The Power Potential of Your Eyes

The faces we show the world reveal many things about us and depending on how we choose to display our face at any moment in time, how we enhance or adorn the face definitely influences our success potential and also affects the state of our health. The face we carry mirrors the attitudes and feelings of our soul at every moment in time.

Knowing how to create an auspicious “face” to project to the world is therefore a genuinely beneficial skill to learn. Since the face can be an important factor in our wellbeing, FSW brings readers this monthly column on the skill of face enhancement – how to read the face and more importantly, how to embellish it with colour and adornments to create the rosy-hued look that is just perfect for attracting great good fortune.

Each of the six most important features on the face – the forehead, the eyes, the nose, the cheeks, the mouth and the jaw – bring different kinds of luck tendencies. Each of these features can be enhanced to project greater success and happiness potential.

In this issue, LILLIAN TOO explains…

The eyes, more than any other facial feature, is what defines you; they convey the hidden depth of your feelings and the direction of your focus. They capture the eloquence of your convictions, your determination, disposition and propensity for attainment. Geomancers and experts in the art of Chinese face reading or mien siang describe the eyes as mirrors of your soul.

If you want to gauge if someone has affinity with you, look deep into the person’s eyes. Note how clear is the white of the eye, how dark are the irises, how wide-eyed the look generated. Note if the eyes slope upwards (an optimistic person) or downwards (pessimistic) at the corners… most important, see if you can detect brightness, a fire to indicate hidden sparks of energy and enthusiasm. Look for laughter lines to see whether the person’s eyes can smile naturally and spontaneously… then take a step back and see how the eyes frame the look of the whole face.

It is an instinctive thing, the vibes you get when you look directly at someone’s face. When the eyes “speak” directly to you, there is good affinity, but if the person facing you cannot hold a direct gaze with you, or if the person’s eyes flicker, turn hostile or is somehow unable to accept your look of interest, it is likely that you do not have affinity.

When you look at your own eyes in the mirror, what you see may be quite different from what others see. For you, your eyes will honestly reflect the dominant attitude that rules your mood at the precise moment you gaze into your own eyes; they reflect your expectations and reveal the depth of your determination. When you are feeling ambitious, your eyes will take on greater depth, and even when you feel relaxed, your aspirations will be reflected in your eyes.

You can feng shui your eyes to project a positive, confident personality that is always magnetizing and attractive, pulling people towards you, making others like you, and enhancing your luck potential. You can magnify the power of your eyes and improve your luck simply by using modern make-up magic to bring subtle emphasis and colour to your eyes.

    It is lucky to emphasize your eyes with dark coloured pencils;

  • dark green to attract growth energy;
  • dark brown to capture the wisdom of good decision-making;
  • deep blue to raise your wealth creating potential;
  • purple to connect with the cosmic and spiritual energies around you, and
  • dark grey to enhance your inner power.

Your eyes are your tools for seeing the space around you. They manifest for you the sense of the visual, enabling you to capture in an instant the pictures that empower your thoughts. It is extremely beneficial to develop the power of your all-seeing eye, which can capture the nuances of people’s moods and intentions, their transparent and hidden agendas. Practice is what makes perfect, so focus with your eyes to take in all the symbols and signs that you see each day. When you actively engage the power of your eyes, they become powerful tools for you to project great strength outwards. Irrespective of their shape, size or radiance, you can always enhance their luck potential by emphasizing them on your face. There is no such thing as an unlucky face. Likewise, your eyes are as lucky for you as you want them to be, and as you believe them to be!

When you know how to use your eyes to click onto the images around you, they can strengthen your ability to manifest good fortune into your life. The eyes are your camera to the world of images and pictures. Your eyes help you create the picture of what you want (possessions) and what you wish to achieve.

Your eyes reveal the state of your health. When something is amiss with your body, the first to show signs of something being out of sync are your eyes. Only those who are in the pink of health are able to show a bright-eyed look. Your eyes reflect everything superficial and profound, and it is you who will determine what your eyes see and what your eyes project. They can hide or reveal inner feelings according to how much of a smokescreen you want to generate.

Your eyes can be deep and unsmilingly large, hiding a multitude of secrets, revealing only what you wish to reveal, OR it can be a wide-eyed and an open book, revealing all. According to the Chinese art of face reading, healthy-looking eyes are those where the white is a clear pure white. Tinges of yellow indicate problems with the liver, while red eyes suggest a person with a short fuse who is easily provoked into anger. Such people are very easy to manipulate!

When there is more of the white colour than the iris, this suggests someone apathetic and inflexible. These kinds of eyes can imply a dogmatic personality, someone stubborn, probably lacking in emotion. Women whose irises are small compared to the rest of the eye size are less responsive sexually than those whose irises are large and dark. Men with these kinds of eyes tend to be unbending and are usually stiff, finding it difficult to show warmth or be overly romantic.

Also… look at the colour of the iris. As a general rule, dark eyes signify people who possess a wonderful and infectious sense of humour. Such people tend to be caring and responsible in the way they react to others, especially their loved ones. When a woman or man has eyes that are as brown as tea, she will tend to be open and easy, and he very likely a playboy. The darker the eyes, the more sensual and sexual the woman will be, and the same applies to the man!

