Aunt Agga Issue #130


Q I don’t want outdoor shoes to be worn inside the house. What is your advice on where I should keep them?

AYes it’s best that outside shoes are kept away from the main door. One solution is to place a shoe cabinet just outside your main door or inside your house. Make it a habit to keep your shoes neatly inside the cabinet. Also, ensure that the shoe cabinet looks nice and tidy – do not use a broken down, or chipped cabinet to store your shoes.


Q I have patio doors that are larger than my main door. Is this ok?

AYes they can be larger than your main door – but do make sure that your main door looks like a proper entrance. Imagine that the “chi” is like a person looking at your house. The person should be able to “tell” which door is the “main door” used to enter into the home just by looking at it. If your patio door looks grander and the main door is very obscure, then this can be very confusing. So make your main door prominent. One way to establish this is to place door guardians flanking your main door.


QIn 2016, I am sleeping with my head towards the SW direction and feet towards NE. Problem is that when I’m sitting up on the bed watching TV, I’m facing NE and that is where the five yellow is located this year. Is this OK?

AThat’s perfectly ok. However I would still place the feng shui remedy for the Five Yellow as this terrible star very dangerous this year. The Golden Mantra Pillar is the best cure, so place this in the NE. However, because the Golden Mantra Pillar contains mantras, it is a sacred object so do not let your feet point towards it while you are asleep. Just place to towards the side a little so that your feet is not pointed at it while sleeping. I would also advise you to remove the TV from your room as that will cause you to have sleep difficulties.


QOur office is on the 2nd floor of a building. Last week a pregnant cat hung out outside the door. One of my staff took the cat and left her somewhere nearer to shops so that she can find food. A few days later, another pregnant cat came to hang out at our office again. I took her downstairs and bought a can of sardines to feed her. What is the meaning of this? Is it a good omen?

ADefinitely it is a very good omen! Cats bring wealth and opportunities! The fact that the cat is pregnant is a very GOOD sign that your company may be expanding! In Japanese culture the Cat is a symbol of wealth and income –that’s why businessmen place a cat next to their cash register! Cats are also manifestations of powerful worldy gods and protectors and they usually bring good news or some kind of warning or protection. For example, if a cat likes to come to your house and sit by your entrance as if to guard it, it’s actually protecting your house. I’m glad that you gave the cat some food. If the pregnant cat comes back again and gives birth at your office, I would encourage you to adopt one of the kittens. It’s a very good omen.


QHow do we use feng shui to help a very stubborn teenager study correctly? Our daughter’s grades have declined even though she is putting in the long hours to revise. Something is wrong with the way she is studying. We gave her some suggestions on changing the way she studies but she is very stubborn and won’t listen.

ASorry to hear about your daughter’s studies. Perhaps it’s wiser to refrain from giving her suggestions about ways to study – but instead to improve her academic feng shui. First, place the Increasing Mantra Crystal Point on her desk where she is studying. Make sure that she is sitting facing one of her good directions based on her Kua number (Personal Growth direction is best for studies). I suggest inviting the image of Manjushri, the Buddha of Wisdom and ask her to light candles to Manjushri every morning before going to school. This will improve her concentration and help her studies tremendously!



QI need to renovate the SW part of our house (our living room) but according to Lillian Too’s advice, this is where the Tai Sui was located last year. This year, we found out that the Tai Sui is still in the SW! We really need to renovate this part of the house so how can we do this without causing bad luck from the Tai Sui?

AOf course the best is to avoid the renovation entirely. Offending the Tai Sui is a very big risk and often things do not go well for those who go against this important rule. My advice is to avoid it and defer this renovation for another year. However, if you really cannot wait or whatever reason, then I suggest that you do a lot of incense pujas and supplicate the Tai Sui before you begin. Hang the Tai Sui Plaque in the SW corner and place a Pi Yao there facing towards the SW. Within the Southwest sector, make sure you DO NOT start or end your renovation in the Tai Sui, 3 Killings or 5 Yellow locations. In other words, do NOT start or end the renovation in the SW, South or NE corners of your living room.


QCan I place artificial outdoor trees on my balcony? My real evergreen trees which I have placed in pots seem to die on me.

AYes we have found that fake plants seem to work almost as well as real plants! If you are using plants to block a poison arrow or deflect bad energy coming from somewhere, it’s not surprising that your plants die on you. This is because they absorb a lot of bad energy and protect you from receiving it. If you seem to be having this issue, then using fake plants will also help but bear in mind that fake plants do fade and break over time as well. Always monitor their condition and keep them clean. Change them when they get grubby or start to flake or break.


QI read that it’s bad to sleep on a waterbed or have water features in the bedroom. Does this apply to blue bedsheets as well? We recently bought dark navy blue bedsheets and pillowcases for our bed. We then use a cream bedspread to cover the bed. Is this acceptable or still bad?

ASleeping on a water bed creates very unstable feng shui (and it is also proven to be very bad for your spine!) So yes, avoid sleeping on waterbeds! Water is not advised for the bedroom because both matriarchal and patriarchal energy needs EARTH energy. Marriage luck is also enhanced by earth energy. When you have water in a room where earth energy is needed, it clashes with earth and can sap the energy of the Marriage and both Matriarch and Patriarch. I would advise you NOT to sleep on blue bedsheets. T h e same for blue carpets or colour scheme in the bedroom. Even if you place a cream bedspread over it you are still sleeping on “water”… so better to change the sheets.