Aunt Agga Issue #99



 My son is 24 years old and has been unable to find a girlfriend. His Kua is 3, a Dragon born in 1989. His bedroom is in the North sector of our apartment but the Southeast sector (which is his Romance corner) is occupied by a wardrobe. Please advise how we can increase his chances of having a girlfriend. Greatly appreciate your advice!


My dear… the Dragon has MUCH HIGHER chance of getting hitched in the Snake year as the Number 4 romance star enters the Dragon palace in the SE in 2013! So this year is the IDEAL time for him to find a girlfriend! I suggest you move the wardrobe somewhere else. If space is a constraint perhaps reduce it to a half-wardrobe so that it is only half-height. The wardrobe in the SE not only locks up his romance luck, it is also locking up his Dragon luck! Once you have moved the wardrobe, place the Double Happiness plaque in the SE of his bedroom.


QHi. My office area has undergone renovation and now my colleagues have corners directed at them. They are paranoid about the poison arrows causing misfortune and sickness to them. The designs and architectures are unavoidable as it was the choice of our employer. What can we do?


My dear I think your staff are right to be cautious about poison arrows from protruding corners. Poison arrows can bring misfortune, backstabbing and also mishaps. My advice is that you do something about this. You can hang windchimes over the corners to prevent them from hurting anyone. As for your staff, they can also place a remedy in the direction of the poison arrow. If the poison arrow is coming from the south, then place small water fountain towards the south. If coming from NE or SW place a small potted plant. If coming from the West or NW, then place a light towards that direction. If coming from North, place a crystal.


QI’m confused. I’m a Snake and so I understand that the Ox and the Rooster are my allies and the Monkey is my secret friend. But I feel very little chemistry with two of my relatives – one a Rooster and another Monkey. They treat me like an outsider despite my efforts to treat them like family. Furthermore, one of my staff – an Ox – persistently creates problems for me at work. I feel bad vibes coming from her. What is going on?

AMy dear… It sounds to me that there is something wrong with your personal feng shui. Check whether your master bedroom has the Flying Star number 3. If this is the case, you will need to put something RED and a crystal ball in your master bedroom to absorb quarrelsome vibes. Another thing to do is to check your Paht Chee and see if you animal signs that clash with these people. For example – if you have the Tiger (clash with Monkey), Rabbit (clash with Rooster) or Sheep (clash with Ox). Also, if you have the Aggressive Sword Star in your Paht Chee, this often creates personality clashes with many people. The remedy is to carry the animal sign who is the SECRET FRIEND of the animal which brings you the Aggressive Sword Star.


QHi Aunty, My eldest daughter is not doing well in school, her final exams are approaching soon. Please can you help me motivate her to study and get the best results?


Firstly, work out your daughter’s KUA number and let her sit facing her Personal Growth direction when studying. I suggest placing a Crystal Globe on her desk and a 7 Level Pagoda. Both these feng shui objects have wisdom qualities that help youngsters focus on their exams. Good luck!


QI always dream of water – the sea, an ocean, or a swimming pool. What does this mean?



Your dreams can reveal messages from the cosmos, like signs. Typically if you are dreaming of the sea, or an ocean or a swimming pool it could indicate that wealth is about to come. Either this or you have aspirations to achieve big things. If you are on the verge on deciding whether to take on an opportunity and you have this dream, then it is a sign to go for it. If this is a recurring dream and the circumstances of the dream are always the same, then this could be a vision from a past life. Perhaps you were a lifeguard in a previous life.


QI am staying in a Period 7 house facing NE and would like to change it into a Period 8 as advised by Lillian Too in her magazine. She advises to change the roof, floor and main door. I am able to change the main door and floor tiles but due to budget constraints can I can only afford to give my whole roof a new coat of paint. Will this be sufficient? Please help!


My dear, changing the floor and main door will help very much in changing the period of your home! As for the roof, you can get away with changing 1/3 (or more) of the roof tiles and then giving the whole roof a new coat of paint. It should look NEW. When changing a third of the tiles, replace the tiles at the corners, edges and the top if possible. Ideally at least 1/3 of your roof should be exposed to the sky for a brief moment (or have openings to expose to the sky) to let new Heaven Chi enter your home.


QI just would like to know whether it is bad luck if my right eye upper lid is twitching like a pulse. It’s been happening a lot lately.


This is a sign that something is about to happen. Next time it twitches do note the hour of the day it is twitching and consult page 166 of Lillian Too’s Chinese Tung Sing 2013. She has outlined in great detail what every eye twitch or ear itch means. For example if your right eye is twitching in the Rat Hour (between 11pm-1am) at night then it means that someone is about to bring you something to eat, or take you out for a meal! If your right eye twitches at the Rooster Hour (between 5pm to 7pm) in the evening then it means that a visitor from afar will bring you some good news! Of course, if your eye seems to be twitching throughout the day and begins to hurt then my advice is to get it checked by a medical professional.