Light coloured eyes are the eyes of a flirtatious personality, someone lacking in deep feelings; someone who has a tendency to be egoistic and frivolous in relationships. Such people usually take a long time to fall in love, but should they connect meaningfully with someone, this will be their one and only, and they will be faithful. When analyzing the depth and color of the iris, look at the left eye for men and the right eye for women.

Large bright eyes usually belong to people who are desirable to the opposite sex. Such eyes signify strength, sincerity and artful creativity of those who love to be loved, who love the limelight and who are most likely to have deep desires to make it big in the entertainment professions. You flirt with big ideas and you dream big dreams. Your big eyes bring you a great social life; you are always in demand and you are very popular with your peers, especially during your early twenties and thirties. This is the time of your life when you will enjoy the most success.

People with big eyes are warm and caring of others and the only thing you need to watch out for will be your vulnerability. Those with large eyes tend to be blind to the jealous arrows hurled at them or aimed their way. This is because large-eyed people have a tendency to be self-centered, so they are oblivious to those others around them who see them as competition. And so alas, their behavior is such that they bring out the jealous tendencies of others. They love making the grand entrance, being the life and soul of the party. But they will need to be careful that they do not arouse too much jealousy in others. It is thus never a good idea to use artificial help to make the eyes too big! Medium-sized eyes always bring better luck long-term than super large-sized eyes!


The best professions for people with large eyes are on the stage and screen; professional actors, celebrities and those who make a living looking attractive and where being in the limelight is the norm rather than the exception!

The weak spot of large-eyed individuals, especially big-eyed women, is that they really love making their presence felt. They love making an entrance and are completely comfortable being the center of attention. They thrive on all the attention accorded and they just love being the belle of the ball with everyone’s attention focused on them. People with large eyes should not be surprised when they suffer from the tall poppy syndrome. Being in the limelight, they are a prominent target of gossip and unfair criticism.

They will be on the receiving end of mean-spirited bitchiness!

For those of you with obviously big eyes (examples include Anne Hathaway, Katie Holmes, Kate Middleton, Nicole Kidman), the key to reducing poison arrows sent their way is to NOT draw too much attention to the eyes. Stay away from false eyelashes, excessive black mascara, sharp-coloured eye shadow, and definitely refrain from making the eyes even bigger than they already are! Focus on some other feature of the face and let the eyes create their magic in a more subtle and not too obvious way.

The best professions for people with large eyes are on the stage and screen; professional actors, celebrities and those who make a living looking attractive and where being in the limelight is the norm rather than the exception; that is the environment within which they will be a success, where they will flourish!

The corporate world is definitely less beneficial for the big-eyed man or woman. In this environment, they are likely to be at a disadvantage! They will be like a fish out of water in corporate boardrooms or in the executive suite. They will be unlikely to succeed because this kind of world is too low-key, too subtle for them. Women who believe that their big-eyed look will boost their career in the corporate world cannot be more wrong.

Those who rely on their big eyes and use make up to make their eyes look even bigger are headed for disappointment should they seek success in a corporate environment. Women whose eyes are both large AND round are at an even greater disadvantage here, but will thrive in careers that thrust them into the limelight!

Those with noticeably small eyes are individuals who tend to be calculating and very strategic in their thinking. They also have long memories. People with small eyes tend to be very picky about details. You make excellent proof readers, editors and accountants! You do extremely well in marketing and advertising.

Small-eyed individuals are extremely loyal and possess great skill in building up a strong and stable power base whether this is in the business and commercial environments or in the political fields. Generally, experts at face reading say that when the eyes are smaller but are also elongated, such men tend to possess the luck of authority and dominance. They can rise to high levels of power. This is true of both men and women. When there are naturally occurring bags under the eyes as well (not bags caused by lack of sleep) they are said to be money bags. Such eyes indicate wealth propensity!

If you have small eyes, you tend to be very goal-oriented and ambitious; but you are not necessarily the nicest person around. You are impatient with superficiality and you dislike wasting time on frivolous gossip. Those who cross you will find you have a great filing cabinet inside your head, so you remember those who cause you harm as well as those who have helped you. You can be extremely clever; very good at regarding those who have helped you and even better at getting enemies into trouble. There is good reason to stay on the right side of you!

But you make a good spouse albeit a revengeful one when crossed. Small-eyed men are often successful in business and politics and you provide well for your loved ones, usually showering them with every kind of luxury, but beware the wife who dares to cross you or be unfaithful to you. You will hound her and seek revenge unrelentingly. Here just think of the scandal surrounding the breakup of celebrity TV chef Nigella Lawson and her wealthy husband Charles Saatchi. The small-eyed woman can be even more revengeful than her male counterpart. Jealousy plays a very big part in the life of the small-eyed individual.

If you want to look for examples of people with small eyes making it big in business and built their own success or have become powerful leaders in their countries you need look no further than leaders such as Angela Merkel, the powerful German Chancellor, or Russian leader Vladimir Putin, the former and current Prime Minister of France, Sarkozy and Francois Hollande, and from the business world you can think of Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos, Microsoft boss Bill Gates and media tycoon Robert Murdoch. These are examples of the kind of small eyes referred to. In the case of Hollande, you can also note that his eyes droop downwards at the ends. These are perfect examples of people who have successfully climbed the ladder of success and power. They are all great strategists, fully cognizant of the competition and there is little doubt that they can also be quite ruthless. Note that while their eyes may be small, many amongst the examples named also have piercingly deep set eyes. Their irises are smaller than ordinary and the whites in their eyes are usually quite pronounced.