Lillian Too’s Feng Shui Extravaganza 2019



Vital Annual Updates for the Year of the Earth Boar

The ONE event of the year you cannot afford to MISS!

THOSE who have never missed this event know how valuable it is to hear everything about the coming year’s good fortune and misfortune indications – so you know HOW to enhance the good vibes and stay protected against the negative indications. If this is the first time you are investigating this event, you will definitely be so glad you got this note to come to this year’s event!

Lillian Too’s Annual Feng Shui Extravaganza is a full ONE DAY event.

That is when she brings you all the most important astrological, feng shui and 24 mountains compass UPDATES for the exciting new YEAR OF THE EARTH BOAR – updates you need to know to make the coming year special, exciting and memorable for you and your loved ones. Because then you will know how to actualise your good luck on your positive months and subdue bad luck on your affliction months. With over 20 years’ experience sharing these updates to sell-out audiences, LILLIAN TOO offers a wealth of wisdom and knowledge on what exactly you can do to stay above the dangers of the year. More importantly, HOW TO NOT MISS the opportunities that come the way of each of the 12 astrological signs through the months of the year.

Lillian updates the feng shui and astrology of the year in a fun and entertaining way. She covers all the most vital dimensions of these Chinese traditional sciences that continue to be so relevant today – ancient knowledge interpreted in a modern way. Yes, she knows that in today’ digital age, these esoteric sciences stay more relevant than ever! Lillian has a premier HARVARD BUSINESS SCHOOL education – she has had an incredible corporate career and is also a very successful business woman – hence her experience of working and living is very comprehensive. She has been doing this work of spreading the ancient knowledge of feng shui and astrology since retiring from the corporate world for over 20 years now.

What is truly amazing is that Lillian offers so much NEW information each year about the 12 signs, the good fortune stars under the different compasses and the year’s feng shui charts and she conveys all these difficult and abstract indications in an easy-to-understand and entertaining fashion. For sure, she shares the updates of these traditional sciences with warmth and great charisma.

Lillian Too’s Extravaganzas will help prepare you for all the good fortune that is coming to your sign in the coming year, and also the dangers that must be avoided in 2019. She prepares you for the year ahead. More importantly, she has spent the past year preparing so she brings all the special good luck enhancers she has designed to let you make 2019 more positive than ever. At her Extravaganzas, you can get all the vital remedies to subdue bad luck, bring you protection against 2019’s afflictions and all the amulets and talismans you need to attract health, wealth and happiness your way.

As she has always said, it is everyone’s responsibility to stay UPDATED with their FENG SHUI at the start of each lunar New Year. Feng shui is a dynamic science, and there are vital TIME CHANGES that must absolutely be addressed at the start of each Lunar New Year.


This coming Year of the Earth Boar is one in which the Paht Chee indicates a full balance of elements. There will be every opportunity to make money, to achieve success and to realise one’s personal goals. When you understand all the nuances of the year’s Paht Chee chart, the new locations of the Flying Stars of the Year, and the impact of the 24 Mountains on each individual animal sign – this enables you to reach your fullest potential in the coming year. You can then make the most of the incredible ART OF PLACEMENT to efficiently trigger the ripening of good fortune opportunities coming your way in 2019.

SPEND A SUNDAY WITH LILLIAN TOO and learn how you can:

  1. Maximise wealth and abundance for the coming year
  2. Empower your personal chi to realise new positions of power and influence
  3. Strengthen success at work to achieve career promotion
  4. Make big gains in all your investments
  5. Ensure your health stays robust and strong
  6. Avert all kinds of misfortune caused by clashes in your charts
  7. Activate the Special Cross of the Boar Year to attract exceptional good fortune
  8. Tap the Star of Scholastic Brilliance for your children to excel in their studies
  9. Stimulate the Prospects Star and expand good fortune coming your way
  10. Avoid misfortune by staying protected against astrological and feng shui afflictions

Do not miss this SUNDAY DATE with Lillian. You will be surprised to see how easy it is to TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE in the most positive way!

Join the millions of people who over the years have already benefitted from Lillian’s unique approach to feng shui. Come to Singapore or Kuala Lumpur to hear her speak in person and meet her. She can help you see the coming year in a way that can change your luck very much for the better!

Lillian Too’s Feng Shui Extravaganza Malaysia 2019


Date & Time:
16th December 2018 (Sunday) | 10am to 5pm

Tickets available at:
– All World of Feng Shui Boutiques in Malaysia
Major MPH Bookstores in Malaysia

Ticket Hotlines:
– Sdn Bhd, Malaysia | 603-20803488 (Mon – Fri, 10am – 5pm)

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– eTicket will be emailed to you in within 5 days. Please present the eTicket at the Ticket Counter at the event to collect your ticket(s).


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