The Flower of Romance Star is often confused with the Peach Blossom Star because it addresses love and relationships and the ultimate destiny of one’s love life. While the Peach Blossom star focuses on the overall attractiveness of someone to the opposite gender, the Flower of Romance deals with the ability of someone to possess a genuinely caring and loving marriage or long term relationship. Therefore when you find this star in your chart, it is a positive indication of marriage in your life.

If the earthly branch of your Day or Year Pillar has: Earthly branch in the Hour pillar is External, while Month Pillar indicates Internal Flower of Romance:
Rat Rooster
Ox Horse
Tiger Rabbit
Rabbit Rat
Dragon Rooster
Snake Horse
Horse Rabbit
Sheep Rat
Monkey Rooster
Rooster Horse
Dog Rabbit
Boar Rat

However, as with all stars in the Paht Chee chart, its effects can be either fortunate or unfortunate, as the Flower of Romance can also indicate the presence of extramarital affairs or a less than satisfactory marriage. The differentiation is made between internal and external romance, where the latter implies an unhappy marriage. If this is found in the wife’s chart, it can mean that the husband may be unfaithful at its worst or a husband that doesn’t provide the wife with ample attention or care.

To find out if your chart has the Flower of Romance, look at the earthly branch in your Day and Year Pillar, then refer to the table to determine the animal sign that indicates the Flower of Romance star. Cross reference with the earthly branch of the Hour and Month Pillar, and if the animal that represents your Flower of Romance is found in the Hour Pillar, it indicates that you possess the External Flower of Romance, and if the animal is found in the Month Pillar, you possess the Internal Flower of Romance.

There are other factors that can affect the final outcome of this star, and this includes clashes of elements in your heavenly stems, Clashes of animals in the earthly branch, Formation of self penalties, as well as other penalty clashes. The pillar in which the clashes or penalties occur is at its worst effect when it involves the day pillar.

The 4 Clashes of elements in the heavenly stems are as follows:

These clashes if found in your chart indicate disharmony and disagreements with loved ones as well as with those you interact with regularly. It is especially bad when it is found between the Day Pillar and either the Hour or Month Pillar. When combined with the Flower of Romance, it means frequent arguments and disharmony.

Yang Wood clashes with Yang Metal Needs Water features
Yin Wood clashes with Yin Metal Needs Water features
Yang Water clashes with Yang Fire Needs Wood cure
Yin Water clashes with Yin Fire Needs Wood cure

6 Clashes of Earthly branch animals are as follows:

The earthly branch animal clashes are very potent and can bring about serious afflictions to your chart. Again, it is most damaging to your marria ge luck when found between the Hour Pillar and either Hour or Month Pillar.

Earthly Branch clash Remedies needed
Rat clash with Horse Needs secret friends and allies
Ox clash with Sheep Enhance for Wood chi
Tiger clash with Monkey Requires Water features
Rabbit clash with Rooster Requires Water features
Dragon clash with Dog Needs to enhance for Metal chi
Snake clash with Boar Needs secret friends and allies

Self Penalties:

The Dragon, Horse, Boar and Rooster are 4 animal signs that cannot stand to their own company, thus when there are 2 Dragons, or 2 Roosters in your chart, it means that you are afflicted with the self penalty. It indicates a lack of self progress, distraction, lack of confidence in your decision-making, as well as arguments and fights. It is very bad for marriage luck when found between the Day and Year Pillars. To remedy, you need to carry a figurine of your secret friend with you at all times.

The 2 Penalty – Rat and Rabbit Fights:

This is the most damaging of the animal sign penalties, as it hurts the relationship between you and your family members. When found between the Day and Hour Pillars, it can mean that your children do not get along with you, and would like leave the family once they have grown up. When found between the Day and Month Pillar, it means that you will not get along with your parents and in-laws. At its worst, the 2 penalties can break up the family and therefore bring about difficulty both in getting married, as well as in staying married.


This person’s chart possesses the Internal Flower of Romance; however, it is severely afflicted by the Rat and Rabbit clash, as well as the Rabbit and Rooster clash. marriage-and-romance-luck-03Prognosis: severe difficulty in getting married, unless there is a Horse in the 10 year luck pillars. Marriages will also be conflicting unless this person marries his secret friend the Ox or one of his allies, the Dragon or Monkey (marrying the Monkey means difficulty in having children).