Aunt Agga Issue #142


Q We’ve been married for 10 years but so far, we have not been able to have children. What can we do?

A There are number of things you can do to help. First, activate your West location by placing a pink crystal lotus there. You can also display feng shui symbols like the pomegranate or a Chinese painting of 1000 children in this location. One feng shui symbol I love is the Laughing Buddha with children. Place this in the West corner of your living room or your bedroom. Secondly, I suggest orientating your bed such that your husband is sleeping towards his “love” direction based on his Kua number. You can find this information in Lillian Too’s Feng Shui Diary. You can also chant the mantras to the goddess TARA – her mantra is OM TARE TUTTARE TURE SOHA.


Q I’m a Rabbit. I read in your “100 Ways to Improve Love Luck” to display a Rat image in the north or east. Which is it?

A The Rat is the Peach Blossom animal of the Rabbit, and its location is in the North. The Rabbit’s location is in the East. So you can either place it in the North (Rat’s location) or in your own location (East). Normally, the convention is to place it in the North location as this is the Rat’s personal location. But if you cannot find space in the North, then the East is also acceptable.


Q I purchased 9 Eyed Dzi with Crystal and 15 Eyed Dzi with Red Tiger bracelet. Can you give some advice on the do’s and don’ts for using these bracelets and how I can re-energize them. Also, do I wear them on the left or right wrist?

A Wow, these are mega powerful bracelets indeed. Crystal beads are really sensitive to picking up and storing energies…so it becomes very helpful to cleanse them from time to time. Dzi beads become very powerful when you charge them with the rays of the sun and moon, and chant mantras and affirmations on them. If you know mantras, you can chant any mantra you wish; I highly recommend Guru Rinpoche’s mantra or King Gesar’s mantra if you are a man, and of course Tara Mantras if you are a woman. Just chant and blow onto the bracelets every morning when you’ve just woken up and finished brushing your teeth and cleaning yourself. Once a fortnight, wash them with sea-salt water and pat dry to remove whatever dirt and bad energies it may have collected. Then leave it out to dry in the sun for an hour… and in the light of the waxing moon for 1 hour. Women should wear on the right wrist, and men on the left wrist.



Q I have 2 daughters – a Monkey and a Boar. They don’t seem to get along; in fact they seem to fight everyday. I’m at my wits’ end. What can I do to help them get along?

A The Monkey and Boar do not have much astrological affinity, but nevertheless, they do not clash too badly. You can definitely improve the situation. Check if they are both sleeping towards their good directions. Also remember that the Monkey year has been a tough one for both signs. The Boar especially had the #3 star, which made her very quarrelsome. This coming year will be better for the Boar but the Monkey won’t be having such a great year. Please place all the correct cures for the Boar and Monkey.


Q I lost my job several years ago and have not been able to find a stable job or decide which city to live in. My dad passed away four years ago and I’ve kept his ashes. Could this have something to do with my jobless situation?

A I never recommend anyone keeping ashes of their loved ones. You need to let your dad go. He has passed on and quite likely already reborn elsewhere. So either you place your dad’s ashes in a special temple that specialises in doing prayers for the deceased, or you can scatter your dad’s ashes into the ocean. It’s time to let the past go and move on. While you’re doing this, you should also activate your North sector so you can start finding a way to make a living. The North is the career sector, and this location can be activated by placing water there.