The Tai Sui of 2020

The Selfless General Lu Mi

The God that rules all matters related to happenings on Earth is the TAI SUI. He is also known as the GRAND DUKE JUPITER as his location on the compass follows the path of Jupiter. Each year, an important feng shui ritual is to pay respects to the Tai Sui. Note that the Tai Sui changes every year and there are 60 Tai Suis in all.

The best way to honour the Tai Sui is by displaying the Tai Sui Plaque with the image and amulet of the year’s Tai Sui in his location.

In 2020, the Tai Sui resides in the sector of the Rat, the NORTH. When arranging one’s living and work space, it is also important to ensure one never confronts the Tai Sui – so in 2020, you MUST NOT face NORTH, EVEN if North is a lucky direction for you according to your Kua number.

To benefit from Tai Sui’s support, you can also carry the Tai Sui Amulet. For 2020, this amulet is especially needed for those born in years of the Rat, Horse, Rooster and Rabbit.

These four signs must take special care to have a beneficial relationship with the Tai Sui of the year. The Horse is the most afflicted and must carry the Tai Sui Amulet at all times. The Rooster and Rabbit suffer from side conflicts with the Tai Sui. The Rat enjoys the support of the Tai Sui and thus must honour him.

2020’s Tai Sui is
The Selfless General Lu Mi

He supports the Astrological Sign of the Rat
Directly conflicts the Horse
Indirectly conflicts the Rooster & Rabbit

General Lu Mi was born in the Kunshan City and lived during the Ming Dynasty. While governing the city, they had some natural disasters, which caused many deaths and much destruction to the land. There were many abandoned farms causing famine throughout the province. As a result, there was widespread poverty. General Lu Mi was given the task of rebuilding the province.

As was general practice during that Period, the Emperor would ask for people to be drafted into the army service from all provinces from time to time. However, as Lu Mi’s province was so badly affected by natural disasters, his province did not provide the men as required. General Lu Mi wanted the farms to be rejuvenated and the population to increase again before sending more men to the Emperor and to war.

As Kunshan City failed to provide men for several years, the Emperor sent a letter demanding for people to be drafted into the army. General Lu Mi thus sent news to his people asking them to volunteer. However, only a few came, and they were mostly old bureaucrats and old service men, leaving him unable to fulfil the requirements of the royal decree.

When the Emperor heard this, he was furious and got other local officials to conscript more people into the army. As the province had a history of providing many people, the local officials were afraid and were devising a plan to capture people to force them to join the army. As a result, many of the people scattered and went into hiding.

Lu Mi then went to see the Emperor with the few people he had. He said the Emperor, “These are the only people I can offer. If you forcibly take them, the people will go into hiding and I will not have anyone to govern.” He then offered himself to the Emperor in place of the people. However, the Emperor rejected his offer and insisted he conscript the men. He then dismissed Lu Mi. But Lu Mi stayed on and refused to leave. The Emperor tried to change his mind using all sorts of methods. Lu Mi stood firm on his decision. Eventually, the Emperor gave in and did not conscript the people. Lu Mi then went back to his province.

Several years later, General Lu Mi passed away. As his family was very poor, they did not have money to give him a funeral. The government stepped in to give him a state burial. During the funeral, there were heavy thunderstorms, but all the officials and people that attended the funeral stayed to finish the rituals and prayers required so that his spirit would have a safe passage into heaven.

Due to the devotion he had for his people, the Jade Emperor elevated him to become one of the deities of the Tai Sui, and the descendants of the people from his province still pray to him till this day.

Effects of the Tai Sui in 2020

Tai Sui Amulet and Tai Sui Plaque for 2020

In 2020, having General Lu Mi as Tai Sui represents a year of growth and rebuilding after natural disasters occurring in previous years. Having the rule and influence of this Tai Sui indicates it will be a good year for businesses to recuperate from losses. His influence on the year suggests that there will always be people standing up for what is morally correct, and those with the courage to stand up for those too weak to defend themselves. Compassion will prevail in 2020.

Displaying the Tai Sui Plaque in his location of North within your home ensures you come under his protection; his support will help you get treated fairly in all your dealings, whatever the circumstance. Having his goodwill invokes protection against the law, the authorities and people of a higher rank than you. It ensures you get treated fairly.

Displaying Tai Sui Plaque with his amulet is advantageous for everyone, irrespective of your animal sign. Doing so brings good fortune as the Tai Sui has the power also to help those whose feng shui may not be perfect. It is thus beneficial for every household to display 2020’s Tai Sui Plaque in the home. You can also carry the Tai Sui Amulet 2020 to stay under his protection at all times. It helps ensure you do not get attacked, cheated or betrayed, and that you do not meet up with unfortunate company and influences.