Always Look After The Feng Shui of Your Front Door

The most important part of your home to attend to in terms of feng shui is your front door. This is the Kou, or mouth of your yang abode. It is where the entire good fortune chi that is meant for your home enters and accumulates.

The front door, or main door of a home, is the door that you most frequently use to get into and out of your house or apartment. It is not a gate that stands outside nor is it any side doors. But, if there is a gate leading to your house, this is also important and should be protected as well.


Try to observe as many of the guidelines listed below. When you have assured yourself that your main door is not being afflicted in any way, you can proceed to study the various ways of energizing that front door to bring you an abundance of success. But your door must not be afflicted. This is because everything you do to energize it simply will not work if it is being hit by bad energies.

Tapping your success direction is probably the best way of making your main door work for you. This method is based on the Eight Mansions formula which in turn is based on your Kua Number. The following is the chart for you to follow.

Kua Number The Best Direction Best Design Of Door Best Colour For Door
Kua Number: 1 Best Direction: Southeast Best Door Design: Rectangular Best Door Colour: Green, Brown
Kua Number: 2 Best Direction: Northeast Best Door Design: Square Best Door Colour: Earth, Ochre
Kua Number: 3 Best Direction: South Best Door Design: Triangular Best Door Colour: Red, Maroon
Kua Number: 4 Best Direction: North Best Door Design: Wavy Best Door Colour: Black, Blue
Kua Number: 5 Best Direction: Northeast (Men), Southwest (Women) Best Door Design: Square Best Door Colour: Earth, Ochre
Kua Number: 6 Best Direction: West Best Door Design: Round Best Door Colour: White
Kua Number: 7 Best Direction: Northwest Best Door Design: Round Best Door Colour: White
Kua Number: 8 Best Direction: Southwest Best Door Design: Square Best Door Colour: Earth, Ochre
Kua Number: 9 Best Direction: East Best Door Design: Rectangular Best Door Colour: Green, Brown

Energizing Your Front Door

If your door faces South, use a bright light shining down towards the front door or place a live money plant at the side of the door to activate the energy. Plants will add strong energy to the area as wood produces fire.


If your door faces North, place a 6 rod-metal windchime in that corner. A windchime will add yang energy to the sector and still balance well with the element of the North.

If your door faces East or Southeast, place a water feature near it. The water should be on the left-hand side of the door as you look out. Make sure the water is flowing inwards towards the house.

If your door faces West or Northwest, place golden rocks near the door. This creates the golden mountain here.

If your door faces Northeast or Southwest, place a chandelier near the main door. The crystals and lights will attract in good fortune chi for the residents.

General Guidelines about Front Doors:

  • Front door should be solid rather than made of glass or see-through plastic.
  • Doors that have two panels are usually preferred to single panel doors. It is fine if the two panels that make up the doors are of unequal size, as long as it is the larger size piece that is opened the most frequently.
  • Poison arrows in the outside environment should never directly hit your main door. Thus, make very sure that your main door doesn’t face a straight road coming directly at it. If the straight road is lower than the door, it is not so harmful but otherwise, hanging a Home Protection Plaque is vital. Similarly, the triangular pointed shape of a neighbour’s house should not hit the main door. Roads and roof lines often cause the most harm to main doors, so do watch out for them.
  • Main doors should face open space. This is known as the bright hall effect and is most auspicious. Houses whose main doors open to playing fields and empty land usually benefit enormously from this feature.
  • Main doors should never face higher land. If the contours of the land slope downward so that it is lower behind the house than in front, the situation is most inauspicious. In such a situation, you should either change the door direction or if this is not possible, hang a fairly sizeable mirror to reflect the mountain in front. In any case, this situation is not good and should be corrected.
  • Any furniture placed outside should never be allowed to block your main door. Always make sure that the way into your home never gets blocked since physical impediments easily translate into blockages in your life, preventing you from enjoying success in any of your endeavours.
  • Any lane or path leading to your main door should be curved and preferably winding. A straight path that leads directly into your home sends slivers of killing energy. Such a path should also not narrow out or in. It is best when the width of the path stays constant. Placing lights on the pathway is auspicious.
  • The main door of your home should not open into a toilet, staircase, straight line of other doors or cramped space. The main door should also not face a wall with a mirror on it; this reflects away any good fortune that may be coming into your home.
  • For the main door to be auspicious, it should have good lighting both inside and outside. When the foyer area in the vicinity of the main door is well lit, it attracts in chi and if the door is located in the South corner, having this light becomes doubly auspicious.
  • The main door should never be located directly under a toilet that is located on the floor above. This is very inauspicious and residents living inside such a home will suffer from ill heath. Success is difficult and there can be no abundance. One way of dealing with this problem is to shine a bright light upwards, but this should only be a temporary solution.