Aunt Agga Issue #143


Q What does it mean when one dreams of one’s spouse holding 3 white mice?

A Mice or rats are usually associated with making a living, career rise or business opportunity. Your dream could be a premonition that is telling you that your husband may soon receive three job offers or business opportunities. But it does not reveal how good they will be, or what your husband is likely to choose. Still, it’s nice to know that one has choices! Especially when it comes to finances! Best wishes for the new year!


Q I am new to Feng shui but I just read that a black roof is inauspicious. I’ve just installed a new roof and unfortunately it is black! What is the cure I can use to counter this negative feature?

A In feng shui, the colour black symbolises the element of water. When you have water on top of your house, it is considered very inauspicious because it signifies “water at the top of a mountain”, which brings danger and downfall. Symbolically, when one has water above one’s head, one is deemed to have “drowned”. There is no “cure” as such. The easiest and only solution you may consider doing now is to repaint the roof red. Red is the best colour for the roof. Avoid blue, green or yellow.


Q I dreamt that my husband and I came into diamonds, and paid off our debt with them. I also dreamt that I was walking and saw a baby elephant, and then later in the dream, the elephant was in a tree. I was eating a green apple at the time and offered it to the elephant. Are these good signs?


A What an auspicious dream, and everything you have dreamt has good meaning. Coming into diamonds and paying off your debt! That is indeed a sign that you are going to be financially stable and free of money worries soon. Encountering an elephant, and later seeing it on top of a wish fulfilling tree and then making an offering to it means that you’re soon going to meet a powerful mentor that will elevate your family’s rank and status. The Elephant symbolises nobility and power; hence it is likely your family may be conferred some kind of national honour or given a promotion. Your family may even enter politics! In the old days, dreaming of a white elephant usually signifies that one is about to become a King, or meet a King and become noble. All these are auspicious signs. Good Luck!


Q My mother (who is 89 years old, sick and about to leave us) has expressed her wish to be cremated on the same day as her death. What are the rules around this and what should we do with her ashes? Should we throw it into the ocean or place it in a columbarium? Columbarium spaces are limited and expensive here in Hong Kong, so if we can scatter her ashes it would be our preferred method.

A Both the columbarium and ash-scattering method are good choices and it’s up to you. You should let your mother pass away at home, and not at the hospital bed; so bring her home. Once you suspect she has passed away, it’s best not to touch her body at all for the first few hours until you can see fluids coming out of her nose. This is to ensure that her consciousness has completely left her body… as touching it anywhere other than the crown may disrupt the safe passage of her consciousness traveling to pure realms. Sometimes even when a person is no longer breathing or there is no heartbeat, the consciousness may still reside in the body, although this is rare. Once you are sure she has passed on, you can cremate the body. Her ashes can be scattered in the ocean, placed in tranquil places (like sacred forests, etc) or placed in a columbarium. If you know how to do it, make tsa tsa stupas using her ashes and have a Buddhist priest bless them. You can then place these stupas near Buddhist sacred temples and pilgrimage sites. I do not recommend keeping her ashes at home or placing her ashes (or tsa tsa stupas) on your altar. From the day of passing, you should do daily prayers for the deceased for 49 days.