Aunt Agga Issue #89



 On a night of the full moon, a little scrawny mangy kitten followed me home. No one in my neighbourhood would claim him, so I decided to adopt him and call him Cosmo. He is a wonderful pet but there is one thing I find very disturbing. Cosmo is a hunter and he brings me dead animals as his gifts to me! Since I returned home from my trip, he has brought me a dead animal every day. My other cat also brings me gifts, like frogs from our local pond, but they are always still alive. I collect these frogs and take them back to the pond. I thank Cosmo, however I am sad for these animals. I found some mantras that I chant over the body. Do these do anything, as the dead animal could have been there all day? What do I do when I find these dead animals?


Mantras are very powerful and yes, chanting your mantras over them can help ensure that these animals get blessings from you and have a good afterlife or rebirth. If you encounter a dead animal in your house, it is extremely meritorious to regret their death, and perform liberation ritual for them without hesitation or delay. You can chant this mantra: TAYATHA OM BEKHENZAY BEKHENZAY MAHA BEKHENZAY BEKHENZAYRAZA SAMUDGATAY SOHA 21 times over these animals before releasing them (if they are alive) or burying them. You can also chant OM MANI PADME HUM 108 times and blow over Cosmo each day – this will help develop his compassionate side and gradually stop him from killing anymore animals. It is also incredibly beneficial for you and for all animal life in your home to play the Medicine Buddha puja CD all day long; any human, animal or insect that hears it will receive many precious blessings from the cosmic Buddhas and universe!


QI love reconstructing puzzles. I bought a jigsaw puzzle showing a mountain and I would like to frame this puzzle and hang it in my living room. Are these puzzles are compatible with the Feng Shui?


Mountains symbolise relationships and support, and when they are placed in the correct place in the home can bring you plenty of auspicious luck when it comes to happiness, love and family harmony. However, in feng shui, anything whether art, plates or bowls that appear broken, cracked or chipped are always considered bad feng shui. Jigsaw puzzles are beautiful when they are done up but they also symbolise many little hidden and secret cracks, hence symbolically it is probably not a good idea to hang it up – especially when the cracks are on a mountain!


QMy religion is Catholicism and I have many crucifixes at home. I also have a statue of St. Michael, Mother Mary, etc. (Catholic statues). Is it ok to have a Kwan Kung or other deity statue in a room that has a crucifix? Will Feng Shui conflict with religion?

AIt is wonderful to have invited these holy Catholic deities and saints into your home. Feng shui does not conflict with religion at all! In fact, feng shui strongly advises that it is truly auspicious to have holy objects in your home – this ties in with the Spiritual Dimension of feng shui – where inviting cosmic spiritual energy into your home brings much auspicious luck indeed, providing both guiding protective energy.

Hence you can enhance your home’s chi with holy objects – just be mindful not to place them in disrespectful locations – e.g. on the floor. Kuan Kung and other Taoist or Buddhist deities are emanations of cosmic beings that also appear in other traditions. For example, some people consider the Our Holy Mother Mary as an emanation of the Tibetan Buddhist Mother Goddess TARA, and many Chinese around the world also believe that Kuan Yin the Goddess of Mercy is an emanation of her.

The most important aspect of inviting deities and statues into the home is that you must feel completely comfortable and happy to invite them home – so only invite them if you feel a strong affinity with them. If they make you feel uneasy, then this is your good feng shui and faith alerting you that perhaps this statue is not meant for your home. Always tune in to your inner instincts when making such decisions.


QI have had terrible tenants in my home and now I am moving back into the property. How can I safely remove the energy of the previous tenants?


I’m very glad you asked – as this it is very important to cleanse a home of negative energy before moving in. There is a special ritual for cleansing and purifying bad chi which is best done in the morning. First, use a singing bowl or bell walking clockwise around the rooms – the special ringing sound will clear away negative vibrations. Then to purify the chi and make it auspicious, burn fragrant incense as your circle each room – and in your mind, offer this to the local guardians and spirits of the house asking them to live with you in harmony and to protect you. Ask them to please keep bad people out of your house. If you wish to make the purification more powerful, you can also chant this very special mantra: NAMA SARVA TATAGATHA AVALOKITE OM SAMBARA SAMBARA HUNG 21 times as you are burning this incense. Doing so multiplies the power and really works wonders in clearing away negative energy left by bad people.


QI’m planning to take my landscape architecture board exam on the 14th, 15th and 16th. But the Feng Shui almanac indicates that 14th is my conflict day, 15th is average/neutral, and 16th is also a bad day. Is it okay to file my application and take the exam?



If you can, consider postponing these exams. It is unwise to take on such an important exam on days that are inauspicious for you, as the energy forces for that day are pitted against you. However, if you cannot change these dates, then you need to subdue the elements that bring bad luck to you on bad days and conflict days.

Here’s what you do on your conflict day: place a little bit of water in the South, a little soil in the North, a metal coin sword each in the East and SE, a tree branch each in the SW and NE, and a candle (light it up) each in the NW and West. As you place these objects, think in your mind that you are using these elements to remove any bad or inauspicious luck that comes your way from all the eight directions for TODAY. You must remove these objects once the day is over.


QI’ve got a glass cupboard display in the Northwest of the house and the boys kicked ball and hit the cupboard door. Part of it is without the glass. Is it OK not to repair it as it is difficult to find a replacement door?


It is better to remove both doors and convert that space into a shelf than to leave part of it without glass. This is because feng shui always encourages completeness and anything broken or chipped creates energy that manifests into broken relationships and illness. So either you can replace the door or remove both doors.


QI am a Rat born in 1972. I purchased the Rat protection kit and my husband accidentally placed the Bejewelled Red Dragon with Flaming Sword in the Northeast instead of the North. Because of that, our family experienced allegations with the law enforcement and false allegations made towards us with our son. I have since moved the Bejeweled Dragon with Flaming Sword to the North sector of our house. Will it still be effective in protecting us with these false allegations?

AThe number 3 star rears its ugly head in exactly the way you have described – and because you are born in the year of the Rat, this star becomes doubly problematic for you. Now that you have placed the Dragon correctly, then yes the Bejewelled Dragon will protect you – and because you are Rat-born, and this allegation has already manifested, you need stronger protection than just a small little red dragon.

Hence I recommend you place a LARGE Dragon yielding a FLAMING SWORD in the NORTH and use the colour RED in the NORTH. It can’t be just any Dragon – it needs to be the one that carries a flaming sword – the flames have power to quell the angry energy of the number 3. If you have a light in the North part of your house, keep it turned on all night and visualise this light burning away all these legal problems and false allegations. You should also monitor the Number 3 star monthly – find out from our site where it flies to each month, and place a second Dragon there.