Aunt Agga Issue #126


Q I’m interested in buying a piece of land but it is not a perfect rectangle. The land is now L shaped as part of the land was sold to someone else. It’s going for a good price. Should I buy this land?

AIt depends on how large this piece of land is, and how you are going to use it. L-shaped land is NOT auspicious as a large chunk of luck is considered missing. If the land is large enough, then you can fix this problem by subdividing it into two pieces of regular-rectangle shaped land. Make sure you separate both pieces of land with a wall or fence. If this makes the two pieces of land too small and unusable, then I suggest you do not buy this land – as the feng shui of the land is afflicted.


Q I am moving into my new house with my two sisters. I have read that one of the moving-in ritual is to step over the charcoal fire. As all 3 of us are single ladies, is it advisable to perform this? I was informed that the moving-in ritual is only for married couples.

AYes you can all perform this moving-in ritual with some slight modifications. Walking over fire removes obstacles and symbolicly burns away bad luck so that you enter your home with a “clean start”. If you are all working professionals, then each of you can carry an urn of rice (half filled) as you walk over the fire. If you or any of your sisters are students, then carry a schoolbag full of books as you walk over the charcoal fire. The charcoal fire should be placed just outside the entrance door, and everyone should walk over the fire before entering the house. Make sure that everyone is wearing long pants and shoes. Do not wear short pants or slippers – this will bring the energy of “short luck” and “poverty” so avoid this. Also, make sure that you do this ritual at an auspicious day and auspicious hour. This information is available in Lillian Too’s Feng Shui Almanac that is published yearly.


QI am very interested in burning incense for aromatic purposes. Is it okay to burn it inside my house? I heard from many old folks that burning incense that is not dedicated to ancestors or gods attracts bad luck and malicious spirits.

AIt’s perfectly fine to burn incense in your home… but it can get quite smoky and this can affect your respiratory health. Best to let the incense smoke waft through your house very lightly and then leave it outside the house to finish burning. Spirits – both good and bad – are naturally attracted to incense smoke. This is why it is always a good idea to offer it to the Enlightened Beings like the Buddhas as soon as you light the incense. Once you have invoked the names of the Buddhas, spirits who have bad intentions cannot harm you. This is the safest way to enjoy incense aromas.


QI moved into my new apartment 2 months ago and have been very sickly ever since. I know it’s the bad feng shui! The toilet occupies the NW sector, which happens to be my “Tien Yi” (health) location. My bed is facing my Ho Hai (Bad luck direction) and my main door faces East- my Lui Shar (Six Killings). What can I do?

AOh dear… no wonder you are sick! Why did you move into this apartment without checking the feng shui first? Your new place is a totally incompatible with you! Here are some ways to reduce the effects of these bad directions. First, activate the “Tien Yi” location in your bedroom by placing crystals in the NW of your bedroom. Place the a Garuda Wu Lou by your bedside to help reduce illness vibes. Hang Guru Rinpoche’s Black Scorpion Amulet Plaque above your main door so that the bad energy of the 6 Killings is suppressed. Hang Medicine Buddha’s Mandala Plaque above your bed to subdue the Ho Hai and protect you from falling even sicker. The best solution is for you to find a new place that is more compatible with you as soon as possible.


QWhat can we do if my kids are not keen on carrying or displaying feng shui items in their rooms? Their academic results are so poor and they are failing in many subjects. Still they do not believe what we tell them. Help!

ACheck your West Corner. If you have a bathroom here, then close it up. If you have a store room here, then empty it and keep the door open. The West affects the luck of children in general and if it is afflicted by a bathroom or store room, your children’s well-being and luck will suffer. If you have difficulty controlling your kids, then invite a Laughing Buddha with children, but make sure he is holding a Ru Yi sceptre. This Laughing Buddha is particularly powerful for subduing disobedient children. It’s also a good idea to chant the mantra of Manjushri (OM AH RAPACHANADI) and Red Tara (OM TARE TAM SOHA) daily. You will find your children becoming a lot more compliant after this. Also, display the Seven Level Pagoda in their rooms to increase their academic performance.



QWe rear chickens on our rooftop and have collected a lot of chicken coop with the manures already turned into soil on our roof top. Is it good or bad feng shui?

ADefinitely it is BAD FENG SHUI. Sleeping under chicken waste can’t possibly bring you good energy my dear! Please do your family and yourself a big favour – remove the chickens and the manure soil from your roof. Instantly your feng shui will improve!


QMy fiancé and I live with my mother in her house. Recently she renovated the house and turned the NW corner into a private bathroom. Since then, I’ve started to pick serious fights with my fiancé whom I’m very much in love with! Before the renovation we never fought like this. Is it due to the NW? My father doesn’t live with us so in a way, my fiancé is like the Patriarch. What can I do to remedy this?

AYes, most definitely the NW bathroom is causing problems between you and your fiancé. It’s very unfortunate that your mother has put a bathroom in the NW as this will not only cause a rift between you and your fiancé, it will start to affect his job prospects and personal health. My advice is to move out of this house and find another place to live which does not have a bathroom/kitchen in the NW and SW locations of the house. If you continue living here, I’m afraid you could lose your fiancé.


QEarly this year I accidently broke my dressing mirror. I heard that a broken mirror generates bad luck for 7 years. I tried grinding it down to dust (as suggested by a website) but it was impossible because a large chunk of the mirror was glued to the shaft of the frame. I threw it away but since then I’ve had a ferocious spate of bad luck. How do I remedy this? I can’t endure such bad luck for 7 years!

AThe best way to deal with this is to buy a special new mirror and carry out this cleansing ritual. The most effective is Blue Tara’s subduing Mirror as it can counter a wide variety of bad luck. On the night of the full moon, light incense and let the smoke cover your entire body. Use Blue Tara’s mirror to reflect yourself from head to toe. Imagine all the bad luck from breaking the mirror being reflected onto the mirror. Then, wash the mirror with a cleansing water made from an infusion of petals from 7 different coloured flowers, kaffir lime leaves and pomelo leaves. Pour the water away outside your house. Now, let the mirror reflect the light of the full moon, and then reflect yourself into the mirror to enjoy the powerful light of the moon. This is an effective ritual for removing bad luck that you get from breaking mirrors, walking under ladders or meeting up with unlucky omens. It’s a good idea to carry Blue Tara’s mirror with you at all times. It will keep you safe from bad omens and unluckiness.