The Concept of Yin and Yang

All the energies of the earth, which can be regarded as synonymous with the breath of the dragon, the sheng chi, are said to be either Yin or Yang in nature.

concept-of-yin-and-yang-01All the elements of the earth too are said to have either a Yin essence or a Yang essence. The cosmology of these two opposing yet complementary forces is the conceptual way the Chinese view the universe. Yin and yang have their own attributes and their own magnetic fields of energy. They are diametrically different but they are nevertheless mutually dependent. Each gives existence to the other. One cannot exist without the other.

Thus, when feng shui speaks of balance, what is referred to is the tenuous presence of both types of energy in optimum quantities, relative to each other.

Feng shui does advocate more yang in dwellings of the living and more yin in dwellings of the dead. This means that in our homes and workplaces, there should be lots more yang than yin. However, there should never be so much yang that yin completely disappears. Without yin there can be no yang.

When there is balance between the yin and yang, the wholeness of the universe is represented. There is good balance which then brings prosperity, health, well-being and happiness.


Feng shui practice always include a yin-yang analysis of room space, land configurations, sunlight and shade, dampness and dryness, bright and pale colours, and solids and fluids. Rooms that are too yin are not auspicious. There are insufficient life energies to bring prosperity. Rooms that are too yang are said to be damaging because there is too much energy, causing accidents and huge losses.

Only rooms and homes with balanced yin and yang can be auspicious, and will be made even more auspicious if there is a good balance of yin and yang outside.



How to create yin and yang in your living space

yy_chartIn your garden, if the land is completely flat it would be considered too yin and you can redress the balance by introducing boulders and plants. Perspectives that have too much exposure to sunlight could be too yang. Plants here will create shade. A water feature also introduces yang energies to create good balance. Garden lights meanwhile can introduce yang energy at night.

Inside the home, the balance between yin and yang influences the flow of energy. When there is a severe imbalance, especially when the space is too yin, the feng shui of the house suffers and bring sickness. Feng shui for houses of the living always benefit from the presence of light, sound, activity and growth energy.

Dogs and cats or even an aquarium with bubbling water attracts precious yang energy. To counter excess yang energy, you can add dark colours, dim the lights or use curtains to block out too much sunlight.

Changes in the seasons also affect yin and yang balance in the home, so be alert. When it is cold, foggy and rainy, the skies are dominated by yin energies; in such cases, keep your lights and music turned on.

When the sun shines brightly and it is a hot sunny day, concept-of-yin-and-yang-04turn on the fan and air-conditioners. If you live in the tropics, counter periods of hot, dry tropical sunshine with yin and rainy spells with yang.