Aunt Agga Issue #88



 I just recently bought a 5 element pagoda, i broke the top part of it and now I’m planning to fix it, can it still be useful as a cure? Thanks.


Oh dear! If it has broken then it has taken some very serious bad luck on your behalf! My advice is to replace it with a new one as soon as possible. Broken enhancers and cures are like “soldiers that have lost limbs in battle”. They are now powerless to defend your home against violent energy that can bring misfortune. When this happens, do not glue or fix them – the best advice is to replace them immediately with new cures. For this reason I always have a spare one kept in a cupboard in case I need it.


QI am born in 1979 – which makes me Sheep. I don’t know what’s wrong but I have always been very unlucky in love. My last relationship ended up nightmare. My ex-boyfriend gambled behind my back and when I confronted him he called our wedding off. I was left in tears, shame, and sorrow. I have now come across a feng shui master who told me that I am fated to become a mistress for life. Even a friend’s uncle told me that I will end up a spinster after he read my palm. I am so confused and depressed! What am I to do?


There there… The Sheep has the Star of Romance this year – so your chances of being hitched will be doubled this year. You are much too young to be “fated” for spinsterhood! So don’t believe just anything any street feng shui master tells you! You have the power to change your own luck and hence, shape your own destiny. First, activate the love corner – your Southwest with a bright light and a pair of Mandarin Ducks! Sleep with your head facing your personal Love direction (calculate your KUA directions for free at Write down all the qualities of the man you wish to marry. Be as detailed as possible. Every night, visualise being married to someone with all these qualities. In your visualisation, you should already be married! Do this visualisation for the first 15 days of the waxing moon cycle. Do not do this visualisation during the waning moon cycle. And do respect yourself. Do not give your heart to just anyone – especially to anyone who is already married! You do have the power to choose and you should choose WELL.


QJust over a year ago I took down my Pa Kua mirrors over my front and back door because I read that they also stopped good luck. Ever since then we have suffered serious illness, theft and money loss. They were up because my house is faces a T-junction. Should I put them back up?


Of course you must put them up again! The Pakua was protecting you from bad luck coming to you from your T Junction! The T-Junction effect is very violent and brings many types of bad luck! You don’t have to put two – just one facing the T-junction hitting your main door. With Pakuas there are actually two types. There is the Yang Pakua and the Yin Pakua. The Yang Pakua is the correct one to use. Never use the Yin Pakua – those are used in the field of yin feng shui – the branch of feng shui methods for locating grave sites and tomb stones. You should also use a Yang Pakua that has a convex mirror – this is better than the ones with flat mirrors.


QMy son always wakes up very moody and angry every morning especially during school days. If I’m not wrong, he is sleeping facing west direction. Is there anything do with feng shui?


Little children are particularly sensitive to negative energy – particularly little boys. If your son has been waking up angry and irritable even after going to bed early and on time, then it is a sign that the energy in that room he is sleeping is afflicted in some way. Start by appeasing the local spiritual guardians in the room by burning incense – offer it to the local guardians and tell them that you come in peace and to please live harmoniously in his house with you. Then clear the space with a good quality space clearing bell (or singing bowl). This dispels all negative vibrations that cause anger and quarrels. Then check that his bed is facing his good Kua direction, and not directly confronting the entrance. It is also a good idea to check the annual flying stars for the room he is sleeping in and place the appropriate cures.


QIs it appropriate to hang a painting of the Chinese double happiness symbol above the sofa we sleep on (we live in a studio apartment and our living room is our bedroom and vice versa, which really brings about lots of feng shui issues, but anyway… I really want to hang something there since it’s a wall that’s just screaming for art 🙂 And considering the room is both living and sleeping space, I can’t really decide what’s appropriate and what’s not!



It really depends on which sector your bed is located. The Double Happiness symbol should be placed in the Southwest location of your home so if that is the wall above your sofa, then the double happiness is perfect there. If it is not the Southwest, then you have to be quite careful about what you place above your head while sleeping. Images of water (e.g. lakes, rivers, etc) or large mountains are not suitable for placing above the bed. As living room art, these are acceptable but they are not appropriate for bedroom art. Generally it is not a good idea to have anything above your head while sleeping.

Another thing – using a sofa for a bed is also not ideal – in the long term this depletes your relationship luck. Conjugal beds are like feng shui metaphors for a couple’s togetherness and should be solid and not “disappear” in the daytime. So my advice for the long term is to find a proper apartment where your living areas are separate from your bedroom. This will give you more feng shui options with regards to art. While you are there however, perhaps the compromise is to place your art up during the daytime and remove them at night when you are sleeping!


QAbout two weeks ago, around 100 birds (common birds: black crow, black birds with red eyes and brown doves) flocked together at the same time at my garden in the south-east sector of the house. It never happened before throughout the 30 years that I have been living here. Is there any explanation for this special occasion?


Wow that is a very FABULOUS and auspicious sign indeed! Birds signify opportunities and prosperity. And the Southeast is the universal palace of Wealth! To have hundreds of birds flock to the Southeast means that new opportunities of prosperity are about to arrive at your doorstep! You can enhance this by placing a beautiful image of hundreds of birds flying towards your entrance – this will activate the luck immediately!


QMy husband and I currently have good jobs but in different states (1200 miles apart). He is trying to find a job in my area of the country so we can be together again. I have tried looking for a job in his area but was unsuccessful, so the only option is for him to move to my area. Is there anything we can do to expedite his career opportunities to move home? I am a Snake 8-9-77 and he is a Boar 5-2-71. I know this is not a compatible match, but we seem to work. My bedroom and bed faces North and the house faces West.

AHi there. This is a very good year for the both the Snake and the Boar, so both of you should definitely try applying for jobs again! You’d be surprised you might both get job offers and then you’ll have to choose! But before applying, both of you should cleanse the energy of your home with incense. Then, activate the North sector of your homes with a Golden Dragon, holding a fiery sword. The Golden Dragon must be made from metal as it will help overcome the Number 3 annual star (which cause obstacles in finding jobs) as well as activate the North. You should also place a large photo of you and your husband together (happy and smiling) and tie the photo frame with a red string to symbolise being together. Place it in the Southwest. Remove all photos of each other in single shots and replace them all with photos of you together as a couple.