Mitigating the Five Yellow Affliction

The Five Yellow is also known as Wu Wang in Chinese. In feng shui circles, this is considered a very harmful affliction that can cause extreme damage to a family or company directly hit by it. The Five Yellow is an EARTH element affliction, which can bring severe illness, financial loss, and multiple obstacles to success. It also causes hostility and conflict of all kinds.

The Five Yellow is basically ANNUAL Flying Star #5, but also comes in the form of MONTHLY Flying Stars. When the #5 of the year, month, day and hour all line up is when a sector becomes so unlucky that something really catastrophic can happen. To guard against this happening, it is always prudent to have the 5 Element Pagoda in the place of the annual Five Yellow.

As we move towards the period of 9 in 2024, the Five Yellow becomes more unlucky. It becomes more important to place a powerful remedy against this affliction. In 2023 the 5 Yellow flies to the Northwest – where both the Boar and Dog reside. Place the Emerald Green Pagoda in the Northwest. This pagoda is painted green to introduce added wood chi to further control the 5 Yellow.

Meanwhile, note that the annual and monthly Five Yellow change location every year and every month respectively, and wherever it resides, you must avoid doing any of the following:

  • Digging the ground. Doing so will cause you to get ill instantly.
  • Cutting down trees. Doing so would activate the affliction and you are likely to get sick, have an accident, or your business could suffer a sudden and severe setback.
  • Disturbing that part of the land or house in any way, either with excessive noise, bright lights or activity.
  • Renovating that part of the house. This involves banging and digging which is definitely not advisable! If you need to do renovations to parts of the house that have the Five Yellow, then make sure you do not START or END the renovation in this sector.

Wherever the Five Yellow occurs, try to keep the lights dimmed. This is because the Fire chi emanating from bright lights strengthens the 5 Yellow’s Earth energy.


If you have spotlights in the sector of the house where there is the Five Yellow, for instance, this signifies Fire chi strengthening the Five Yellow, making it more deadly.

When the Wu Wang occupies the sector of the house where the main door is, it becomes dangerous, irrespective of which compass sector it is in. This is mainly because each act of opening and closing the door, or any kind of activity in the place of the Wu Wang, will activate its bad vibrations, thereby causing misfortune. If it occupies your bedroom, it is activated by your presence so if you can, it is a good idea to sleep in another bedroom. Otherwise, you will really need the remedy for the Five Yellow.


The BEST CURE against the 5 Yellow in 2023 is the EMERALD PAGODA. Place a large-sized one in the Northwest before Feb 3rd, and place the mini Emerald Pagoda in sectors that get afflicted through the year by the monthly 5 Yellow. If your living space is especially big, you can strengthen the efficacy of the cure by placing two or three 5 Element Pagodas.

Note that because the 5 Yellow has landed in the Northwest in 2023, this affliction particularly afflicts the Dog and the Boar. Both these animal signs should carry the Emerald Pagoda with Om Ah Hum Amulet.