannot thrive outside the office.


QI read that the Tai Sui is in the Southeast this year and this is also my personal Love corner. Can I still use love symbols in the Southeast? Southwest is my total loss corner so I don’t want to activate this corner.


My dear of course you can activate love in the Southeast! In fact for the Snake year the Romance Star # 4 has flown into the Southeast corner – so placing a Double Happiness there will work wonders for your love life! As for the Southwest, it is OK to activate this corner even though this is your total loss direction. The SW is the universal love corner and is responsible for matriarchal happiness. But for this year, it is a good idea to place the Wu Lou in the SW to lock up the illness star there. Good luck!


QI am planning to refurbish my bedrooms in my apartment. Please can you advice what colours I should use? Do we have to take into account our Paht chee chart and what colours are suitable for us?

AGenerally speaking it is a good idea to paint a neutral colour – like beige or white in rooms and then use paintings to activate certain sectors or cure afflicted stars. Beige signifies EARTH which strengthens rooms in the Southwest, Northeast, Northwest and West. White simulates the energy of Metal –which is suitable for the Northwest, West and the North. If your rooms are in East, Southeast or South, then a light green works well and strengthens these rooms. Avoid bright red or blue.


Q10 years ago my husband gifted me a beautiful painting depicting a lonely Indian woman. We hung it in our bedroom. Within a year he divorced me. I have been single for the last 9 years and met someone last year. As soon as he moved in we started fighting and he has left me. I discovered your magazine recently and read that paintings can have an impact on relationships. Could this painting have been the cause of my broken marriage?


It seems certain that this painting has brought you bad luck in your marriage! If love and companionship is what you seek then I suggest removing this painting from your bedroom. I would also advice against displaying it in the living room since the energy emanating from this painting is sadness and loneliness. Instead, hang a picture of a lady very happy – surrounded by happy things. If relationship is what you wish for then hang a picture of a happy couple in your Southwest.


QMy brother came to live with us recently. Early one morning, after hanging my towel out to sun at the balcony, as I was walking out when my head accidentally brushed against his red underwear!! After that something very unlucky happened to me. Is there a remedy for this? Appreciate your kind advice. Thank you so much.



Oh dear that is indeed unfortunate. There is a very simple method to deal with this. What you can do is to soak lemongrass in water and let the water stand in the morning sun for 2 hours. Then use this lemongrass infused water to wash your hair and take a shower. This will remove the bad luck.


QOne of the windows in my dad’s bedroom got a long crack because of the ball hitting it. At the moment I am not able to afford a new window so I have just covered it with a thick pad so it won’t be too cold in the room. My daughter has been sleeping in that room – will it cause bad luck?


My dear – this is not good at all. I suggest you place priority in fixing this window as soon as possible. For the time being if you can remove the broken glass and cover it with a wooden plank is better than just leaving the broken glass there. Suggest you let your daughter sleep in a different room until this window has been fixed. For safety install a lock on the door and lock it from the outside until this window has been replaced.


QMy husband and I are suing his mother and siblings. Two years ago we discovered that they cheated him out of his share of inheritance. I have noticed that since the lawsuit began our family has suffered many episodes of bad luck –particularly my little girl, who falls ill after a court appearance or lawyer’s meeting. I sometimes wonder if she is jinxed – I was pregnant with her when my father in law was in his dying bed. By then there was already animosity from my in-laws. My mother-in-law is a Dragon, my husband a Monkey and I am Dog. How can I protect our daughter and family?


My dear this is indeed very sad. Since I do not know the full story I neither take your side or their side. But I can definitely tell you that NOTHING GOOD can come out of a situation where one engages in litigation against his own mother. Your husband is no doubt already bringing so much stress to his mother and no matter who is in the right here, it creates very heavy negative karma between them. Bad karma with one’s parents creates bad luck that lasts for many generations. I really suggest you advise him to drop the lawsuit immediately. You can protect your family by inviting the Chundi Goddess and the White Umbrella Goddess into your home and chant their mantras. These two enlightened goddesses can remove conflict and also prevent black magic from entering your home. Let your little girl wear small HUM amulet pendant made from gold to protect her and keep her safe.