Aunt Agga Issue #86



 I have been working in a new company for 9 months. It has been very tough and stressful, and the worst thing is I am constantly getting scolded by my boss. It affects my morale and confidence level and I am also losing sleep over it. How can I overcome this? I am a Metal Rooster and my female boss is born in the Year of the Tiger (1962). Is it true that people born under this animal sign are usually hot tempered, demanding and hard to work with? Is there any way for us to work together in a less stressful and more amicable manner?


Haha! The Tiger is indeed legendary for being fierce and demanding, but they are also known for being very clever! So perhaps it is your feng shui and your attitude that is in need of adjustment. And this year is very tough for the poor Tiger, so as her employee, you can really help her by being the best employee she has hired! The first thing to do is to change your view of your boss. Think of her as your personal mentor who is here to teach you a lot. Listen to her well and really learn what makes her tick and how she wants things done.

The next thing is to sort out your feng shui. Are you facing your good direction? Make sure you are facing your good direction according to your Kua, and most importantly you MUST NOT face the Grand Duke Jupiter! This year it is located in the Northeast, so facing the Northeast brings you a lot of problems. You can face West as this brings you good fortune this year. You should place a Rooster on your desk to peck away at office politics. Try to sit on a tall chair so that you gain support from your boss. You can even place a photo of her behind you to symbolise her support of you and all you have done.


QI live in an HDB flat with my neighbour’s door directly facing mine. My luck has been very down lately, and I’m wondering whether it is because my neighbour has put their shoe rack with shoes on it and it’s quite near to my main door. Is this affecting my luck? If yes, what should I do? Please do advise… thanks!


Oh dear! Dirty shoes at the front of one’s entrance certainly do not help one’s feng shui, but if your luck has been really going down-hill lately, then perhaps it might be useful to investigate the feng shui of your home! It is quite possible that the Flying Star number 5 has landed in your living room or bedroom. Last month it was in the Northwest and affected the luck of the Patriarch. This month (October) the Number 3 makes a visit to the centre, so do place the Red Dragon in the centre of the home to subdue this problem. (And maybe persuade your neighbour to relocate his/her shoes! It’s probably not bringing him/her any luck either!)


QI bought a house that has water coming up from underground with dirty yellow creamy oily mud. Is that bad luck for the house? It flows through the drain around my house. Is there a cure for this? Please help! Thanks!


Water coming from the ground is VERY AUSPICIOUS indeed! It is a sign of wealth and continuous prosperity. But if the water is not drained away and starts to make pools of muddy puddles around your home, then this creates the opportunity for stale energy and rot to develop – not very healthy at all. Also, if the water that is bubbling up seems dirty and smelly, you must check whether this is a septic tank burst, as this is also very bad for your feng shui! The best thing is to bring in some professional help. Get it investigated by people who specialise in water drainage and they will be able to help you. If it is clean water that is muddy because it has mixed with soil, find out how you can drain the water in a direction that is useful for your home. Consult Lillian Too’s Water Feng Shui which contains formulas on how to use the direction flow of water to bring you prosperity luck.


QI have had a money plant outside my door for over 10 years and it is growing wildly and nicely, but lately I noticed it has somehow withered. Does this affect my luck? What should I do?


If it has been growing well before and has been looked after well until now, and then somehow it has withered recently, then it is a sign that the energy by your main door has become afflicted this year or this month. Please investigate the location of your main door and check the annual and monthly flying stars for that area. This is particularly so if the Number 2, number 7 or Number 5 stars fly to that sector. If any of these stars are at your main door, they bring loss and accidents…. So the best thing is to suppress them with the appropriate cures and nurse your plant back to health by placing it at another location where the energy isn’t so strong until it is well again. If your plant seems to have degenerated beyond rescue, then please do invest in a new plant to place by your door.


QI have been stuck financially, and in a bad relationship for years. I’m also stuck in this apartment. The apartment that I have lived in for 9 years is missing most of the North sector; this is the hallway leading into the front door and immediately going into the next apartment. I live over a garage, facing a main street. My front door is in alignment to the back sliding door facing the front of the building, which I consider my facing direction, which is SW. My office which is down stairs is very small and I have to sit with my back to the North. How do I break this cycle?


My dear friend, it is easy to break the cycle! The first thing to do is to make up your mind that you want a change. The mind is very powerful and amazing things can happen for you if you just use your mind correctly. Having a missing North sector makes it difficult to earn a living, but you can resolve this by placing a Water feature in the North sector of your living room or office. That is the first step. Once your finances improve, you can consider moving to another more feng shui-friendly place. The next immediate thing you can do is to CLEAR CLUTTER from your apartment and your life. Good feng shui chi flows in a clean and tidy environment. A place filled with clutter harbours confused and quarrelsome energy. Perhaps this could be causing the angst in your relationship… so declutter and be ruthless about giving away your things. Make room for new things to enter your life! Who knows… you might find your relationship suddenly improving for the better!


