Aunt Agga Issue #150


Q I have this feeling that my husband is cheating on me but when I asked him, he said there is no other woman. What should I do?

A This year, the Star of Betrayal is in the marriage sector so the energies of the year could cause your latent insecurities to play mind tricks on you. Please relax … if you regularly accuse your husband of wrongdoing when he hasn’t done anything, it could become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Strengthen your marriage by placing the Double Happiness emblem and the Dragon Phoenix image in the Southwest. You can also place an amethyst geode under your bed under your side. This will give you more confidence and increase your attractiveness as the Matriarch.


Q We’ve been suffering bad luck since April. I’m a Rabbit (age 41) and husband is a Rooster age 47. We moved into a North-facing house in 2016 but since then we’ve had one problem after another. I may lose my job. We have placed a Tai sui plaque in the west corner and 3 Lions East. But still problems have not stopped. Both of us have missed out on promotions. Please help.

A This is an obstacle year for the both of you as the Tai Sui is in the Rooster’s sector. It’s a good thing you have those cures otherwise your luck this year might have been worse. From what you are saying, it seems that the feng shui of your house needs to be checked. Please get a consultation done – or read Lillian’s books on flying star feng shui. Check that your main door is facing an auspicious direction for the both of you. This is vital. Good luck.


Q On the Year of the Snake, our supplier gifted my office a golden cobra statue about 8 inches tall in a glass case. My staff did not like it so I took it home since I was born in a Snake year. I’ve changed jobs now – so can I display the case at home or in my new office? I have changed jobs. The cobra is friendly looking – its head is raised and body is coiled. The mouth is closed and no fangs are visible.

A It’s ok to display the Snake in your office – best to find the Southeast corner and place it there. Since you are born in the year of the Snake having this will strengthen your luck. I suggest surrounding your Snake with the Monkey, Rooster and Ox – these are the allies and friends of the Snake! It will bring excellent good fortune for you. One thing to remember – do not place the Snake too high up – not higher than your shoulder level. This is an important point to note.



Q I would like to hang a big beautiful mirror in the guest toilet (Northeast sector). Would that be ok?

A Yes you can do that. Do be careful not to over-decorate your toilet … for example please don’t place auspicious objects and enhancers there. The toilet is not an auspicious location but best to keep it neat and clean. Do not let it smell otherwise the bad chi will permeate outside the toilet and affect the energy of the rest of the house. Keep the toilet door closed at all times.


Q We have a stunning “million dollar” view from my apartment bedroom but it happens that the bed will be placed to an inauspicious direction for me and my fiancé in that particular bedroom. Can this view (which relaxes me) compensate for the inauspicious direction?

A Unfortunately, if you’re sleeping towards a bad direction then no matter how good the view is, you will suffer the bad luck coming from your bad sleeping direction. Perhaps you can take a second look the floor plan and see if a wall can be built somewhere in your bedroom to change the placement of the bed? Or instead of using this room as a bedroom, you might want to use it as a study room – and place your desk facing a good direction. That way you can still enjoy the view but for sleeping, you use a different room.