Aunt Agga Issue #139


Q I would like to place a plastic money plant at the entrance of my living room, just beside the main door. But this location is in my Northeast which is EARTH element. Please advise whether it is ok to place the fake money plant?

AMy dear, rather than placing a fake money plant, why don’t you place instead, a wishgranting tree made of gemstones and crystals? This way, you activate the Sheng Chi feng shui aspect as well as harmonise with the elements! But for the Year of the Monkey (which will soon be ending) avoid placing crystals in the NE for now. The Five Yellow is still active there so don’t tempt fate by placing crystals there! You can start placing your gem wish fulfiling tree there from 22 December onwards.


QI live in a house that is on the outside of a curve in the road. I have been here two years and have had a lot of bad luck since moving in. Is there anything I can do to minimise the effect of the curve? Our house faces Northwest.

AIn feng shui we call this the “cutting blade effect” where your house is situated directly on outside of a bending road. As your house is facing Northwest, the effect is likely to be felt most by the Patriarch of the house. When the luck of the Patriarch is afflicted, everyone else in the house will also suffer. The only way to minimise this problem is to build a really tall and solid wall in front of your house to block off the sight of the road. Plant bushy trees that grow fairly high (Bamboo is a good choice) to shield yourself from the “cutting” energy of the road. Install a solid gate that does not have any holes. Basically the idea is to shield your house from this energy as much as possible.


QI would like to install an LED TV and a Sound System in our master bedroom. Is it OK?

AUsually the master bedroom is a place of rest and it is considered one of the only rooms where a quieter, more relaxing yin environment is preferable. Having too much yang energy here can spark problems in your personal relationship with your spouse. A TV is also not advised as its reflective surface mimics the same effect as having mirrors in your bedroom. Unless you are living by yourself, then I would advise you not to install this in your bedroom. Having a sound system is fine – for playing soothing sounds and relaxing music is always a welcome… but if you end up using your master bedroom mainly as a TV room, you will end up very exhausted!


QWhat is the best day to see a doctor, get a blood test or seek medical treatment like surgery?

AThe Chinese almanac gives excellent recommendations on auspicious and inauspicious days to see a doctor or undergo some minor medical treatment. These dates can be obtained from Lillian Too’s Feng Shui Diary… where all the good and bad dates for medical treatment are indicated by an icon. The Spiritual Calendar goes a little deeper in investigating good and bad days for surgery which is much more serious than a blood test or a routine medical check-up. When you “go under the knife”, your body is extremely vulnerable to spirit harm. Please check the spiritual calendar at the back pages of this magazine and ensure that you do not perform surgeries on bad days for “medical”. You should also check the location of your “vitality point” for any given date of surgery. You must not perform any cuts in locations where your vitality point is located for that day.


QI bought a pretty floral painted antique vase which is around 50 years old. I have cleansed the vase with salt and incense. Is it a good idea to turn it into a wealth vase?

AI’m not a big fan of antique items as most of them come with obscure histories and estates of deceased people. If you own antiques, cleansing it of any bad energy is always good practice as your first step. I’m glad that you’ve cleansed your vase…and hope that you’ve used either sea-salt or natural mountain salt for your cleansing ritual.. because chemical table salt does not have the same cleansing properties as natural salt. I would keep the vase around for a little longer and “test” its effects on your luck before turning it into something as important as a wealth vase. You can also use a dousing tool to check the energy of the vase before using. If everything seems stable after a month, then go ahead!



QWhat is the meaning when one dreams of oneself wearing white, holding a new-born baby?

AIt is a big indication that you are about to get pregnant soon or adopt someone under your care. As you are wearing white, there is plenty of purity and goodness auspiciousness indicated from this dream. Quite likely this will be a special child, as only special babies give their mothers “notice” of their coming! If you don’t have any intention of marrying or having children, then it could mean that you might soon play “godmother” or a mentoring figure to a child. One lady I know had a similar kind of dream although she was not married or dating anybody. A few months later, her single sister (who had a child) passed away from cancer and she took over the responsibility of becoming the guardian to her sister’s child.


QI’ve been dreaming of monkeys in a parking lot, and in the dream it’s night time. One time I dreamt that the tail of one of the monkeys hooked my arm! Please help me understand what this means!

APerhaps someone born in the year of the Monkey (who has recently passed away) is trying to make contact with you. Another explanation is that someone born in the Monkey Year is about to enter your life! If you’re pregnant this year or trying to get pregnant, this is a sign you may soon conceive. If you’re a Tibetan Buddhist practitioner, then dreaming of Monkeys, especially this year, is a sign from Guru Padmasambhava! It is telling you to rely on Guru Padmasambhava for all your worries. Chant his mantra: OM AH HUM BENZA GURU PEMA SIDDHI HUNG


QIn my previous house, I had a long spiral decorative fabric object hanging in the SE corner of the living room. Whenever I’d use a fan to blow it at it I’d have unexpected money coming to me in a week – it was amazing! When I moved to my new house, I did the same thing and then a few days later, I got news that my parents had all their retirement money stolen! They have been struggling with money ever since. Did my spiralling decoration cause this? Can the feng shui of my house affect my parents?

AMy dear… I’m really sorry to hear about your parents’ situation. But I want you to stop worrying about the spiral object in your house as it was not likely the cause of their predicament. The feng shui of your house can only affect your relationship with them but not what happens to them directly. It is likely that your parents were hit with the #7 star of Robbery for that particular month and it caused them to lose their money. I really feel great empathy for them and for you; and my advice to you would be to help them out as much as you can by offering financial assistance and also to check the feng shui of their home.