QMy husband and I have Kua numbers that are conflicting. His Kua number is 4 (Rabbit, East Group) and my Kua is 2 (Horse, West Group). The problem is that the only rooms we can sleep in are either bad for me, or for him. I know I should follow his sleeping direction – the room we can use is in the NORTH – but that is my total loss direction. How can I protect myself from total loss?


Not to worry! As you’ve mentioned you have a room where you can face North, I am guessing that your home is likely to be a North-South house or an East-West house. In both cases, you are probably able to find a room where you can place your bed facing the SOUTH direction. Since you are born in the year of the Horse, you can also benefit by sleeping or facing the South direction, which is the direction of the Horse. South is also a good direction for your husband who is Kua number Four.



QI have a very jealous and manipulative mother-in-law. And my husband’s younger sister is acting very strange. She seems to triumph in fuelling the fire of friction between my mother-in-law and me. My mother-in-law always seems to be manipulating my husband to get his money. How can feng shui keep her away from succeeding in manipulating my husband?

ADear friend… you must fill your heart with strong compassion for your mother in law. She is not getting any younger and probably feels very insecure about money and that she is losing her son. Normally, elderly women act up when they feel insecure! It is better for you to take a generous view towards her and help her. Your husband will love you more for it! The heart of practising feng shui is to do good things that benefit others, so in this case, it is better to be the kind daughter-in-law and help your husband honour his mother by being generous with money.

Try being the person to give her money and see! This type of feng shui is called inner feng shui and you will be amazed at how things can change for the better once you change how you view life. As for your sister-in-law, you could try wearing the Protection from Evil Eye Amulet to calm her down! She is probably a little envious of your good fortune and happy marriage, so be kind and offer her some feng shui cures for love and prosperity. You will be amazed at how this will change her attitude towards you!


QHi! We just bought a foreclosed home. We have done a cleansing at the house. The front door is in the SOUTH and the number is 707, which adds up to 5. What can I do to change the vibrations of the number to prosperous ones? Also, part of the kitchen is in the centre of the home. What can I do since I cannot move the kitchen?


The Double 7 at the main door spells robbery, so what you can do is to place an anti-robbery plaque at the main door to overcome it. Also, a neat feng shui trick to try is to engrave in small light letters “+181” next to the “707” to secretly bring the numbers to “888” on your number plaque! South facing houses are also very auspicious, especially if facing South 2 or South 3, as it then benefits tremendously from the Double 8 flying stars. If this is the case, then you can place a waterfall feature by your main door to activate these wealth stars! As for your kitchen, if only part of it is in the centre, then don’t worry too much about it. Ideally, keep it a clean and uncluttered. In the future, if you are planning a renovation, then it would be wise to move it to a different location.


QMy children are 4 and 2.5 years old and now they are both sleeping on a mattress on the floor. We haven’t bought proper beds for them yet. Is it bad feng shui for them to sleep on a mattress on the floor? They are very naughty and restless and would not sit still for a proper meal. My son especially is very bad tempered and will turn violent when he does not get what he wants. My daughter will wail and whine when she doesn’t get her way!


My dear friend, I must advise you to quickly get proper beds for your little children! It is definitely not good feng shui to let your precious children sleep on the floor as this creates a sense of poverty and a feeling that they are not important to you. That may be a reason why they are acting up, as children tend to misbehave when they feel that their parents are not giving them sufficient attention! Energy on the ground is also dirtier and much more aggressive than elevated energy; hence I would advise that you place your children on well supported beds as soon as you can!


QDear Aunt Agga, I just bought a second house and started renovations with that house. While the renovation is going on, I am living in my old house far away from the new house. I just bought one of your books and it says that this Year it is not advisable to do renovation, especially in the NE sector as this will offend the Tai Sui. I am a Water Dog and my Kua is 9. Help me. If we bought a second house, do we need to clear the negative chi by mopping the house with salt water? Please advise.


The salt-water cleanse is normally done to a house which you are about to move into. This can be done to your second house once you have completed all your renovations, just before you move in. In fact, it is absolutely essential that you perform incense offerings on an auspicious day just before you move in. As for renovations, as long as you are not living there, it is OK to renovate the entire house. However, you do need to heed the warnings of the year by not starting or ending your renovations where the Tai Sui, 3 Killings or 5 Yellow are located. I recommend doing regular incense offerings during your renovation to appease any local spirits there are so that your renovations go smoothly.