The Flying Star Chart of 2023

The most important part of the year lies in updating the Feng Shui of your home. This is usually done after December 21st when the transition from the previous year’s energy begins to change to that of the coming year. The change begins with both the Tai Sui and 3 Killings taking effect from December 21st 2022, and the annual flying stars taking effect from February 4th 2023.

2023 is the last year of Period of 8 before we change to Period of 9 in February of 2024. Although Period 9 has not yet started, there is always a transition period where the energies of the annual stars transform, and this is why the Feng Shui for 2023 is particularly important. We need to take into account and prepare for the changeover to the new period.

For 2023, the dominant star is #4 and so it will have the highest influence in every home. As such, there is a need to make the most of this star since the lucky effects of the 4 is slowing changing as we move to Period 9. Strengthening the effect of this star in every home is extremely important.


Dominant Star #4 moves to the Center

The Green Star #4 governs relationships, romance, and love. It also brings the luck of networking, strong alliances and powerful benefactors. When it is in the center, it suggests improvements in all relationships, and suggests that working together rather than in competition with one another will bring superior results.

An excellent energizer for this star is the Cardinal Connectivity Activator. Place this enhancer in the center of your office positioned so that the Rat faces North, the Horse faces South, the Rabbit faces East and the Rooster faces West. The object of this enhancer in the office is to ensure that all employees will work together as collective unit and to remove all gossips and backstabbing. Placed in the home, this enhancer serves unites all family members in harmony, and also improves relations between all members of the household with outsiders.

When located in the center, this #4 star also brings romance luck, and so you should place your Peach Blossom Animal on your bedside table if marriage is what you seek.

If you are born in year of Your Peach Blossom Animal
If you are born in year of: Tiger, Horse and Dog Your Peach Blossom Animal: Rabbit
If you are born in year of: Ox, Snake and Rooster Your Peach Blossom Animal: Horse
If you are born in year of: Rabbit, Sheep and Boar Your Peach Blossom Animal: Rat
If you are born in year of: Rat, Dragon and Monkey Your Peach Blossom Animal: Rooster

The #4 also brings scholastic luck which benefits all students and young people. This star is believed to help broaden your mind, enhance your creativity and improve your judgment and reasoning. To help pass exams and for gaining scholarships, there is no better enhancer than to place the Brush with 3 Peaks on one’s work desk or in the center of the home.

Star of Future Prosperity #9 in the North

The #9 star is fast becoming the luckiest star as we grow closer to Period 9. This star brings success, promotions, marriages, new partnerships, fame, fortune and celebrations of all kinds. It also enhances whatever energies happen to be present. In months when lucky flying stars arrive in the North, the #9 here will make such stars luckier. But the same is true when afflicted stars arrive; the bad luck then gets equally enhanced. This also applies to stars of the 24 mountains, and in 2023, we have the Star of the General as well as two Big Auspicious stars.

Activate the #9 with the Red Arowana as well as the 9 Rank Badge Plaque in the North corner. If your house or bedroom is located in the North, placing these enhancers will ensure long-term success and bring fulfillment to your home. The Rat-born should also carry the Big Auspicious Amulet.

Victory Star #1 in the Southwest

The Victory Star #1 gets stronger and we move towards Period 9 and activating this star brings winning energies and promising new opportunities. More than that, it brings the vision and ambition to be able to capture those opportunities. In 2023, this star is in the Southwest and benefits the Matriarch, the Sheep and the Monkey. This star also benefits anyone who have bedrooms located in the Southwest, or whose house faces Southwest.

Place the Joyous Windhorse in the Southwest to activate, and, if you are Sheep or Monkey, you should carry the Windhorse Amulet. Another excellent enhancer is to display the Magnificent Kuan Kung with 5 Flags in your office. This invokes the protective abilities of the God of War and helps your company succeed in new projects.

To help strengthen your career, you can also place the Wish Granting Ru Yi on your work desk or in the Southwest corner.

Prosperity Star #8 in the South

For activating for wealth luck that occurs quickly, the Prosperity Star is located in the South in 2023. As this is a fortunate Earth star flying into a Fire corner, and so the energy of this star becomes greater. It benefits the Horse-born, South-facing homes and those who activate this star within their homes.

We recommend that you place the Wealth Bull on your work desk. Its wealth Yantra and Prosperity Amulet help manifest the kind of good luck that increases money coming into your life. For those who run their own business, you can display the Pak Choy in the South to increase sales. You can also invite in the presence of the Choy San, the Taoist God of Wealth, and position him facing the entrance to your home, office, or in the South corner. Another excellent energizer for those who are in sales or marketing is to enhance the #8 with the 100 Birds Painting or with the pair of Rising Phoenix & Protection Peacock.

Heavenly Star #6 in the West

The Heavenly Star 6 brings celestial blessing, windfalls, and the luck of mentors and benefactors to the Rooster-born, as well as to homes that face West. The kind of luck that it brings is never obvious, but it improves networking, strengthens alliances and attracts people who are able to help you. Since we are in the last year before we arrive at the Period of 9, the energy of this star is waning, so you should enhance this star by placing the Rising Golden Dragon here.

Another useful enhancer is the Jade Emperor Windchime. Because the 3 Killings is located in the West as well, it is very important that you place the 3 Celestials Mirror here; otherwise you will not be able to fully utilize the luck this star brings.


