Aunt Agga Issue #87



 Hi, we just bought an apartment on the 2nd floor beside the rubbish chute. We heard that one should not keep pets in such apartments as it will cause negative energies/quarrels etc for the owners. Are there any remedies to this problem as we have always wanted a dog. Thanks.


On the rubbish chute issue, this is not ideal but it is not so terrible either. Most homes have some form of rubbish bin collection system in front of the house, and as long as it is kept tidy and the actual rubbish kept out of sight, there is nothing wrong with this at all from a feng shui viewpoint. The rubbish chute you can say is even more ideal than a rubbish bin collection point, as once you send the garbage down the chute, it is out of the vicinity of your apartment.

As for pets in apartments, I think what you read is not so much a feng shui issue between owners of the same apartment, rather, a noisy yappy dog could cause quarrels between you and your neighbours because apartment units are so close to one another. It is probably a courtesy rule. For this, you need to check the rules on keeping pets of your apartment block. If you’re thinking of an apartment dog however, go for a smaller breed unless you have the time to walk a bigger dog that needs a lot of exercise. An overly zealous dog with too much energy could well be too yang for the small space of an apartment.


QI am staying in an intermediate terrace house facing North sitting South. My immediate neighbour on the right to my East is doing a major renovation. They have already started and I can hear banging at the East of my house on a daily basis. As the East is afflicted this year, what should I do as I cannot prevent the renovation from happening? Please advise.


Because the East is the place of the Grand Duke Jupiter this year, you should hang a Tai Sui plaque on your East wall, and place a sizeable Pi Yao here. This will help ensure you do not incur the wrath of the Tai Sui. Family members and other members of your household are also advised to wear the Pi Yao in gold or carry the Tai Sui amulet to stay protected through the renovation period. Since it is your neighbour’s unit undergoing the renovation, the effects on you will not be so direct. Nevertheless, it is better to take the necessary precautions.


QHow do I make the star #5 beneficial instead of it bringing harm to my home?


Actually, this coming year you can! Although the number 5 star is generally known as a misfortune star and is usually feared, it carries very powerful Earth energy, being the middle number in the powerful Earth string of 2,5 and 8. In 2011, the Paht Chee desperately lacks Earth energy, so harnessing the power of the #5 to bring you the Earth that is missing is actually a very clever way to manipulate the stars to your advantage.

What you need to do is place the Five Element Pagoda with Tree of Life in the East, where this year’s wu wang makes its appearance. The tree of life on the padoga features 3 pairs of birds on its branches, bringing opportunities from the cosmic constellations, and turning the afflicted five yellow into a wealth-bringing star instead. The tree also features glittering jewels hanging from its branches, another symbol of wealth. Those born under the Kua number 5 especially can benefit from this star this year.


QA friend’s roommate broke her cutting board. Her birthday is coming up and I wonder if it’s bad feng shui to give a cutting board as a gift?



Your intuition is right, you shouldn’t. Although your gift idea is a practical one, it is best to leave for the user to buy for themselves. Cutting boards denote chopping and cutting, and gifts used for cutting (especially knives and scissors) have the effect of severing the relationship. Far better to get her something indulgent; something she doesn’t actually need but which she wants… that would make a better gift.


QIs it a feng shui taboo for a mirror to directly reflect another mirror? For example, having two mirrors in the same room placed on opposite walls facing each other? Would this cause a negative effect?


No, this is not bad, as long as the mirrors do not reflect a door. This in fact would have the effect of expanding the room, making it feel more spacious, and can be a good thing, particularly if the space you are working with is not that big to begin with. Just don’t have a mirror which reflects your main door, as this signifies all the money that flows in through your front door flowing right out again.


QWe have a tree in front of our main door. We tried to make the tree grow healthy but it is not growing bigger and the leaves are not as green. What can we do? We are in a rented house and we are not allowed to chop the tree. Please tell us what feng shui cure we can use.


If there is nothing you can do about the tree, the best thing to do is hang some facetted crystal drops at your main door so that any stale or negative energy coming from the tree is dispersed and dissipated before it enters your house. If there are any dead leaves, trim them off and clean up the tree the best you can. Try giving it some fertilizer and enough water and see if this will help the tree grow healthier.


QIs it OK to buy ordinary elephant figurines rather than buying ones specifically for feng shui for children?

AIf you are looking for elephants to enhance descendants luck, make sure you choose elephants with their trunks down. These placed in the West will help activate the luck of having children. Elephants with their trunks up symbolize something different – they protect against intruders and also help in competitive situations. You can also install a bright light shining on a pink crystal lotus in the West of your home or living room to activate descendants luck for yourself and your husband. Good luck and hope you get the child you wish for!