Aunt Agga Issue #84



 Hi, I am currently suffering from insomnia. This has started in the beginning of January this year. Since then I have not been sleeping well and I am getting weaker each day. I have seen many doctors but to no avail. My animal sign is Rat. What can I do to improve my condition? Is there any remedy or cure for it? Your help is much appreciated. Thanks!


Oh dear… definitely you need to find a way out of this sleeplessness! Have you checked that the placement of your bed is good feng shui? Good placement means that your head should not be under a window or facing the door when sleeping. It’s best that you work out your Kua number and find a good sleeping direction for you ( will calculate your Kua number for free if you sign up for their newsletter).
You might also want to keep your bedroom as yin as possible. This means reducing Yang energy that comes from loud music, TV, radio, computers, and any electronics that have flickering lights or release buzzing sounds regularly. Try this and see if your sleep patterns improve. As a Rat you could also be suffering from the stressful effects of the 3 Killings in the North. Placing the Three Divine Guardians in the North will keep this affliction
at bay.


QHi… My house has a black ceiling and this is something that was done years ago. Does this bring Bad Luck or Danger for us? If so, is there a way to cure it?


My dear, I’m very sorry to say that a black ceiling is definitely a no-no! A black ceiling makes it look like you have no roof over your head, and having no roof means you do not have shelter from weather and elements. Symbolically, this exposes you to accidents and loss energy that can manifest at work or at home. Having a black ceiling also makes your home too yin because it is dark all the time. Homes should always be energised with Yang energy. But don’t worry – the cure is VERY EASY. All you have to do is to paint your ceiling white! And doing this has added benefits as it will transform the energy of your house into Period 8 energy, placing it in a much better position to attract good fortune.


QHi… I just bought a mantra ring and I love it. However, as I am a Christian, will the mantra ring work against me? I understand that the mantra ring is also about practicing Buddhist rituals or virtues towards Nirvana and improving one’s emotional and psychological health. Is the Mantra Ring just a psychological boost or is there a supernatural element as well?


Wow what a great question! You are right in everything except the part about it turning against you. Mantras are positive affirmations of powerful scripture that just happen to be inscribed in Tibetan or Sanskrit; so it will work for you no matter what religion you follow or which spiritual figure you rely on.
The mantra rings that WOFS sells are particularly powerful because they have been created with very pure and positive intentions and can invoke help from spiritual guardians in times of danger. It doesn’t matter what religion you follow, as the spiritual helpers that you personally rely on will protect you when you chant or wear these mantras. So wear your ring with confidence and it will work like a real charm.


QPlease let me know if planting a bamboo tree in front of the house is auspicious. I would like to plant some to the left side of my main door. Thank you in advance!


Bamboo trees have excellent meaning as they symbolise longevity and protection. They are one of the most resilient plants in the world, as they can thrive almost anywhere, and withstand windy, stormy and wintery weathers. So yes, it is great to plant bamboo trees outside your house. As long as it is not directly in front of your main door, it will bring really good fortune.
Planting them a little to the left is fine, and I even recommend planting two clumps flanking your entrance. The only tricky thing is that you must keep your bamboo under control by regularly trimming it as they grow out of whack really fast. Also take care not to plant them in the Southwest as this could erode your marriage or relationship.


QI have a double happiness necklace which is made of titanium and I wear it 24 hours a day even when I take a shower or bath; meaning I never take it off. Is it OK to wear it all the time or should I take it off when I take a shower?


No worries! It is perfectly OK to wear it day and night, even when you’re in the shower. Any good feng shui pendent or jewellery can be worn at all times. However, from time to time, I recommend that you take it out for a good clean. Pendants can get dirty or tarnished after prolonged wear. If it is dirty, do give it a good clean (I have heard that Colgate and a toothbrush does a good job!). If it is tarnished, then it’s probably time to get a new one as its good energy has been used up. Plus we are not sure about titanium. This might not last long. Better to get the double happiness in gold if you want it to attract to you a really good spouse or partner.


QMy neighbour across the road has a boat. Its pointy end faces my house like a poison arrow. How can I remedy this?


This is probably a good time to bring some chocolate muffins to your neighbour’s house and politely bribe him into parking his boat with the sharp-end facing in! But if that doesn’t work, then you should try a more serious approach.

