Aunt Agga Issue #133


Q We are looking to buy our first home, and checking best directions for us. Lillian’s book advises us that South/North houses are best for us. We’ve been looking, but the perfect house is so hard to find! Are there any other houses good for us based on our birthdates? us to see is there any possibility for different direction? My husband is a Rooster (Kua 1) and I’m a Rat (Kua 8).

AThe reason why North/South houses are good for the both of you is because North is an auspicious direction for him (he is East Group) but also good for you because you are a Rat, and North-2 is your good direction. But if you can’t find a house facing North/South, then West/East house will also be suitable. West2 is the Rooster direction, so a house orientated towards West 2 is very lucky for your husband, and is also very good for you, as your Kua number is 8 (West Group). In fact, West facing houses bring you very good Family and Marriage luck – as the West is your personal Nien Yen direction. So if you cannot find a North/South house, then a West/East house will also be very auspicious. Finding a house with good feng shui isn’t always easy because one has to have the karma to live in such a house. If you seem to be having enormous obstacles to finding a good house, then I recommend donating some money to an orphanage or a charity foundation that builds houses or any charitable organisation that provides shelter for underprivileged children, refugees or animals. Or save a pet from the animal rescue and give it a loving home. Giving another being a loving and happy home environment creates the good karma to live in such a home yourself.


Q Your articles suggest that installing mirrors facing the main door is inauspicious. But some people say that if you enter the house and see a wall, you are facing a dead end, and placing a mirror ‘creates doors of opportunity’. They also say that having the mirror more than 5 feet away from the main door is OK. Is this true?

AMy dear, trust me when I tell you that placing a mirror directly facing your main door cannot be good for you! How can this be auspicious when all the luck that enters your home immediately confronts the image of another door? Placing a mirror directly facing your main door simulates the effect of having the front and back doors directly facing each other. The result is that no luck, and hence, no opportunities can enter! If you are still not convinced, then go ahead and install the mirror as you suggested, and then watch what happens to your luck! What you should hang directly facing your main door are welcoming and auspicious symbols – like the Fuk Luk Sau, or the image of a spiritual protector.


QI’ve been transferred from HQ to a branch bank, and my new working desk faces a pillar right in front of me. Kindly advise what feng shui cure I need to use.

AOh dear.. this definitely not good news for you. You need to place a plant directly in front of this pillar and try to “block” it away from you. I recommend getting a tall fake plant and place it directly between you and the pillar. If a plant is not possible, hang a windchime directly between yourself and the pillar. I also recommend wearing the HUM pendant daily to avoid any mishaps that could be coming from this nasty pillar.


QI recently broke up with my boyfriend. He still has feelings for me but is unwilling to ask us to get back together again. He even told me he loves me. My Southwest is not afflicted and I’ve placed crystals there. Is there anything else to be done?

AMy dear, dear little sweet thing. Here’s my advice, and take it from an old lady, that if a boy really wants to be with you, there is usually no hesitation. If he says he loves you then that’s indicating he wants to come back. Ask him directly and insist for a direct answer. If he is unwilling to be with you, then call it quits. He either wants to be with you or he doesn’t. If he’s not sure, then he’s just stringing you along for fun times, darling! If he can’t commit, then do yourself a big favour and move on. Don’t waste any more time on someone who isn’t worth it. Tip: You can strengthen your SW even more by shining a light on the crystals.



QI’m an Ox and my husband is a Tiger. It seems we are NOT compatible in everything despite being married for 23 years! I do not know if he loves me; he never gives me a time to go with my friends and family. He disrespects me and shouts me down when we have quarrels. I’m very unhappy and am thinking of leaving him.

AThese two years will be very trying for the both of you as the Ox and Tiger (who both belong to the Northeast location) is suffering from the Five Yellow in your sectors. Last year you had a lot of obstacles – because you are confronting the Grand Duke. This year, your husband faces the Grand Duke Jupiter, and with the 5 yellow and the #3 star in the Northwest (Patriarch), he will be suffering a lot and frequently temperamental! My advice is for you to be as patient as possible, and place the 2x Golden Mantra Pillars in the NE location. Also hang the Tai Sui Plaque in the NE to appease the Grand Duke. Then place the Nine Deity Plaque in the NW location. All these remedies will really help to calm things down between the two of you. Being married 23 years is a long time – and if you’ve survived together for so long, there must be some kind of loving bond there! Hang in there, it will get better!


QI bought a painting from Bali with green scenery and a waterfall. I’ve hung it in living room. I noticed that since then I’ve been unable to save money compared to before. Should I take it out?

AIf this is the only thing you’ve changed recently, then I suggest you remove it. Waterfall features can be excellent energizers for wealth but you need to place it in the correct places in the home. Generally speaking, the North and Southeast are locations that benefit from water features but only if the #3 flying star is not located there. When the #3 monthly or annual star flies into the location, it can cause a lot of problems that result in you having to spend money. The other thing to analyse is to study the painting carefully. Does it have murky water? Are there other hidden objects inside the painting that are inauspicious? Sometimes, paintings from exotic places can carry yin energies if the place where they came from has unhappy spiritual energy. If you feel strongly that the painting is causing you harm, remove it instantly.


QI read recently that the altar cannot face the staircase. What about the lift? I do have a lift in my future house and was thinking of placing the altar opposite my lift, with a small passage way in between.

AI do not know where you have heard that altars cannot face a stair case. I’ve seen this done in many houses and it has not been a problem – as long as the altar is at the top of the stairs and not at the bottom of the stairs. Facing a lift is also perfectly fine. This is advisable if this is the lift you use to enter your apartment or house. Do have some space between the lift and the altar and it will be fine.