PAHT CHEE : Is your Self Element WEAK or STRONG? And what should you do about it?

Check your SELF ELEMENT. This is the heavenly stem of your DAY Pillar. Then check if it is weak or strong. You do this by seeing if there is 1, 2 or 3 elements in the remaining basket of elements which PRODUCE your Self Element. The more producing elements there are the “stronger” is your Self Element. When the Self Element is strong it is easier to benefit from the “good stars” and fortunate combinations in your Paht Chee chart. A strong Self Element makes you more competitive, gives you stronger will power and your determination levels can be awesome and you are likely to have a strong and intense personality.

How to Determine Your Self Element?

Click here to generate your Paht Chee chart and refer to the example below. In this example, the Self Element is Yang Water (heavenly stem of the Day Pillar).

12 July 1964, 10:10am (Male)

Five Elements Cycle

Producing Cycle

Water produces Wood which produces Fire which produces Earth which produces Metal which produces Water.

Reducing / Weakening Cycle

Water weakens Metal, that weakens Earth, that weakens Fire, that weakens Wood, that weaken Water.

Earth reduces Water, Metal reduces Wood, Water reduces Fire, Wood reduces Earth, Fire reduces Metal.

Basket of elements from the above chart:

1 unit of Water (Self Element)
2 units of Wood (Weakens Water)
1 unit of Fire (Weakens Water as Water reduces Fire)
3 units of Earth (Earth reduces Water)
1 unit of Metal (Strengthens Water)

It is therefore very easy to conclude for this chart – the Self Element is weak Yang Water.

When the Self Element is Strong

When the Self Element is strong you are more likely to benefit from the good luck stars in your Paht Chee chart but there are also disadvantages. When the Self Element is strong, you tend to be more competitive and your friends tend to view you as a competitor and with suspicion most of the time.

You also tend to have problems with negative gossip which can descend into slander and hostilities. But a strong Self Element makes it easier for you to benefit from the skills you have and the good stars in your chart more easily benefit you. There are many dimensions to your reading that are both subtle and obvious. To temper some of the negative aspects of a strong Self Element wear the element that weakens or exhausts it. However, we have found from the follow ups of many of our readings that it is rarely a good idea to weaken a strong Self Element. This is because many of the good indications in a Paht Chee reading manifest faster and stronger when the Self Element is strong.

When the Self Element is Weak

When the Self Element is weak, your friends are likely to be more sincere and less competitive. You are also less likely to suffer from gossip and slander and you also tend to be popular with friends. There are many other advantages of having a weak Self Element, BUT you need to strengthen it if you want to benefit from the positive good luck stars in your chart and if you want a stronger yang dimension to your luck profile.

A weak Self Element can be strengthened by wearing the element that “produces” the Self Element.

For instance, if the Self Element is weak Wood, strengthen the presence of Water around you – wear a blue dress, a blue gemstone stone, have a Water feature somewhere in your living room or in your garden … if you want a more active social life and have more friends, then expand the presence of the Wood element near you. Bring flowers into your living room and create the suggestion of a garden with some potted plants in your balcony or patio.


When your Self Element is weak Water, strengthen it with Metal element – hang Metal wind chimes in the NW or West corners of your home and wear gold jewelry. If you want more friends wear the colors of Water and this means all the shades of blue. The deeper the blue the older will be the friends that get attracted to you. The element of Water is also associated with prosperity and the Chinese believe that it always benefits to have some kind of Water feature in the home. This can be a small pond (with or without fish) or a mini feng shui feature with flowing Water. Do make sure the Water feature is on the left side of the door (inside looking out).

When your Self Element is weak Metal, strengthen it with the presence of Earth element and the best way to do this by wearing gemstones or having placement of crystals near you. The color white will bring you luck and make you a stronger person. For this reason it is ALWAYS beneficial to wear jewelry or gold accessories of some kind. Doing so strengthens your luck considerably.

If you work in a position that requires you to have authority or have management responsibilities, then a weak Metal as your Self Element must definitely be strengthened. Wearing white always enhances your authority luck. This will also bring you more friends and bring you better support from colleagues and bosses.

When your Self Element is weak Earth, strengthen it with the presence of Fire element. Display some red cushions or a red rug near you or wear red colors more often and live in brightly lit homes and make sure your office is also well lit. You can also wear the colour yellow to make yourself stronger. This will also bring you a more active social life as you will attract more friends your way. You might also want to consider placing a red horse near you at work as this will bring you strong wealth luck in the coming year of the BOAR. This is the powerful WINDHORSE which also brings success luck.

When the Self Element is weak Fire, strengthen it with Wood element. Wear greens and browns which are the colors of Wood and have plants near you. This is because Wood produces and hence strengthens the element of Fire. Also make sure your rooms are well lit and bright.

You can also wear red! Strengthening Fire element around you will bring you more sincere friends. It brings you the support of people you care about and at work you will experience strong support from your supervisors and bosses.

You will strengthen the Fire element anywhere by making sure your space is well lit. Never work in a dark room and even when you sleep it is a good idea to have at least one light on. if you are still single then having a red light in the room will considerably enhance your chances of finding true love … This is a universal feng shui tip that benefits everyone but more so those whose Self Element is weak Fire.