The poison arrow is only a threat if the boat is very large, and if it is directly pointing at your main door or a very large window to your living room. If this is your situation, then you could hang a crystal just outside your door to disperse the chi coming from the poison arrow before it has the chance to enter your home. Another remedy is to hang a concave mirror facing the boat (auto shops tend to sell these). For a more powerful feng shui remedy, purchase a Yang Pa Kua from and hang it above your main door, facing the boat. Meanwhile, I have heard that a sailing ship pointed to your house can also mean wealth sailing to you!! It all depends on how threatening the pointy bit appears to you!


QI have a tree in my back garden and recently we have noticed two birds’ nests in them with little birds. What does this mean?


AExcellent meaning indeed! Birds nesting in the garden bring joyous fortune. If you’re in business, it could mean that your business could expand. If you are unmarried, this might mean you are about to meet someone special. If you recently got married, this could symbolise children coming your way. Try to keep your birds happy by perhaps offering some rice or bird food in the garden and making it easy for them to live happily there. It is very bad karma to chase away or destroy bird’s nests, so please do let your gardener know not to do anything that will kick them out.


QI just want to ask what is the meaning of dreaming about a dead father. I dream of him occasionally though not always. Is this a good sign or is it inauspicious?


It could be that your subconscious or your spiritual guardian is trying to tell you something. Spiritual guardians normally manifest as a trusted person in your dream to deliver special messages that are relevant to you at this time of your life. If you have had a strong and trusted bond with your father while he was alive, it could be a message of some importance like a warning or words to comfort you over a matter you are worried about. It could also be prophecy of something wonderful that will soon come. Try to remember what the nature of the dream was and how you felt in the dream when he came to you, or if there was a lesson or a quote your father often said to you while he was alive. For example, if your father often warned you not to marry so and so, or buy such and such house, then this could be the message that is relevant to your life now and is coming to you in your dream to help you.


QMy roof is blue and I heard that this was bad feng shui. Please could you recommend the best colour for a roof?


Hmm… this one really depends on the shade of blue. Blue is the colour of water and many reputable masters say that having a blue roof is akin to having water over your head. The meaning is that you’ve already drowned. Hence feng shui masters recommend we don’t have a blue roof. If it is dark blue, I really urge you to change it. If the blue is very light, it could look a lot like gray and hence, symbolise Metal instead of Water. Good colours for the roof are red, gray, brown, or any metallic colour. Green is also good but probably not as good as red or gray.


QHi… We are very stressed out with our child who is very rebellious at home. What feng shui tools and cures can we use? We hate to be fighting all the time. Please tell us how to set up the correct feng shui tools to make our home happy and loving.


I’m very sorry to hear that you’re having a tough time at home. Children are a gift from the heavens and as parents, we always try our best. But sometimes, life can get busy and we forget to pay attention to what’s happening in their lives. I find that children act up when they need more attention from their parents or they are just hanging out with the wrong type of friends.

Here’s what you can try. First, cleanse your space of all negative energies by using incense or a space cleansing bell. Then place a few perfectly round and clear crystal balls on the centre of every table in your common areas (i.e. lounge, dining, etc). This soaks up any new hostile energy and promotes peace and harmony. Then spend some real 100% quality time with your child on activities that he or she chooses. If they have naughty friends, act immediately to divert their attention to more suitable new friends. Bad influence is bad energy but this can very easily be remedied if they are young.


QI am trying to face my auspicious directions in my office as advised in your Lillian Too’s 2010 Fortune and Feng Shui book. How do I take the direction with a compass at my work place? I have my own cubicle and am sitting at an L-shaped table.


Very simple. Just sit down comfortable at your work desk facing the direction you would normally work facing, and place your compass on the table. Turn the compass dial so that the red needle aligns with North. Then read the direction you are facing. For example, if the direction in front of you is Northeast, then you are facing Northeast. What is important is the direction that your body and your face is oriented, and not the actual table itself. Typically, for most working people, it is the direction of their computer monitor. If you are unable to face your auspicious Kua directions, you may also use face your horoscope animal direction except your horoscope years. For example, this year 2010 is the Tiger Year, and Tigers should not face their Tiger direction because the Grand Duke Jupiter is there.