Clapping Therapy


1. Clap your space to clarify and purify. This is what you do each time you walk round reciting mantras, speaking out your affirmations and giving voice to all the victory songs you sing.

2. Clap at every change of time period to dispel all past bad luck regrets and heartaches. Clapping dispels all negativities and leaves you with a new space and a new canvas on which to create new experiences.

3. Clap when you use powerful mantras and sutras to transform the spiritual droplets of celestial energy that surround your space. Clapping enhances the power of your recitations and your chanting, and this is why we always see monks clapping their hands at the pauses of their prayer recitations.

When you’re happy and you know it, Clap your hands!

4. Clapping makes everything better. Clapping celebrates all the good things in your life and especially when victory comes your way. This is the surest way to let your happiness come out hence sharing your joyousness.

5. Clap when you get a promotion, when you win, when you get good grades, when you love something you just heard at a concert, at a competition. Clapping is a sign of victory!

6. Anytime you want to celebrate you clap. This is such a powerful way to let your feelings of triumph come out of you – to give strength and energy to all your positive feelings.

7. Clapping is associated with feeling great, feeling triumphant. It is associated with happiness feelings. This is your body’s instinctive way of celebrating. The Chinese experts of acupressure believe that the body has 340 known pressure points, and 28 of these are in our hands, so when you join your palms together, you are activating these points on your fingers. Wow, the tingling!


8. The Indian experts on Ayurveda say the same thing! You can “feel” these pressure points on your hands and indeed when you massage your palms, you can actually feel them thanking you for the sensations of bliss created.

9. Clapping brings immediate relief from pain, tension and stress. Indeed, simply pressing your fingertips together can bring instant feelings of relief, so each time you feel any pain or stress, just go out of the room and clap away! Feel all the tension drain away! This is clapping therapy at work.

10. Clapping can also heal simply because the points on your palms are directly connected to all the different parts of the human brain as well as the different organs of the body. The clapping sensation stimulates these pressure points anytime, anywhere! Knowing the power of the clap is a powerful realization, because now everyone can give themselves relief from pain, suffering, tension, nervousness and stress so easily. Just press the tips of the fingers, massage them or simply clap and you will instantly feel better! The relief is instant!


  • Use coconut oil or baby oil or a mix of both oils to massage your palms each night – this allows the oils to get absorbed by the body. Clap a few times to let the oils go in deep. This method of soothing your body through hand therapy is best done just before going to bed each night.
  • Try this Chi Kung exercise once a day. It is an excellent way to stay healthy. Clap your hands above your head and then your hips. Do this 36 times. Each time your hands clap, bend your knees and then bring arms down to hit your sides, then up again. This therapy is a cure-all for all aches and pains. Try it! Clapping like this each morning keeps you fit and active. It stimulates blood circulation and removes all obstructions in the veins and arteries.