Aunt Agga Issue #125


Q According to the Flying Star chart, my apartment faces East 2/3. This means that my daughter’s bedroom has the illness star! According to Lillian Too’s book, this is a really bad star that can cause serious diseases and even death. I’m scared for her. What should I do?

AThe illness 2 can be deadly if it is not controlled. The good news is that this star is not difficult to suppress. You need metal energy, and powerful feng shui symbols that can suppress illness. The best antidote is the Garuda image. Place a Garuda image and 2 Golden Wu Lou cures in your daughter’s room. This will suppress the 2. Next year, the 2 becomes very strong – so increase the number of Wu Lous in her bedroom. I also highly recommend inviting the image of the Medicine Buddha Mandala and hang it inside her room.


Q I live in Canada and have failed my driving test 3 times in a row. I know how to drive but somehow, on test days I can’t seem to make a good judgements when driving. I’ve even tried picking a lucky time and date but still no success. I’m born in the Year of the Snake.

AYou seem to have some kind of karmic blockage with “transport”. I suggest that you make some donations towards any charity that cares for the welfare of horses. It is also a good idea to chant Vajrasattva’s mantra 21 times every night before going to bed to remove obstacles: OM VAJRASATTVA HUM. Then, offer incense often to all your local spirit deities and ask for their help in making you pass your car test. You should also chant the mantra of Manjushri every day – OM AH RAPA CHANA DHIH as this will increase your intelligence and good judgement. Make sure you offer incense inside the car you are driving as well – as cars also have local deities! Make sure you do this on exam day! You will definitely see a difference!


QLately I have been noticing swarms of bees flying around my car porch area. I think they are building a hive under my car porch roof. Is this a good or bad sign? What should I do? I can’t keep them!

AWhenever bees make a nest in your home it’s always a good sign! If you’re in business it could mean a meaty new contract or new money-making opportunity. If you are a working professional – this could indicate a promotion or career change. As you can’t keep them, please enlist the help of a professional bee keeper who can safely transport the hive somewhere else. Whatever you do please do NOT burn them or destroy their nest, as this creates seriously bad karma for you!


QMy relationships always fall apart after a few months. I have bathrooms in the Southwest. I’ve tried to suppress this with mirrors on the doors and 5 rod windchimes inside the toilet but things have not changed. I’ve also activated SW corners of my living room and bedroom but not much has changed. Help! I’m 29 years old.

APoor thing. Southwest bathrooms are not easy to remedy and this is one of the most basic feng shui taboos to avoid. I suggest you start looking for a new place to live which does not have this problem. In the meantime, you can enlist the help of the Red Goddess of Love. Wear her scarf daily and preferably wear her mantra necklace OM TARE TAM SOHA. It will be very helpful if you chant this mantra daily as well. Red Tara removes obstacles to finding stable relationships – she will not only help bring someone suitable into your life, she will also support you in finding a new place that has better feng shui for you. Good luck!


QMy husband allowed one of his female teenage students to climb over his head and sit on his shoulder while tying a rope on the tree. Apparently she was having her period at the time! My mother-in-law was horrified when I told her and says this will bring serious bad luck to my husband! Is it true? And what can I do to get rid of this bad luck?


AI would have to agree with your mother-in law. In fact, this could cause your husband to develop an unwelcome fondness over that young girl! You need to clear this INSTANTLY. Make a special cleansing water with this recipe: place petals from seven different kinds of flowers, kaffir lime leaves and pomelo leaves into a big bucket of water. Have your husband wash his hair and his entire body with this water for seven days in a row. This should dispel the bad luck. This is best done during the waning cycle of the moon (between full moon and new moon).


QMy husband and I have been carers of my 90 year old mother-in-law for 23 years. We discovered she has been secretly poisoning us with Clorox! She is also abusive as my husband is her least favourite child. She curses at us every day, warning us that we will die before her. We look after her as this was my father-in-law’s final death wish! We are Tibetan Buddhists and I believe the Buddhas have saved us from death even after ingesting these poisons. But what can we do? We can’t put her in home, but I don’t want us to die.

AI’m so sorry to read about this. Old women are naturally crotchety and difficult. You are both repaying some kind of karmic debt with her… think of it like this and you will find it easier to be patient and tolerant. Meanwhile, install locks on your cupboards to store away all the Clorox and whatever poisons you have in your home. I strongly recommend you hang Guru Rinpoche’s Dusum Sangye plaque in her bedroom and chant Guru Rinpoche’s Dusum Sangye prayer for her as I suspect she is under some kind of negative spirit influence. For you and husband, I recommend wearing Tara’s amulets and chanting Goddess TARA’s mantra: OM TARE TUTTARE TURE SOHA. Tara will protect you from poison and whatever curses your mother-in-law hurls at the both of you. You will also start to see a real change in your mother-in-law.


QDoes an empty fish tank in our house bring bad luck?

AOh dear! This is a very bad feng shui taboo. You must never display an empty or broken fish tank inside your home! If this is your wealth corner, it can cause you to lose your wealth and source of income. Wrap it up and keep it away in the store room if you’re not using your fish tank. Throw it away if it is broken. Of course, the best is to use the fish tank and fill it with water. Even if you do not have fishes inside, growing aquatic plants and having constant bubbling water can be very beneficial for you. Keep the water clean at all times. But do not keep unmoving water in the tank – this is also not good.