Illness star #2 in the East

In 2023, the Illness Star #2 has flown into the East, the home of the Rabbit. This means that if you are born in the year of the Rabbit, or if your bedroom is located in the East corner, or if your home faces East, you will need to place strong remedies to protect your health and that of your family. The primary cure for this star is the Wu Luo, so you should display this in the East. This effective Wu Luo is filled with powerful health-giving mantras to further enhance its efficacy.

Unfortunately, the East also plays host to the Facing 3 Killings Star and so you must display the 3 Celestials Mirror. Another powerful antidote against the #2 star is the Great Magic Tortoise. Engraved on its shell are many auspicious symbols of good health and long life. You can also place this tortoise in the East corner.

You can also call on the help of the Buddhas – Medicine Buddha for good health, and White Tara for long life. Chant their mantras for better effectiveness:-

Mantra of the Medicine Buddha

“Tadyatha Om Bhekhandzye Bhekhandzye,
Maha Bhekhandzye Radza Samudgate Soha” (21x)

Mantra of the White Tara

“Om Tare Tuttare Mama Ayur Punye Jnana Pushtim Kuru Ye Soha”

Quarrelsome Star #3 in the Southeast

The #3 star brings arguments, conflict and quarrels, and in worst case scenarios, it can lead to lawsuits, court cases and even jail time. People find fault or argue with you for the smallest reasons and petty differences gets blown out of proportion, and trusted and enduring friendships can break down. In this respect, the harm that this star causes is very much mental and emotional, but the ensuing results can be real with lasting consequences.

As we move closer to Period 9, this star becomes more dangerous and more powerful. The #3 being a Wood star is further strengthened as it also flies into the Southeast, which is also a Wood sector, and so the Dragon and Snake, and homes with main doors or bedrooms located in the Southeast, need powerful remedies.

We recommend using the Red Prosperity Elephant with Anti-Conflict Amulet. This remedy is a combination of both wealth enhancer as well as a harmonizer, so that in 2023, disagreements involving money will be solved. Another good remedy is the Happy Marriage Comb. This should also be placed in the Southeast of the home or bedroom, especially if husband and wife are arguing. Another good remedy is the Trinity of Apples. This comes in Red, Gold and Green and features the Anti-Conflict, Anti-Gossip & Anti-Lawsuit Amulets, so as to prevent small misunderstandings from flaring up and out of control.

Remove ALL windchimes, bells, stereos, TVs, grandfather clocks and musical instruments from the Southeast rooms of your house.

5 Yellow in the Northwest

The Northwest this year is occupied by the Five Yellow, a misfortune star that brings all kinds of bad luck. Its location in the Northwest means that it afflicts those born in years of the Boar and Dog, as well as the Patriarch. If your house faces Northwest, or if your bedroom is located in the Northwest, then all living in your home will be afflicted by this star.

Display the Heart Sutra Pagoda in the Northwest and carry the Heart Sutra Pagoda Amulet if you are born in the year of the Boar or Dog.

Do not do any renovation, drilling or breaking of any walls in the Northwest, and keep this part of your home as quiet as possible to avoid further energizing this vile star.

Robbery Star #7 in the Northeast

The #7 Loss Star, also known as the “Star of the Broken Soldier”, flies to the Northeast and afflicts the youngest son, as well as the Ox and Tiger-born. As we come closer to Period 9, this star’s negative effects become stronger. This Metal star flying into an Earth sector further amplifies its unpleasant effects, bringing dangers associated with robbery, rebellion, violence, betrayal and accidents. It involves monetary loss of some kind. When it is strong, it becomes even more dangerous.

In 2023 this can also indicate financial losses as a result of inexperience and lack of knowledge by those of the younger generation. Extra strong remedies are therefore needed to control this star.

If your home or front doors is facing Northeast or located in the Northeast, you will need to display the Royal Elephant & Cosmic Rhino or the Anti-Burglary Plaque here.

If you are a Tiger or Ox, you must carry the Royal Elephant & Cosmic Rhino Amulet.

3 Killings in the West

The Three Killings is located 90 degrees in the West and brings three types of misfortune if allowed to actualize. It causes loss of wealth, loss of reputation and loss of a loved one – thus it MUST be remedied. Additionally, you must make sure never to have your back to the Three Killings, so in 2023 DO NOT sit facing EAST. The best cure for the Three Killings is the 3 Celestial Mirror featuring the Pi Yao, the Fu Dog and the Chi Lin.

Those born in years of the Rabbit and Rooster are directly affected by the Three Killings. Other signs affected are the Monkey, Dog, Tiger and Dragon. We suggest they carry the 3 Celestial Mirror Amulet with them at all times.

Tai Sui in the East

The Tai Sui moves to the house of the Rabbit in the East, so you should place the 2023 Tai Sui Amulet Plaque in this part of the home and office. Those born in years of the Rabbit, Horse, Rooster and Rat must carry the 2023 Tai Sui Amulet.

While gaining his support is invaluable, there is great danger when incurring his wrath. This happens when you CONFRONT the Tai Sui, or perform any drilling, knocking or renovations in his sector. So this year you MUST NOT face the East, and you must not start or end renovations in the East corner.
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