Aunt Agga Issue #145


Q My husband and I would like to have a child but this Rooster year is not compatible with our zodiac signs. He is a Horse and I am a Rabbit. Should we delay our plans and wait till the Dog year?

A Definitely you should wait till the Dog year! The Dog is your zodiac secret friend and your husband’s ally! It is the best combination for the two of you. Rooster is definitely not compatible with you so best to avoid having a child this year.


Q I don’t understand the HOTU and what it means. How do I put the enhancers for the HOTU?

A The Hotu refers to four pairs of loshu numbers that each bring a different kind of auspicious luck when combined together. They are 1/6, 2/7, 3/8 and 4/9. Usually in any given year, we check the annual flying stars and see if they form a HOTU combination with the period stars. For example, if the annual star is 9 and the annual star 4 in the same location, a HOTU pairing is then said to occur in that sector for that year. Hotu combinations can also occur between the monthly star and annual star. So for example, in the month of May 2017, the 1/6 HOTU occurs in the North sector between the annual 6 and monthly 1. You can place special feng shui enhancers in these sectors when they occur. This will activate the luck so that you can enjoy them.


Q Is it important to have a rice urn? We have a rice urn but we rarely eat rice so should I get rid of the rice urn? I don’t want to fill it with rice and leave it to grow stale! What do you suggest?

A The Chinese regard the rice urn as an auspicious symbol of good fortune and abundance because rice is our staple food. Also, the shape of a Rice urn has great significance; note how the “mouth” is small and the “belly” is big. The best is to have a golden rice urn. You can benefit from using one even if you don’t eat rice! Just fill the urn with foods that you do eat. For example, if you consume pasta, then fill the urn with pasta or wheat flour or whatever staple items made of grains. You don’t have to unpack these foods – you can keep them in their vacuum-sealed packets and just store them in your rice urn. The idea of having the rice urn is to ensure that you never run out of staple food and enjoy abundance. Whatever you do, don’t keep the rice urn empty!



Q Lillian Too’s books say I should place the Three Celestial Guardians in the East direction. Can I place them in the bedroom as I don’t have space in my living room?

A The Three Celestial Guardians are excellent for suppressing the Three Killings Star that is in the East this year. So yes, if you cannot find space in the living room, then you can place it in the East corner of your bedroom as long as you spend time there. If this is not your personal bedroom but a guest room – then the effect of the cure is less potent. Otherwise, yes – east of your bedroom is acceptable.


Q Sometimes I feel like I am being watched by a ghost. I used to be able to see spirits but now I just feel unsettled. Any remedies or protection?

A Ghosts are always around us – but most of us cannot see or feel them. But since you have this ability to sense their presence, you are likely to feel watched and a little creeped out when you are alone. Hang plenty of blessing plaques around your home to reduce the number of ghosts that can enter your house. The more sacred your home becomes, the less likely are wandering spirits to come near. I would recommend wearing amulets and chanting mantras as well in case any of them start getting cheeky. The TARA pendant or the HEART SUTRA PRAYER WHEEL is excellent for this kind of thing. Chant mantras of Medicine Buddha daily out loud; not only will it protect you, it will also help these ghosts to move on beyond the bardo state and reincarnate.