Take Care of the Feng Shui of Your Main Door

Taking care of the feng shui of your main door is a crucial part of your overall feng shui and there is no better time than right now. It is considered the “mouth of the home” and both good and bad luck can enter through it.  Here are some points to keep in mind:

How does your main door open? 

Front door - open inward
Front door should open inward

Main doors should open inward into a wider space rather than opening into a cramped narrow space.  You should also have an open space (bright hall) outside the main door.



  • If the door opens outward change the position of the hinges so it opens inward.
  • If the foyer is small and tiny, hang a bright light above the door and keep it turned on for at least three hours every day.
  • You can use a mirror to visually enlarge the foyer, but do not hang it directly facing the door. Position it on a side wall instead.

What should my door be made of?

Solid doors are preferable to glass doors.  The main door should always be solid and made of wood or some other strong, lasting material.  Doors that are made of clear or opaque glass suggest fragility and don’t offer protection to the home and family residing there.

Main door should be solid and strong

Is my main door the right size?

The main door should never be too large or too small in proportion to the entire house, and it should be the nicest looking entryway to your home.  A door that is too small does not allow good fortune to enter. The door should be at least high enough for the tallest member of the household to walk through without too much problem.  If the door is too large, it suggests that all good fortune will be lost.


Beware of poison arrows:

There are many different structures that can harm the main door, coming both from the inside and outside.  Stand at your main door and look outside for any of the following: triangle roof line from opposite neighbor, edge of another building, steps leading up or down, lamppost, cemetery, hospital, high rise tower, church steeple.

Now switch your position and stand at the main door looking into the house.  Check for a staircase facing the main door, a pillar, spiral staircase, wall mirror or edge of a wall, a toilet door or kitchen door or a long straight corridor or hallway ahead.

How to enhance your main door?

  • Hang a painting of an auspicious subject (like 100 birds) to enhance the happy energy here.
  • Place good fortune plants on either side of the main door to raise the yang energy and attract good fortune chi.
  • Display a pair of fu dogs flanking either side to protect you from negative harm to your home.
  • Display a good fortune symbol next to your front door to activate good chi energy. You can place three coins tied with a red string under a rug just inside the main door entry area.
  • If you have an altar facing the main door, it is deemed to be auspicious.

Take time today to check your main door and make any necessary changes to correct existing problems.