Aunt Agga Issue #104



 I enjoy card making but for the last year my imagination and interest has been flagging. What can I do to get some inspiration back?


Perhaps it’s time you indulge your creativity in something new! Sometimes our minds need to take a detour before we come back to doing the same things again. The easiest way to get creative stimulation is to immerse yourself with Yang Chi! Take a stroll through a busy shopping mall and let your eyes and mind wander wherever it likes. Watch a movie or start watching a new TV series! Try it and see – you’ll be amazed at how inspired you can be.


QMy mother suspects that my sister-in-law has brought a black magic object into our home. Since this object came into our home, a lot of bad things have started to happen! What should we do? Can we use feng shui cures to overcome this?


If you really think this item is associated with black magic, then the first thing you should do is to removve it from of your house. Here’s how to get rid of it: stand with your back facing the sea and using your right hand, throw it into the sea over your left shoulder. Before doing this, invite the White Umbrella Goddess into your home – she is the Goddess whose main activity is to remove black magic and spells. Chant the mantra of the White Umbrella Goddess while you are taking this item to the sea, and while you are throwing it. Her mantra is OM SARVA TATAGATHA SITATAPATRA HUM PEH / HUM MAMA HUM NI SOHA


QRecently a yellow-coloured bird has taken to perching on the tree branch outside my window to stare at me constantly! It’s been happening quite often lately – the same bird keeps staring at me! Is this some kind of sign?

AWhen birds visit you it is generally a good sign. Yellow birds bring messages of wealth! You should feed this bird and thank him for bringing you good news. The Hindus believe that many bad omens can be overcome by feeding black birds – so if you ever feel that you’re low in luck, throw some rice and feed the crows or ravens.


QI’ve heard that having water elements on the right side of your door (from inside looking out) can cause the husband/boyfriend to go for other women. Recently I’ve installed a water faucet for watering my plants and cleaning my car and located it exactly on the right side. Should I relocate my faucet? I don’t want to lose my boyfriend to other women!


Yes it is true that a body of water located on the right side of the main door (inside looking out) can cause the man of the house to develop a roving eye! In this day and age, this can also cause the woman of the house to indulge in extra-marital dalliances! But in your case, since you don’t have a body of water – just a little faucet – this is fine. As long as you don’t collect water into a collection area, don’t worry about it. If you’re really worried, then install an Amethyst Geode tied to the leg of your bed (under you) with red string. This keeps the woman’s energy strong and decreases the likelihood of your boyfriend straying away.


QI am a Dog and my wife is a Rabbit. We’re supposed to be compatible “Secret Friends” but over the years, we quarrel frequently and we are now in financial debt due to bad investments. I was told recently, that since my wife was born on 5th Feb 1954 (just after Lap Chun) she is actually a Dragon not a Rabbit, and therefore my zodiac enemy! How can we overcome this? I would like us to have a long happy marriage.


I can confirm that your wife is a Rabbit, not a Dragon, and yes you both secret friends. I suspect that you have bad feng shui in your house that is responsible for your misfortune with investments and staying in a quarrelsome sector of your house. Of course when finances are tight, any couple, no matter how compatible, will quarrel! Start by keeping your bedroom tidy as this will help keep your marriage harmonious. Read up Lillian Too’s book on Flying Stars and draw up the chart for your home. If you are sleeping in a room with the #5 or #2 water/mountain star, it will cause serious financial problems and wreak havoc in your relationships. Place a large crystal ball in the SW of your home to help overcome marital differences.



QMy friend (Water Dog) is being falsely accused of assault by his ex-girlfriend who has now been diagnosed with mental health issues. What cures can I offer him to ensure he doesn’t go to jail over this?


If indeed he didn’t do it then this is very tragic. Ask him to invite the Goddess Chundi and chant her mantra daily OM CALE CALE CHUNDI SOHA. One of her specialities is helping people avert wrongful imprisonment. It’s also a good idea for him to wear the Amulet for Overcoming Anger from others. Write to on how to order this medallion from WOFS. He should also wear the Popularity Scarf when attending court. It will really help ensure that the authorities think kindly of him.


QI’m a Horse and my husband is a Boar. Please could you kindly advice when is a good date to move into our new house before Chinese New Year


Get Lillian Too’s Feng Shui Calendar and look for the icon that says good day to move. Make sure it is a day that does not conflict with both your animal signs. Since you are a Horse and he is a Boar, do not enter your new home on the day of the Rat or day of the Snake – these days bring bad luck to both.


QMy husband and I work full-time and we also run a side business that has lost lots of money due to mismanagement by our business partner. My family is very upset about this and blames it on us praying to Buddha. They say that Buddha teaches the principles of “simple living” and so my husband will always be resigned to being only a worker and cannot expand into business. They insist we start praying to Kuan Yin, citing that Kuan Yin will listen to us more and grant us wealth and good health. Things have been rough – we’re even struggling to afford milk for our daughter. Should I start praying to Kuan Yin instead?


When you say Buddha I assume you are referring to Shakyamuni Buddha. Shakyamuni Buddha is the manifestation of all the Buddhas – including Kuan Yin and vice versa! Kuan Yin is the manifestation of the Buddha, and it is NOT true that praying to Buddha has caused your husband’s business to fail! The business failure is due to past karma ripening and poor management. They are all the same Buddha but because Buddha is very skilful, he emanates in different forms to perform different activities! You can rely entirely on Shakyamuni Buddha, or if you wish, you can also pray to Kuan Yin, or to BOTH ! The more Buddhas you supplicate, the greater the blessings! There is nothing wrong with praying to more than one Buddha – remember that they come from the same source! If you are wishing for wealth, you can definitely continue praying to Shakyamuni Buddha, but in addition to this, you can also request help from the Wealth Buddha White Dzambhala (who manifested from Kuan Yin’s tears with the sole purpose of removing obstacles of financial nature). Pour water over his head and chant his mantra daily – have faith in him and he will bring financial help very swiftly. In the end, choose which Buddha you feel a close affinity with and he/she will always help you if you are genuine and earnest in your devotion and prayers.