Lucky Colors to Wear in the Year of the Wood Dragon 2024

The Paht Chee chart of 2024 indicates another year when the five elements; Earth, Metal, Water, Wood and Fire, are out of balance. There is an EXCESS of EARTH while WATER is completely MISSING from the chart. To correct the unbalanced year and attract good fortune, we need to incorporate the right elements into our lives, and one of the easiest ways to do this is by wearing the right colors. Each element is represented by a group of colours that can be used to either strengthen that particular element or tame the excessiveness of another.

Add these lucky colors to your wardrobe in 2024 to boost your good fortune.



The colors blue and black represent flowing water so they always bring wealth and money luck. In 2024, the Water element in the Paht Chee chart also stands for Wealth, and because it is missing from this year’s chart, wearing shades of blue or black will help to strengthen wealth luck, improve profits and bring better balance to your life. If you are in sales, marketing, events management or any kind of work that pays a commission on revenue, adding a touch of blue or black to your outfit will help you achieve your goals more easily.


White, gold and silver represent the Metal element, which in 2024 stands for wisdom and intelligence. If you find yourself needing a boost in creativity or are stuck solving a problem, wear these colors to calm your mind of unnecessary noise, to help your thoughts flow more smoothly and to make better decisions. These are excellent colors for when you need to think on your feet, such as at interviews or at important meetings and presentations. Gold or silver jewellery also enhances the Metal element, even better if the jewellery comes in the form of auspicious symbols or sacred syllables.


Reds, including maroons, purples and oranges are colors of the Fire element, which influences resource luck, support and authority in 2024. Fire is also the element that is strongly associated with the Period of 9 so wearing these colors brings fame, power, influence and transformation as well. Take your career or business to the next level by adorning yourself with lucky accessories from our Red Collection.


All shades of Green represent Wood energy and wearing this color in 2024 enhances recognition luck. This brings out your talents and draws attention to your capabilities. Because 2024 lacks a Lap Chun, wearing green also energises growth luck. Add green accents to your wardrobe by wearing jade, emerald or any other green-colored stones.


Wearing yellow in 2024, the color representing Earth, attracts good allies and improves networking luck. This helps you win people over and gain support whenever you need it. If you are in any kind of industry that requires networking or frequent interaction with others, wearing yellow will smoothen things for you, but don’t go overboard. There is an excess of Earth in the year’s Paht Chee chart and wearing too much of this color attracts jealousy and malicious gossip. Wear it sparingly as jewellery or combine it with some Water element colors like blue and black to temper its effects.