What Do Your Colors Say About You?

Colors are all about energies. And the way you pick and choose your colors can tell a whole lot more about your frame of mind and secret desires than you could ever have guessed. Learn how colors work and use this exercise to help you unlock your hidden potential, whether in love, work or with family & friends.

HERE’S HOW IT WORKS: Think of what is most important to you in your life at the moment. Look at the color chart below. Choose the color that grabs you first by just clicking on the color grid. Read on and match your choice to the closest color in our list to see what it reveals about you! Just click to the color.

Loosen up. Relax. Remember. Color is about energy, and energy is continuously changing and evolving. as your frame of mind and life situation changes, this exercise will give different results.

Sassy Yellow

You’re feeling playful and good-humored. You want to be thought of as exciting’ and interesting. You basically want people to look up to you and wish they were you. You are charming and like mental stimulation. Your confidence is sometimes so overpowering that others can be swept away by your gusto. Don’t let such people be a dampener on your bubbling personality right now. This is not the time to hold back and forgo your hopes and aspirations. If you find a couple of wet blankets are spoiling your fun, laugh it off and ignore them. ‘ They’re just being jealous. Wear bright yellows and playful pinks to keep on the right track.

Sunshine Yellow

You are bubbly and spirited and always up for new challenges. You’re an exciting seductress so you’re never short of suitors. You are also great with members of your own sex, so you are often surrounded by friends, or people who want to be your friend. While all the attention is good for the ego, that ego of yours is oft times more fragile than it looks. Spend some time nurturing your sensitive and compassionate side. Wear reds to help you achieve this.


You may be feeling at this moment in time that whatever you do, something comes along to ‘burst your bubble’, with no chance of fulfilling your hopes and dreams. But you are wrong. You must consciously make the effort, because inside, you have the intrinsic qualities you need to succeed. You know where you want to go and how to get there, but you are lacking in confidence. Give yourself a boost by wearing bright sunshine yellows and chili reds to up your poise and self-belief.

Screaming Orange

You are restless and fidgety and your mind is lacking the calm it usually has. You are constantly striving to achieve what you think are other people’s expectations of you, but you may be nearing breaking point, where you want to say ‘Shove It’ and ‘Leave Me Alone’. You need to loosen up and take it easy. Quit hanging out with friends who criticize or put you down, you, don’t need them in your life right now. Instead, look for company who will accept you for who you are. Or take time out to be with yourself. You are self-sufficient and don’t need the aggravation. Wear sky blues and light greens to help you here.

Bright Red

You’re strong and passionate about the causes you take up, sometimes fanatical, but only for that moment. You are perpetually on the lookout for newer, more exciting things. You are known for sudden changes in opinion or behavior. Sticking by the rules is sometimes difficult for you. And your impatience and intense emotions sometimes get the better of you. If you are feeling explosive over a situation, remember, you never put out fires with fires. Wear blues and earth colors to rebalance your fire and control yourself before it becomes an inferno.

Sultry Red

You’re feeling flirty with a sense of fun, and maybe even some of the kinky kind. You know you are desirable right now and you love to flaunt it. This is a great time to take full advantage of your vivacious and sociable persona, so go out and meet people. Accept invitations to all the greatest parties, or throw one yourself! If you’re on the look out for a love interest, keep an open mind. The right one might not appear to be the one on first impressions. But wear yellows to guard from making yourself vulnerable.


You’re feeling somewhat serious about life right now. Finances are probably on your mind, or a new business or career decision. In order to make the right choices, you need to believe in your position and yourself. You’ll need honesty and strength of character to see you through. If you are involved in some conflict, you have to decide if the battle is really worth the fight. Will the outcome be important? If so, be bold. If not, let go and move on. This is a time when wearing greens will help you.

Sky Blue

You crave a tranquil environment and will usually concede in an argument just to keep the peace. You bond closely with your true friends, but it takes some doing to get into your circle of trust. You have a sensitive and kind nature, but what you F think of as your weakness is ‘experience’. Whether in love, work or on the social circuit, don’t let what this perceived inexperience get in the way. None of us have experienced everything and the sooner you realize that, the faster you’re on your way to achieving all your dreams. To boost your self-confidence, wear vibrant greens or suave blacks.


Others see you as a person who is laid back. You have plenty of dreams and desires, but often prefer the comfort and security of the familiar to the risks and dangers of the unknown. You are generally calm, but there may be underlying stress at not having realized your true aspirations. Don’t hold yourself back. Let go of whatever fears you may have, because you have it in you to become someone really great. To unleash this inner strength, wear reds and adorn yourself with precious metals.

Navy Blue

You are at a time in your life when you want to take charge and be in control. You are a natural born leader and what you want to achieve, you can. A lot of what is on your mind right now is advancement in either your career or in school/college. This is not the time to let other distractions get in the way, because you have it in you to see yourself through what you want to get. This is a time to wear navy blues and whites.

Smoky Violet

Although you don’t always like to think so, you are a romantic at heart. In relationships, you tend to look for the fairytale more than living the reality. Because you are so wrapped up in your fantasies, you often look back and focus on missed opportunities long after they have gone, instead of looking to the future. You need to see that living can be more fulfilling than dreaming, because when one by one your perfect dreams don’t come true, you will feel a little bit more lost and defeated each time. Wear oranges and reds to give yourself a reality jerk.

Deep Purple

You are a demanding personality, but at the same time, a totally magnetic one. You always make an impression on people because they admire you for your poise and self-assuredness. You have excellent leadership qualities, and because everyone else knows this too, you get emotionally drained from people expecting too much of you. You expect your peers to match you in stamina, verve and resilience. This goes for friends in and out of the bedroom. You may have to soften up if you want people to get close to you. Wear some lilacs, pinks and softer hues.

Lime Green

You are full of vibrant, youthful energy and are always looking to have a good time. You are a playful personality who is trusting of most people, with a view that the entire world is good. But your carefree attitude may result in you finding it difficult to settle down into a stable family life. It is not that you are disloyal to your partner, but your jovial and buoyant attitude might lead him/her to think that you are. If you need some stability in your life, wear some maroon or reds and see it work for you.

Intense Jade

You are very ambitious and part of this makes you seek recognition and respect. Most times you know you are the best, but aren’t convinced that everybody else thinks so. And this is an issue for you. You must learn to lighten up and realize that sometimes people aren’t judging you the way you think. On the conscious level, you may be reasonably ‘happy’. But on the sub-conscious level, you set standards that are so high they are often impractical. You shouldn’t agonize over under-achieving these sky-high goals that you set yourself. Wear blues to boost your unconscious mind and strength of character.