Aunt Agga Issue #147


Q I was given 3 sets of obsidian stone bracelets. How frequently must I cleanse them, and how to do this? Some of them have changed from black to greyish white? Is this normal and what does it mean?

A Obsidian stones are excellent for guarding the mind against dark thoughts and repelling negative vibes. They should be cleansed once a month under the sun and moon to refresh their potency. Place them under the morning sun for about an hour, and under a full moon for about 1 hour each month. Obsidian stones have been known to change colour over time (very gradually) but this is quite rare. If this is happening after a few washes it’s likely that they were originally whitish grey to begin with, and was artificially enhanced so that they appear black. You can still wear them, but their potency is less compared to true black obsidian stones.


Q My brother works in a hospital. What kind of amulet can I give him? Do amulets become weaker inside hospitals?

A Hospitals have excessive yin energy because people who go there are very sick or dying. Many people end up dying in the hospital so this is a place which has a lot of spirits as well. So definitely I would advise your brother to wear a strong amulet to ensure he does not get harmed by spirits – or inadvertently offend one. The best is wear the amulet of TARA and the TEN HUM brooch. These are powerful amulets that can repel negative vibes. To ensure that amulets continue to maintain their powers, chant mantras over them regularly.


Q Six months ago I moved into a double story terrace house facing East. The Door is in the Southeast but facing East. I feel that I always “miss” the wealth boat when it comes to winning lottery. Either I forget to buy the numbers or the my numbers appear but twisted around. What must I do to win the lotto, the right number and the right time to win the price?

A Perhaps East is not your good facing direction! If you are a West Group person, then neither East or Southeast are your favourable directions. Also, winning the lottery is requires you to have a certain kind of karma … not everybody enjoys this. But some people enjoy this kind of luck in small doses if they are living in the room where the #6 water star is located. Check your house natal chart and see where this is located!



Q My work is not smooth sailing, and workload keeps increasing especially those that others don’t want to do. Lately I’ve noticed that my office is directly under a toilet! What is the solution?

A Oh dear! What a terrible office seat to have! The obvious solution is to move away to another part of the office. Unfortunately there are not many feng shui cures for this kind of problem. One way to reduce the effects is to turn on a bright light directly above you – this will help neutralise the ‘yin energy’ coming from the toilet. Pray for an opportunity to move – and it will open up for you! It’s really NOT good to sit under a toilet – in the long term your health and other problems will start to get affected.


Q Rats have been visiting our home for many years despite all the prevention. My mum has no choice but to set traps and kill them thereafter. I know that this will bring bad karma to our family especially to my mum; I was wondering if there are any spiritual help to solve this problem?

A Yes, it’s not a good idea to kill these rats. Rats and other insects visit our homes because we owe them a karmic debt from a previous life. A good solution is to offer incense or sur regularly together with the correct invocations. Our Chant a Mantra Book has a suitable prayer on page 200 (incense puja) that can help if you chant while burning incense, and specifically say that you repay all karmic debts with these animals. You will find that over time they enter your home less
and less.