Aunt Agga Issue #138


Q If one sees the cloud that looks like the Pi Xiu in the sky when praying…what does this mean?

AUsually when we are concentrating on prayers we may receive messages from the universe. This may come in the form of thoughts or things we see that make sense to us. The Pixiu is a mythical creature that removes obstacles. It is also a symbol of protection. So in this case, the Pixiu here could mean that whatever your problem you might be facing or praying for a solution, this will be solved. It is a good sign . I suggest inviting the image of a Pixiu and placing it near your entrance so that you can benefit from this sign.


QI’m a guy and I have a lady colleague giving me trouble by gossiping and bad-mouthing me. What can I do to counter this?

AFirst thing you must do is NOT lose your cool! Carry the Anti-Anger amulet that we make and wear the Popularity Scarf we make. All this will reduce whatever hostility coming from this lady. You should also install a mirror on your desk, facing her direction as this will reflect away whatever bad vibes coming from her. Finally, send her a big bouquet of yellow or pink flowers on her desk from you – with a note to congratulate her on something she achieved and did well. Trust me, her whole attitude towards you will transform instantly! Focus on making peace and do not inflame the situation with retaliation.


QMy home faces N3 and I have got a flying star chart generated using your flying star calculator. But I’m not sure how to activate for better health and wealth for our family. Should we focus on annual and monthly flying stars or based on the flying star chart? 

AThe simple answer is that you activate ALL the stars for wealth and health – the flying star chart, the annual chart and the monthly chart. For health luck look for the 1, 6 or 8 mountain stars and place a large crystal there. For wealth, look for the number 8 water star and place a water feature there. Then, always disarm the bad stars of 2 and 5 – this must be done for the flying star chart as well as the annual and monthly stars. You will end up with multiple cures and enhancers in all sectors of the homes, each for a different “star” – flying star, annual and monthly –  but they all “know” what they’re supposed to be doing. This is how we practice flying star feng shui and it has served us well time and again.


QThe NW of my home has a garage and I placed all the necessary annual and monthly flying stars remedies there. I keep it clean. Only one problem is a big trash and recycle bin is also in the garage and no place to move it except outside the home. Is this ok and if not, where can I place it?

AI’m really pleased to hear that you’ve placed all your cures and enhancers in the NW part of your house. But unless you or your husband spends time there, the cures and enhancers won’t do much to help you.  Can I suggest bringing in the cures and enhancers and placing it in your living room? Meanwhile, your trash can and recycle bin can remain in the garage as long as you do not place it in the NW corner of the garage itself. A good solution is to buy a standalone laundry cupboard and “lock away” the trash bin and recycle bin inside the cupboard. This way, the bad energy from the trash won’t emanate to the rest of the garage.


QWhen placing cures, such as a Rooster in the west to activate peach blossom luck, must the rooster be facing a certain direction? What about mandarin ducks, must they face a certain direction even if they are in the sector?

AUsually for feng shui enhancers that bring good fortune, you want it to face inwards towards you, as if coming from a good direction. So for example, you can place the Rooster facing inwards coming from the west direction (meaning its faces East). For cures that are meant to take bad luck away, you face it outwards. So for example, if the Rooster you place there is meant to guard against infidelity or office politics, face it away from you so that it can “deal” with oncoming bad energy and deflect it.



QI’m a 65 year old Rabbit and my daughter is a Snake. We have a kitchen cabinet in the Southwest and am thinking of renovating in September. Will this harm us in anyway?

ABetter you wait for next year as the Southwest has the Grand Duke Jupiter this year. Next year (Rooster year), the Grand Duke moves to the West, so you can safely renovate. But to be honest, the SW is not the best place for the Kitchen as this is the location of the Matriarch. Also, if it is a minor renovation then OK but if it is a major overhaul it might be a good idea to move out of the house while the renovation is taking place. SW is a location that affects the Matriarch – so if you dig and bang there it is sure to affect your health and wellbeing as the matriarch of the house. If you have no other choice than to have the kitchen here, make sure your sink and stove are not located in the SW corner of the kitchen itself. But wait till next year to do all this.


QHow do I make my husband more loving and affectionate? We have a mirror facing my bed and I also sleep on a single bed joined together with another single bed where my husband sleeps. Could this be the problem?

ADefinitely the mirror in the room and the two single beds are the problem! You must not have a mirror in the bedroom as this will encourage a third party to interfere with your marriage! Also, sleeping on separate beds even though they are joined together means there is a rift between you both. This is very bad for couples. Please invest in a single Queen sized mattress that you can both share. Finally, if you want more loving action in the bedroom, install red lamps!


QI’m a 53 year old lady but I’ve been single for 19 years. Although I attract men, I can’t seem to stay in a stable, steady, loving relationship. I have tried many feng shui cures from quartz hearts to double happiness. I even have my bed against a wall with 2 lamps on either side. Everyone I have met is either a player or emotionally unstable. I am still attractive and get compliments from people. I have lost hope of ever finding true love. What can I do?

ACheck the NW corner of your house. I suspect it either missing, has a store room, toilet, laundry or kitchen. Houses with this feature cannot seem to keep a Patriarch there for long. I am getting the feeling that you also have some very deep and sad past with men in general… perhaps when you were young something It is a good sign very traumatic happened. You must let go of this past … I suggest chanting the mantra of the Compassion Goddess – OM MANI PADME HUM for 1 mala every night while visualising all the hurt from past to dissolve away… you have to let this all go before something new can take root and blossom in your heart. Take care and much love from Aunt Agga.