LILLIAN TOO’S EXTRAVAGANZA 2020 Kuala Lumpur: Finding HIDDEN WEALTH in the coming Year of the Metal Rat 2020

If there’s one event to save a Sunday for, it would surely be Lillian Too’s Feng Shui Extravaganza! This event is one that Lillian and WOFS has been hosting since 1997, and on Sunday Dec 1st 2019, she welcomed readers and students, fans and friends from around the world, sharing not just her invaluable insights and feng shui forecast for the year, but also a very special musical surprise!

Lillian Too’s Extravaganza 2020 begins!
With friends and feng shui family from all around the world! So much YANG energy!
Hotel Istana provided an excellent backdrop to welcome in the Year of the Metal Rat 2020, a year which holds a ton of promise in the form of hidden wealth!
Lillian opens the day’s events with an in-depth look at the 2020 Feng Shui Chart.

Joining our friends and followers from Malaysia and Singapore, the audience was also made up of guests from the USA, UK, Russia, Romania, Moldovia, Japan, Philippines, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, New Caledonia, Tahiti, Ukraine, India, Indonesia, Europe and more! Globally fabulous!

The Lillian Too Extravaganza has over the years become as much a catch-up between friends, as an annual benchmark update event. These friends come from diverse cultural and geographical backgrounds, but they all have a passion and interest in the art and science of feng shui, and regularly use the secrets of the Chinese Art of Placement to improve their lives and those of their friends, family and clients. Many of those who fly in specially for the event are Feng Shui experts in their own right.

Lillian opened the event by welcoming all her friends in the audience, some of them very dearest friends. “There are many many countries represented, those who make it a point to come to Kuala Lumpur to share this day with me, they are big names in feng shui in their home countries, or they do amazing things in spreading this wonderful body of knowledge, because that is what feng shui is. To live very harmoniously with nature, and to benefit from the winds and the waters of the world.”

The first session began with Lillian presenting the Feng Shui Chart of 2020.

While the dominant number of the coming year’s chart is 7, a star associated with violence, loss and betrayal, it combines with the animal sign of the year, the Rat, to bring a very special amalgamation that promises fabulous completion luck. The Rat has always been a creature associated with wealth, money and the ability to thrive despite impediments and obstacles, and what this indicates for 2020 is that those with the determination to do so can eke out “hidden gold” and opportunities in a year blessed with a Lap Chun.

The cardinal directions of North, South and East are afflicted, but the secondary directions are lucky – this indicates the cardinal animal signs of Rat, Horse and Rabbit need the necessary cures in place, while the secondary animal signs of Ox, Tiger, Dragon, Snake, Monkey, Sheep, Dog and Boar should look to enhancing the auspicious stars in their sector.

Click here for 2020’s Flying Star forecast.

Before the second session, Lillian revealed a very special treat!

She shared her thoughts on music and mathematics, how they relate to feng shui, and then introduced her 15 year old grandson Jack Yeo Zhu Zhiang, who came on stage to fill the hall with a stirring rendition of the Military Polonaise by Frederic Chopin, followed by Sergei Rachmaninoff’s Prelude in G minor. Both pieces were upbeat, nationalist and fitting anthems to welcome in a brand new 180-year cycle.

Jack holds an LTCL Diploma in Piano Performance and is studying music with a very special lady, Professor Snezana Panovska, who is currently spearheading the start-up of Malaysia’s very first Music Conservatory at Sunway University. She is also Musical Director of the Chopin Society of Malaysia, and hails from Macedonia.

Lillian introduces her grandson Jack Yeo, who treated the audience to a performance of Chopin’s Military Polonaise, and Rachmaninoff’s Prelude in G minor.

The Paht Chee presentation revealed a balanced basket of elements – a good indication, but with a bias towards the Earth element – which points to stress and worry. If there is one skill one would do well mastering this year, it would be to live in a state of mindfulness and to regularly take time to pause and take stock. We are operating in a technologically advanced world, a quantum age where one juggles many balls simply because we can. But we need to balance out that very yang fast-living with moments of quiet and stillness, even if for but a moment.

Click here for 2020’s Paht Chee Prediction.
Jack at the piano ringing in the Year of the Rat 2020 with Chopin’s Military Polonaise.

The other hugely fun and rewarding part of the day is the shopping!

Each year, Lillian and her team at WOFS spends the better part of the year designing products needed to activate the auspicious energies, and those needed to control the afflictions of the year.

Says Lillian, “All of the symbols of good fortune, of protection, really help you. Because all the objects that you put everywhere emit “energy”. And these energies can be either protective or destructive. All the things that we make are very, very enhancing, and very protective. Why? Because we go to a lot of trouble to do research on them, and to make sure they are beautifully made. So when you see them, you also very “sayang” them, very “like” them. And that is done through the power of placement.

“The world is only now awakening to the power of placement. How you position your furniture, what you display in your home, the symbols you use, how you sit, how you work, all these things have a bearing on the outcome you want.”

Fabulous shopping for cures and enhancers! Great deals to be had!
The Gift of Gold counter at the World of Feng Shui shopping bazaar!

Lillian’s daughter Jennifer Too and nephew Lim Han Jin joined her to present the afternoon session on the Feng Shui Astrology. Here they shared the luck of the 12 animal signs for the coming year. The good news is that the year features a great number of Auspicious Stars – Big and Small Auspicious – and these must be enhanced!

The Monkey and Rooster have something very big coming to them in the next 12 months, and should keep a look out for new opportunities. The Wood animals of Tiger and Rabbit are very strong element-wise, and should make the most of their inner strength to get ahead this coming year. The Snake and Dragon share an Auspicious Star, and would do well working together. The Dog and Boar enjoy the Prosperity Star. The Rat has the support of the Tai Sui. The Horse needs to take care of its afflictions.

Lim Han Jin (L) and Jennifer Too (R)
Jennifer Too and Lim Han Jin presenting the Astrology Forecast for 2020.
Group picture of Lillian and her students who have taken Certification Courses with her.

Wishing all of you a very prosperous, successful, healthy and happy year ahead!

For those who missed the event, or who want to clarify and recap, the full Lillian Too Feng Shui Extravaganza 2020 will be available for sale online on video stream at via the Lillian Too Mandala.