Aunt Agga Issue #131


Q I am remodelling my house and wondering where to locate the back door. Right now the back door is in the kitchen. The back of my house faces West. Please advise location and colour of back door.

AThe best place for the back door is in the central grid of the house, as that is usually where the good stars are located. It’s OK if the back door comes from the kitchen, just make sure it is not directly facing a stove, oven or sink. As for colour, white or yellow are suitable colours.


Q I have a large family portrait I would like to hang in the living room on the South wall. However, that would mean that it faces North (and therefore the Three Killings in 2016). Is this advisable please?

AFamily portraits are best hung in an area where the family spends plenty of time – and also in the Southwest or Centre of the home. The Southwest represents happiness luck and the centre symbolises family luck. But if your living room is in the South and this is where your family spends time, then you can most certainly hang it there. As for the Three Killings Star, you can keep it under control by placing the Three Killings cure in the South. The cure for the Three Killings for 2016 are the Three Celestial Guardians with the Five Elements.


QThe 5 yellow corner is in my Laundry Room in 2016. What is the cure for the 5 Yellow and do you recommend placing it above the washing machine?

AThe feng shui cure recommended for the five yellow this year is the Golden Mantra Pillar. The Five Yellow is extremely strong in the Northeast as it is an Earth star that has flown into an Earth sector, thus giving it greater power and increasing its harmfulness. Hence this year, we have designed a cure with additional mantras of the five powerful Buddhas to keep this affliction under control. If your NE is in the laundry, then there is no need to place the cure there, as the Laundry Room automatically suppresses this luck. But I would recommend placing the cure in the NE of your living room or NE of your study or bedroom i.e. where you spend the most time, as the energy of this star is quite strong and can affect you even if you are not sleeping in the NE corner.


QWho are the Three Celestial Guardians that control the Three Killings affliction?

AEach year, the Three Killings Star, also known as the “Sarm Saat” can bring serious losses in fortune, relationships and reputation if not controlled. The recommended Taoist remedy is to place three powerful Celestial Guardians at the location of the Three Killings. They are the Chi Lin (Dragon Horse), the Fu Dog and the Pi Yao. The Pi Yao has the magical ability to absorb negative vibrations and protect against spirit harm. It is the mount of many celestial gods and deities, and also the Goddess Kuan Yin. The Fu Dog protects against enemies and anyone with bad intentions. The Chi Lin brings wisdom and knowledge, giving you strength and courage to face up to the Three Killings. These Three Celestial Guardians should be placed together at the location of the Three Killings each year. In some years, the Three Killings are more dangerous and this is when the Three Celestial Guardians are armed with the three implements of subjugation: the hook, trident and sword.


QWe are a newly married couple and are renting an apartment in Stockholm for the next 5 years. Does one need to consider the feng shui of a rental apartment?

ADefinitely YES! As long as you are living there, the feng shui of the apartment will have direct effect on you! I always advise my friends and children to never neglect checking the feng shui of any abode before buying or leasing it. If the feng shui of the apartment is bad for either you or your husband/wife, it can have a negative impact on your careers as well as your relationship together. Now that you are already living there, do the best with what you have. Pay particular attention to protecting your entrance, use your good sleeping and dining directions, and determine the location of the annual flying stars. For example, the terrible Five Yellow is in the Northeast this year, make sure you disarm this star, especially if it is in your bedroom or entrance. Arrange your furniture so that you and your spouse can sit facing your good directions.



QI have much luck with making money and holding on to jobs. Perhaps it’s because my master bedroom bathroom is in the SE corner (wealth corner) of my house. Would it be useful to hang a 5-rod metal windchime and a curtain between the toilet and shower? I am Kua 3 and my partner is Kua 5. We sleep with our heads pointed South towards the wall shared with the bathroom. Any advice?

AMy dear, the bathroom is causing you difficulties with accumulating asset wealth because it is in the Southeast, and also, if you are sleeping with your head towards the bathroom, how can this be good for you both? You must change your sleeping direction. Both you and partner are separate kua groups, so whatever is good for him/her will be bad for you. So just pick a sleeping direction where the wall at the head isn’t shared with the bathroom. I do not recommend hanging any windchimes in the bathroom. But I do recommend hanging a curtain in front of the ensuite bathroom door, preferably from top to bottom, same colour as your walls. Try not to let your bathroom energy enter your bedroom. Meanwhile, activate the North and Southeast of your living room (but not in the bedroom) with water energy; this will help you with keeping your finances under control and give your career luck a boost.


QOn New Year’s day (1st January) around 9am I was walking and suddenly a yellow wild flower dropped in front of me. When I looked up, the flowers on the tree had different colours from the yellow flower. But there were so many birds in the tree chirping away noisily! Is this a good sign?

AIt is a GREAT sign! Yellow flowers signify a the blossoming of wealth and when they fall on you on such an auspicious day like New Year’s Day (and hour) it is an excellent sign of prosperity for the year ahead! The many birds chirping on a tree is a sure sign of opportunities coming your way. Smile and be happy! The Heavens are blessing you!


QI have three Pi Yao statues. One set is in a pair and the other is a single statue. I feel some negativity emanating from the single Pi Yao statue and would like to get rid of it but am afraid I might do it incorrectly. What is the best way to dispose of it?

AThe Pi Yao is a powerful celestial creature that absorbs a lot of negative vibes and does not release it back out again. Over time, negative energy accumulates into the object and you can often see chips and cracks on the Pi Yao by this time. This is a definite sign that it is time to dispose of it. The simplest way to do this without any negative repercussions is to offer some incense and thank the old PiYao for looking after your home and tell it that you are soon going to dispose of the statue. Then wrap it up in white paper and dispose of it in the bin. Remember that chipped or broken Pi Yao statues cannot protect your home.