Paht Chee Forecast for 2023 – Year of the Water Rabbit


The Paht Chee chart for 2023 has ample growth energy as the year begins before February 4th. This provides the year with a “Lap Chun” or the beginning of Spring. The chart has both Yin and Yang elements, indicating that there will be less impulsiveness and improved stability when compared to the previous year.

Nevertheless, not all elements are present. Metal is missing, indicating that the year has the propensity to lack resources, which in some months can result in lost opportunities. Missing Metal also indicates a lack of real authority, and this can affect economic and governmental security and stability. It is this lack of unity that brings the worry of instability, suggesting the need to work together as a collective group if real success is to be achieved.

The chart is also devoid of Earth, which points to a lack of strong and wise leadership. Outwardly, leaders may appear to have all the answers, but in reality, it is the administrators that have the real power. Wear auspicious precious stones and metal jewellery to help make up for the missing elements. This is a year when praise and positive reinforcements count for a lot. Use it to improve motivation and collaborative efforts.

Budding entrepreneurs should place the Rising Phoenix in your offices to enhance success and help capture new opportunities. For Senior Managers and Company Directors, displaying the Protection Peacock on the right hand side of your work desk brings attainment luck, respect and honor, and affords protection against evildoers as well.

An excess of Fire and Wood in the chart means that there will be continued worries over money. 2023 is thus a year when having good cash flow is vital. Those with extra cash in the bank will be in a good position to make full use of the opportunities that appear. While Wood indicates creativity and new ideas, the lack of resources could make things difficult to implement. Display the Pak Choy in the home or office to improve cash flow and business growth.

The 2 Snakes in the Day and Hour pillars form an indirect clash with the Tiger in the month pillar. This is a Tai Sui clash which foretells obstacles affecting most people and corporations. It is also an indication that relationships between the younger, current and older generations may not be so harmonious. The younger generation will benefit from displaying the Trio of Lions on Drums. Every home should appease the Tai Sui by placing the 2023 Tai Sui Plaque in the East.

Yin Water in the Heavenly Stem fights with Yin Fire in the Earthly Branch of the day pillar. This brings conflicts between husband and wife, likely over expenditures and money issues. Married couples must place the Happy Marriage Comb in the bedroom to ensure a stable and harmonious year ahead.

In the heavenly stems, Yin Fire in the Hour pillar clashes with Yin Water in both the Day and Year pillars. This brings arguments between children and parents, as well as grandparents, over money and inheritance. Maintain peace and harmony between family members by inviting the Red Prosperity Elephant with Anti-Conflict Amulet into the home.

Fortunately, the self-element of the year, Yin Water, is weak, indicating a willingness by the majority to cooperate for the greater good, so things are unlikely to get out of hand.


There is ample direct wealth brought by the profusion of Fire, meaning that most of the money will come from steady work and doing business rather than speculative gains in crypto, forex or the share market. Those born in Fire years especially, must avoid taking financial risks next year, as your wealth energy is extremely weak. Pay extra attention to your budget and do not overstretch your investments. Place the Joyous Windhorse on your work desk together with the Manjushri Buddha Plaque to improve wisdom and to help you make the right decisions.


We are blessed with 5 positive stars next year, which can be activated with the Annual Amulet 2023 with 5 Stars.

  1. The Warrior Star brings the resilience one needs to complete what one starts.There may be public outcries against injustices,but its presence in the Paht Chee chart indicates that this will result in changes for the better. If you are an activist, carry the Nobleman Star Talisman to ensure you always have support from the right people
  2. The Good Fortune Star has the ability to bring you wealth of the non-monetary kind – contentment, improved health, fulfillment and the ability to enjoy your money.
  3. The Prosperity Star helps to remove problems related to insufficient This can be further energized with the Wealth Bull, which comes with both the Wealth Yantra as well as the Prosperity Amulet.
  4. The Scholastic Star indicates a year propelled by new discoveries in science,medicine and technology. Those who wish to be at the forefront of it all can increase their chances with the “As You Wish” Ru Yi. The presence of this star also bodes well for young people pursuing their studies. Place the Brush with View of 3 Mountain Peaks on your desk to boost study luck.
  5. The Mountain Marriage Star indicates increased sensitivity between husband and wife, and so there is a need to strengthen your marriage. Make the extra effort to do nice things for each other. Be more patient and improve how you communicate, as these will go a long way towards enhancing marriage happiness.

2023 is a year when the practice of getting your timing right with the Lunar Mansions is extremely helpful. Being at the right place at the right time is the key towards attaining wealth and success. Refer to the lunar mansions section on page 8 in our 2023 Feng Shui Diary to help select suitable dates for your activities.

We have introduced four more Sky Animals from the Lunar Mansions to assist in the challenges of the coming year:

  1. The Sky Porcupine helps actualize money in the form of profits, windfalls,improved business and commercial success. This is an excellent protector against financial loss during difficult months.
  2. The Sky Rabbit boosts romance and love luck. It also improves relationships by enhancing one’s diplomatic and negotiation skills.
  3. The Sky Dog brings harmony and smooth relationships. It helps you gain support from powerful friends who are able to make a real and effective difference in your life.
  4. The Cosmic Raven attracts opportunities, as well as material wealth. It improves wisdom to make the right decisions at the right time. This is the bird of communication and adaptability.

The Year of the Water Rabbit has many good things in store, but it will not be a walk in the park. To come out on top, it is not enough just to leverage your good fortune energies while remedying the bad. You will need to make the bulk of your moves at the right time as well.

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