Aunt Agga Issue #59



We are staying in a rented house where the kitchen is in the Northwest sector. We can’t even move the stove to another place. My husband is facing lots of problems at work since we moved to this house. My younger son is also not keeping well. We can’t move to another location for 1 year or so. Kindly suggest what to do?


If you cannot change the location of your kitchen, can you repaint it blue or black? The blue or black colour symbolizes water and will suppress the fire energy of the kitchen. It is fire in the NW that is harmful to the patriarch of the house. Also, if you cannot move your stove, don’t do any cooking there. Either set up a second stove elsewhere in the house and use that instead, or don’t cook at home. Eat out, or buy take-out. Stop using the kitchen for a while and see if things improve for your husband. You should also strengthen metal energy in the NW by using the CHIEN trigram here. Integrate it into the design. This powerful trigram will also help empower your husband, bringing him better luck.


QI really need express help! It’s about SNAKES!!! We built a new house and cleaned it well all around it, but behind our house we found some SNAKES. This property doesn’t belong to us, it’s a “nobody’s place” without any owner. Here, in our town, there are no exterminator companies for destroying snakes. No one wants to do it! We are planning to move there and live with our two little children. In our region, people say the snakes are not the poisonous kind, but WHO KNOWS! I am scared. Is there any way to make them run away? Please HELP!!!!!


Did you know that it is very LUCKY to find a snake in your house? To see a snake or to dream of a snake usually means that money is coming to you. Of course, if the snake is a poisonous variety like a cobra, you need to be careful. But if the snakes near your home are harmless and non-lethal, leave them be. Why do you want to destroy them if they are not harming you? But to protect your kids, you can sprinkle sulphur powder around the circumference of your property to prevent the snakes from coming onto your land.


QWhat is the purpose for wearing the fifteen-eyed dzi bead? Is the effect the same as the nine-eyed dzi bead?


The fifteen-eyed Dzi is good for those in business who want to attract new clients, increase sales and turnover, and win tenders and projects. The nine-eyed Dzi is more for windfall luck and instant cash. I usually like to wear both: the fifteen-eyed to bring the business in, and the nine-eyed to crystallize that business into money. By the way, for the next two years, do not wear the 6 eyed DZI, as this is said to bring bad luck in the next two years. We have just been alerted to this fact.


QIn Canada, because of our location near the North Pole, our compass readings have several degrees deviation between True North and Compass North. We have to know that, because when we do our wilderness exploring, we have to ask the local authorities how many degrees is the difference between True North and Compass North, otherwise we will be lost! So in feng shui, which one should we use? Thank you for your advice.

AIn feng shui, there are in actuality three different NORTHS. The magnetic North is the one we use for doing feng shui of yang dwellings i.e. houses of the living. The other two NORTHS are the True NORTH and Polaris NORTH and these are 7.5 degrees to the left and right of magnetic North. Western style compasses indicate the magnetic NORTH, so this is the one I would use. When there are local variations of the directions, I always go with the local variations, as this reveals the real directions on site. So I would not adjust, but instead, take the reading from the compass and go with that reading.


QMy bed is positioned such that my feet don’t point directly to the bedroom door, but they do point to the wall in which the door is found. Does that bring the same negative consequences as having one’s head/feet pointing to a door?

ANo, if your feet are not pointed directly towards the door, it is OK. A bed that is placed diagonal from where the door is located is ideal. It is of course EVEN better if you cannot see the bed from the door, but few people have the luxury of having such a big bedroom! Don’t worry, you are fine.



QI have placed a mirror picture of The Last Supper on top of my fridge in my kitchen. It is facing my kitchen entrance door. But I read in Lillian Too’s books that mirrors are not allowed in the kitchen because of the doubling of fire. Can you advise how I can resolve this dilemma?

AO dear, if you’d caught the piece on Michael Jackson in the last issue of FSW, you’d have read about the tragic consequences of hanging a personalized copy of The Last Supper in his bedroom. The painting of The Last Supper by Leonardo Da Vinci symbolizes the ultimate betrayal. At the supper, Jesus Christ predicts the betrayal of Judas and the denial of Peter. So as well as a mirror being unsuitable in the kitchen because it brings danger in the form of double fire, this mirrored painting also bodes ill for the family from a symbolic viewpoint. I’d find something else to hang in the kitchen if I were you.


QI am a fulltime housewife with 3 school going kids. My husband is a businessman & he gives me a fixed allowance every month. I have bought red agate, citrine & 9 eyed Dzi Bead bracelets to enhance my windfall luck. I do not like to ask my husband for more because he would grumble and say his earnings are not enough to pay his suppliers. I just bought a yellow wish fulfilling bird to further enhance my windfall luck. So far, I have won a few thousand in a 1st prize. What other feng shui items are there to bring in more windfall luck?

AI am so happy to hear of your success using wealth enhancers! But if I advocated buying more and more feng shui enhancers to activate for windfall luck and encourage you to make money by gambling, I’d be misleading you. In the long run, gamblers never win. So instead, think about how you can enhance the wealth luck of the family to accumulate assets and grow rich, rather than activate only for windfall luck for yourself.

The best way to grow the family fortune is to make a family wealth vase. When your wealth vase has done its work, make a new and bigger one. It is good to make a new vase with each new year, or with each milestone in your life. And you say your husband complains about being short of money to pay suppliers, help increase the turnover of his business by locating the water star 8 in his office and placing a rolling ball water feature there for him. If he is in retail business, place a rotating pink crystal lotus in his shop.


QWill it have any effect on my wealth luck if I pierce on my ears? According to old times, piercing on the ears for Chinese means you are losing wealth luck (lou chai) and for some natives, it might cure a person’s illness. But what about for feng shui?


I was fascinated by your question and did a little research. There may be a spot of truth to this “taboo”. To the Chinese, the earlobe is one of the indicators of a person’s wealth, and if you have large, thick earlobes, this supposedly signifies wealth luck. It follows then that if you pierce a hole through your money mascot, it will be akin to draining away your wealth. Indeed, if you look at the Forbes Billionaires List, only 7% are women. Since men in general don’t pierce their ears, whereas women do, there may be something to this myth?

But then again, there are also plenty of examples of women with pierced ears who are far richer than many, many men. Look at JK Rowling, Oprah Winfrey, the Queen of England… so if I were you, pierce away!