Aunt Agga Issue #144


Q I would like to know which calendar to use for accurate Paht Chee readings of Lillian Too’s courses. The lunar or solar calendar?

A For all readings of Paht Chee relating to a person’s destiny, we always use the lunar calendar. This is how the Paht Chee charts on Lillian Too’s website are calculated and if you are reading Lillian Too’s “Secrets of your Birth Chart” you should definitely be using the calculator on the WOFS website to generate your chart. The Lunar calendar is based on the Moon cycle, which has profound impact on our personal destinies. The Solar calendar is used for flying star feng shui and destiny readings for the whole year.


Q I have a Tibetan silver piece that has a Dragon and Phoenix facing each other and in between them is the sun. Where is the best place for this?

A The Dragon and Phoenix is a powerful symbol of LOVE and SUCCESS; it can be placed in locations that enhance your love or success luck. For love, this is in the location of Southwest, the universal location of Marriage and Love. Placing it here will strengthen your marriage and stabilize your relationship. Or you can also place this energizer in your personal Nien Yen location. To determine your Nien Yen location, calculate your Kua number. The calculator for this is available free from For Success luck, place in your Sheng Chi location or in the Southeast.


Q We are about to move house. But while all our stuff is being packed, our old home is a mess, and we can’t display the cures immediately in the new home. What is your advice to ensure we are protected during this interim time?


A You should plan your move carefully so that you avoid being in a situation where you do not have the cures. Pack your feng shui cures last, so that you have the cures in place up till your last day of moving. For your new house, I recommend getting a new set of cures for the bad stars i.e. the feng shui cures for the 5 yellow, illness 2, hostile 3 and so on. All windchimes should be replaced. When you get to your new house, unpack all your door guardians and feng shui cures for the bad stars first. Meanwhile, you and you family should carry our key chain amulets for the stars that affect you. For example, if you are afflicted by the 5 Yellow, carry the amulet with the Sun and Moon Triple Five Element Pagoda.


Q I have two choices of work desks. The first one allows me to face my good direction (East) with a window, which is about two rows of desks in front of me; but the door is diagonally behind me on my right. The second choice allows me to sit without the door diagonally behind me, but I will be facing West (my bad direction) and the window is two rows of desks behind me. Which one is better?

A Definitely you should choose the first option where you can face your good direction – East. As long as the door is not directly behind you, it will be fine. If the door is diagonally behind you, it’s not a problem. The location of the window in relation to your seat is not that relevant here, as it is quite a distance from your seat (since it is 2 rows of desks away). The bonus of facing East this year is that the Prosperity Star is also in the East, and you’ll enjoy the support of the Grand Duke Jupiter behind you which is in the West. Do not face WEST as you will then be confronting the Grand Duke. Also, facing West this year exposes your back to the Three Killings in the East, which is also very inauspicious.