Aunt Agga Issue #60



I have been with my boyfriend for about 4 1/2 years. I am 26 and he is 2 years older than me. My family is rushing us to get married, but unfortunately my boyfriend does not say anything about this. I am quite worried because I really want our relationship to last forever and do hope that he will marry me soonest.


If it’s any consolation, you’re not the only one in this position. It seems most guys have this maddening fear. Mention the “C” word to them and they freak; nope, the “C” word is not cash, car, condo or credit card, it’s COMMITMENT! Perhaps it’s the macho male in them. They feel they need to establish themselves in the world, earn enough money, and get their own house, before they can ask for a girl’s hand in marriage. They want to feel they can take care of you properly, so you see, most times, the big fear of commitment has noble motivations.

But of course that’s not how you – and a thousand other girls in your position – see it. There is one way feng shui can help encourage a marriage proposal. Wear the double happiness symbol on you at all times. You can wear it as earrings, ring or a collier, but it seems to work every time. In no time, you’ll be flashing that brilliant engagement rock on your fourth finger. Good luck!


QWe have lots of friends, but for some reason, we always seem to be visiting them and not many come to visit us. Is there some way we can encourage visitors?


The saying that the grass is always greener on the other side can’t be truer. I have been asked to help someone with exactly the opposite problem. They say they are always having to shoo friends away who overstay their welcome, and always end up playing host to everyone’s Christmas, Thanksgiving and New Year parties. So you could always look on the bright side; you don’t have to clean up after them! You can go visit them, and then when the fun’s over, you can just leave!

From a feng shui perspective, if you really want to attract more friends to visit you, make sure your home is welcoming. Clear the air in your home by opening all the windows and doors at the same time once a week. This encourages the Chi to flow inwards, imbuing your home with fresh, yang energy. You can also use the ringing bell made of 7 types of metals.

This is usually used as an activator to encourage customers into your shop, but can also be used in the home to encourage friends and relatives to visit you more often. Ring it once a day or when you’re feeling lonely. And finally, try activating your mountain star 8 – find out where the mountain star 8 is in your home (refer to Lillian Too’s book: Period 8 Feng Shui) and activate it with a large boulder or crystal formation.


QPlease let me know if a 7-rod metal windchime is as effective as a 6-rod one. I’ve been reading about 6-rod windchimes, but not 7-rod windchimes.


The reasons six-rod windchimes are recommended in feng shui are because the number 6 is representative of BIG METAL and it is also representative of HEAVEN. Many feng shui afflictions are caused by malevolent EARTH stars, and the metal windchime comes in so useful because the metal energy of the chimes exhaust these earth stars. It is also recommended that the rods are hollow, so that the chi can travel up the rods. Because the metal windchime is used for its METAL qualities, it is more effective to use one with 6 rods, because 6 is big metal, while 7 is only small metal. Also, 6 is a heavenly star, while 7 is a violent star. So it is better to use 6-rod rather than 7-rod windchimes.


QMy husband is a hot-tempered person born in the year of the Rabbit. Is there any remedy to cool him?



Has your husband always been hot-tempered, or is it just this past year? If it’s just this past year, you’re in luck, because this was a fiery year for the Rabbit, with the quarrelsome stars making a show in the astrological chart of Rabbit-born people. When the year of the Rooster dawns in February 2005, you will find him calming down without any help from you.

But if it’s just his personality, let him wear a calming stone such as an amethyst, sapphire or chalcedony; these will help transform negative, bristling energy into happy energy, and make him feel more at peace with himself.


QI have plants in my car porch and I have a few pots of ‘fatt choy’ trees near my main entrance. I know cats are auspicious animals, but they keep coming back to urinate and do their ‘big business’ in my plants. What can I do to overcome this? I have no choice but to cover up my pots with tiles and they look so ugly. Please help!

AOK, if these cats are doing business all over your plants, I wouldn’t call that so lucky. Not the same calibre of luck as Fei Fei the Fat Cat and his friends, sorry! Umm… you need a solution? How about getting a dog to chase away this troublesome rude cat. In any case, CATS are only lucky when they sit in front of your house/shop and wave their hands in the gesture of beckoning in the good luck.


QWe live in Switzerland and most houses here have the ceilings in the bedrooms slanted. I read one of the Lillian’s books where she mentions that sleeping in a room with slanting ceilings would bring problems. Would really appreciate if you can suggest a cure.

AThe best cure for slanted ceilings is to sleep with your head under the part of the ceiling that is the highest. Another idea is to place lights where the ceiling is lowest as this signifies “lifting the energy upwards”.


QWhat can I do to ward away the ill wishes of my ex-husband? He has been trying to sabotage my relationship with my current boyfriend and has even gone to the extent of putting our daughter in the middle of his petty jealousy and telling others that my current relationship won’t work out anyway. I need strong protection from his bad will. Thanks again Agga, I think you ROCK!

AWhat to do with a troublesome ex… hmm, let me see. You could try reasoning with him and if that does not work, use an astrological cure. Check his animal sign and then in the equivalent corner of your house, place the cure there. For instance, if he is a Horse person, his corner in your house is South, then placing crystal here will exhaust the sector and by extension him as well. So to help you, I will need your ex’s animal sign.


QI live on the first floor of an apartment building. Recently I learned that the apartment below me is empty because the occupant died. At the same time, the apartment above me became empty, because the occupants moved. How can I prevent bad luck from coming to me from this transition in my building?

AWho says you are going to have bad luck just because the apartments above and below are empty? Do not worry unnecessarily, but if you want to ensure that bad luck does not befall you from above and below due to the danger of excessive yin spirit formation, can you arrange to keep one light turned on in both apartments? Failing this, play music loudly facing above and below. The idea is to counter with yang energy.