Feng Shui 2023: The 24 Mountains Stars

Together with the Flying Star chart, the arrangement of the 24 Mountains stars is another important source to look at when analyzing one’s luck profile for the year. The stars that form this chart change on an annual basis and have a strong bearing on the luck of the 12 animal signs. They also influence the luck of each home, depending on the orientation, and can affect you if you spend a lot of time in the affected sectors, which is why these stars must be considered when creating a conducive environment for good fortune to manifest.

The chart of 2023 shows all the auspicious stars congregating on the East side, while the West side plays host to all the dangerous ones. One can boost good fortune luck by activating the auspicious stars, but must also keep bad luck at bay by placing appropriate remedies in sectors which are afflicted.



Big and Small Auspicious Stars bring the luck of windfalls, abundance, good news, prosperity and success. Tapping into their energies invites victories into one’s life, and the more of them you harness, the more good fortune luck you can actualize for yourself.

In 2023, there are 7 of them; in N1, N3, NE2, SE1, SE2, SE3 and S1. Place the Three Lions on Drums in these sectors to activate.


Two Heaven Seal Stars bring powerful celestial energies to the Northeast 1 and Northeast 3. These manifest blessings from heaven, as well as Mentor (or “Gui Ren”) luck. They ensure help is never out of reach, they increase the chance of windfall gains, and overall, they make one’s goals much easier to achieve. Energize these stars with the Golden Dragon Holding a Pearl or Ngan Chee Happy Buddha where they appear.


In 2023, the Tai Sui of the year resides in East 2. Having the support of the Tai Sui makes a big difference in one’s fortunes, so it is extremely important to keep him on your side. Pay homage to him by displaying the Tai Sui Plaque 2023 in the East of your home and office, and carrying the Tai Sui Amulet. As one should never challenge the Tai Sui, seating arrangements in dining and living areas should not face East this year. Also avoid renovations such as digging, drilling or hacking in the East this year.


The General Star makes an appearance this year in North 1. This star’s auspicious energies imbues one with the wisdom to make wise decisions, the ability to influence those under one’s care, and the resilience to push through and to keep going during times of challenge. For those in leadership roles, this is an excellent star to activate for growth and advancement. Harness it all year round with the Magnificent Kwan Kung with 5 Flags.



The Three Killings is a star we keep an eye on every year, and in 2023, it flies into the West. When one is afflicted with the Three Killings, there can be huge reversals of fortune because the kind of bad luck it brings is three-pronged, encompassing loss of wealth, loss of loved ones, and loss of reputation. Place the Three Celestials Mirror in the West to nullify. Because we must never have the Three Killings coming from behind us, be mindful not to sit facing East this year.


South 3 is afflicted by the Yearly Conflict Star, which causes disharmony, misunderstandings and a breakdown in relationships. Deflect this star’s negative projections by placing the Red Prosperity Elephant with Anti-Conflict Amulet here.


The Wu Duo Star adds stress and brings relationship woes, especially between husbands and wives whose houses face South or whose bedrooms are located South. Display the Marriage Comb to maintain harmony in the home and to keep your marriage strong.


The Yi Duo Star, like the Expansion Star #9, has the ability to magnify the energies of the stars around it. Lucky stars become luckier while unlucky ones become even more so. The 2023 charts show the Yi Duo Star sharing the Southwest with the Yin House and Robbery Star. These two afflictions will thus require strong remedies to bring them under control. The silver lining to this is that the SW also plays host to the #1 Victory Star. Display the trusty steed of King Gesar, the Joyous Windhorse here to increase the likelihood of triumph and success. Especially suitable for those who foresee a highly competitive year ahead.


In Southwest 2, we have the potent Yin House Star. This star drains a space of yang energy, which can lead to spiritual disturbances and cause mental turmoil. Because the SW supports the Matriarch, continuously refreshing the Yang energy in this sector is vital to protecting the luck of the Mother, and keeping her strong. Display the Yang Energy Plaque with Phoenix here to remedy.


Southwest 3 meanwhile plays host to the Robbery Star, which brings danger of robberies and theft. Prevent money and asset loss by placing the Royal Elephant and Cosmic Rhinoceros in this sector and carrying the portable version when out and about.


The Natural Disaster Star takes up residence in West 2. This brings the threat of natural calamities like earthquakes, floods and forest fires, and is often associated with loss of assets and life. Display the Ksitigarbha Plaque in this sector for protection.


The Yearly Killings star channels strong yin energies and creates conflict in one’s relationships. In 2023, it makes its way to Northwest 1, which does not bode well for the luck of the Patriarch. When the luck of the Patriarch is afflicted, the luck of all family members follow suit. Keep its dangerous energies at bay by harnessing the protective qualities of the Sky Porcupine.

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