Aunt Agga Issue #108



I’m a Tiger and have found love through activating my Peach Blossom Luck! I’m very thrilled and thankful however, I still have the fear of losing my love to another woman because right now, we are in a long distance relationship. What can I do to secure our relationship?


Congratulations on your new-found romance! Carry the Anti-infidelity amulet and also ask your boyfriend to carry this. Have a LARGE photo of the both of you on your facebook account and also displayed in the SW corner of your home. Have him do the same for his home. Try to talk and communicate daily. This is the best way to stay connected and share details of each others’ lives. I recommend you move to the same city together as soon as possible as living long distance for too long is a recipe for infidelity to creep in.


QOn the eve of Chinese New Year, I encountered (3 times counting) and received money with serial numbers all ending with 168! Is this a good sign for 2014? How do I capture this luck?


Congratulations – it is very auspicious indeed. 168 are what we call the “white numbers” – they powerful good stars that bring good fortune of prosperity, victory and heavenly guidance! It is definitely a good omen for the year to come! To capture this luck you should dzi beads with the 1 eye, 6 eyes and 8 eyes. Wear these beads around your neck or on the right wrist (if you are a woman) or left wrist (if you are a man). This brings very good luck for this year.


QI was doing mantras to the 21 Tara’s and holding my mala at the same time. After I had finished and got up, I just felt my mala falling apart and all the beads rolling away. What does it mean?

AIf you have been chanting a lot of mantras lately, this is a VERY GOOD sign! It means you have achieved a milestone in chanting your mantras and this is particularly auspicious if you have been in retreat! Have your mala beads restrung as soon as possible. Keep the old thread as it is already blessed. You can tie some of the old thread into your newly strung mala to keep the continuation of energy there. If this is your first time using the mala, then it means that the string that was used to tie your mala beads was weak or torn. Just restring your mala beads with strong new string.


QThings between my partner and I have not been smooth since the renovation of my house. I recently noticed that the rain water drainage pipe runs down beside my main door on the right side of my door. I know that water on the right of the door causes relationship problems. What cure can use to remedy this?


Don’t worry about the drain pipe as this isn’t the problem. Unless you have a body of water (like a pond or an aquarium) on the right hand side of your door, it’s not an issue. Have you got leftover renovation clutter that you have yet to clear? If so, do so immediately as messy boxes, messy rooms and any unsightly junk lying around blocks the smooth flow of chi and can cause relationships to suffer. I also suspect that you’re both staying in a room with the #3 natal or annual star as this star is normally the culprit of quarrels. Find out what your natal flying stars for your bedroom – if you have a mountain 3 or a water 3 star, you can disarm it by using red bedsheets. If your bedroom/living room/dining room is in the SE then you are both afflicted by the annual 3. Remedy this by displaying the 9 amulet cure there.


QI’m a Water Monkey and my sales are dropping rapidly. The side of my office desk faces a long corridor from the entrance at work. The front of me is a wall, and the back a wall and trash can. On my right side is a window. I know these break all the feng shui rules! What do I do as I can’t move my desk?


Oh dear, you really are seated in a very bad feng shui position at work. Are you able to turn your desk around so that the wall is behind you? This would be a better position to gain support from customers and bosses. Move the trash can under your desk if you can and not behind you. As for the long corridor, what you really want to do is to slow down the Chi that is coming towards you and this can be done by erecting a barrier between you and the corridor. One solution is to hang a curtain of beads or a screen between you and the corridor – this will slow down the heading towards you.



QAccording to the Western Bagua system, my front door is facing North and my toddler’s room falls in the NW area with the 5 Yellow star this year. This I know is really bad. I can’t move my toddler to another room unfortunately. What is to be done?


Firstly, you must use a good quality compass to determine the location of all the sectors in your home, and not the Western Bagua method (also known as the Fixed Pakua method). The Fixed Pakua method assumes that all main doors face North, and is thus not accurate and an incorrect method for working out the sectors of your home. Use a compass and if indeed your toddler’s room is in the Northwest, then you must place the remedy as soon as possible, or your toddler is in danger of falling very ill or getting into an accident. To subdue the Five Yellow, place the Vairocana Cure in the NW corner of your toddler’s room or hang several metallic windchimes there. It is a good idea for your toddler to wear a protection amulet this year.


QYour website advises us to suppress the 5 Yellow in the Northwest sector by hanging metal windchimes there to counter it. I read that we aren’t supposed to make noise here – won’t windchimes disturb it when it clashes in the wind?


Here is a fine point to practising feng shui. To have good Chi, you must not let the energy in any location get static or stale. A little movement and sound is fine and indeed beneficial to encourage good chi to rise and accumulate. But since the Five yellow is here, take care NOT to have any LOUD music, banging or renovation of this area as this will definitely trigger the effects of the 5 Yellow. The 5 Yellow is an EARTH star and is exhausted by metal. Thus metal windchimes are the best cures because metal windchimes represent multiplying metal energy – the energy is increased when you have both the element of metal, and the sound of metal on metal. This metal sound is not a “fighting sound” created by sword play – it is a harmonious sound created by melodic chimes that contain 7 types of precious metals. Windchimes are also very auspicious in the NW because this is the location of the Patriarch, and it strengthens his luck when activated.


QI love your column Aunt Agga. I’m curious what is the mantra for the pregnancy?


For all women who would like a child, start by activating the descendant’s corner in the home. Place a Pink Lotus, or an image of 100 children in the WEST corner of the home. Place fertility symbols like the pomegranate in the West corner of your bedroom. Then chant Tara’s mantra: OM TARE TUTTARE TURE SOHA 108 times a day and dedicate to getting pregnant. There is also a very beautiful Fertility White TARA that WOFS makes – she is very powerful for providing a child to parents. Invite her and offer her a small glass of milk daily, chanting Tara’s mantra. You can even specify whether you would like a girl or boy child.