Aunt Agga Issue #85



 I just moved into a new house (facing North) and bad things continue to happen. The whole family got sick and have been admitted to hospital a few times – it began with me, two times, followed by my husband and daughter. The latest is me, I sprained my ankle and now have a bone fracture; it happened right in front of my house. I’m worried this is not the last of it. What can I do as my bedroom is also located in the North and our bed is facing West? We are both Kua 8 people.


I’m very sorry to hear about your injuries since moving in. I’m afraid that you’ve suffered from the sickly monthly star Number 2 which dominated the North sector last month. The illness star Number 2 brings injury and illness to those whose master bedroom or entrance is located there. Unfortunatley, the month of August is even worse, as the 5 Yellow has flown into the centre of the house, potentially causing loss and illness to everybody. For now, please check our monthly updates in this magazine and place the cures in the right sectors appropriately. The number 2 and 5 stars are the deadliest and in September, the 5 Yellow flies to the Southeast, so place a Five Element Pagoda there. The illness star 2 flies into the East, so safeguard your East sector with a windchime. Do get well soon!


QI have a crush on this guy I used to see near my old workplace. He seemed interested in me but neither of us made a move. I have started work somewhere else 2 months ago. I visited my old workplace a few times but did not see him (maybe he has left too). But last week I happened to run into him at an exhibition. We recognised each other but I did not speak to him as both of us were so busy. I can’t help but feel that there is fate, but I don’t know how to find him again. What do I do?


The two of you must have some kind of special connection in a past life to be meeting up again like this. But whether you are meant for each other in terms of true love and marriage remains to be seen. One easy way to find out is to activate your Flower of Romance Luck. Your Flower of Romance depends on your animal sign. If you are Rat, Monkey or Dragon place, a Rooster in the West. If you are a Rabbit, Boar or Sheep, place a Rat in the North. If you are a Tiger, Horse or Dog, place a Rabbit in the east. If you are a Snake, Rooster or Ox, place a Horse in the South. Activating your Flower of Romance works fast to bring love into your life. If this guy is indeed the one for you, then he will make his move. Otherwise, there might just be another more suitable mate for you out there… so be a little patient and you’ll hook up with Mr Right in no time at all!


QWhat is the best way to throw away my spoiled bags, handbags and wallets so that it won’t affect my money or prosperity luck?


The best way to deal with used bags is to donate them to charity. Always donate them with some money left inside as it passes on the goodwill of prosperity to someone else. If they are very damaged, like if they have holes or tears, stop using them immediately and chuck them in the bin! They won’t be of any use to anyone so it is better to have them thrown away. When throwing them away, make sure you completely empty the bags and leave nothing behind. Alternatively, you may also bury them in the ground if you wish.


QI have placed a raw amethyst crystal geode under the marital bed and I am sleeping on the right side of the bed and my husband should sleep on the left. I have also placed mandarin ducks and a couple of married toys on the table next to my bed too with red table lamp on each side. But my husband is still committing infidelity. He asked for divorce and is ill-treating our children. He is a Rabbit and I am a Dragon. He is planning to see the lady in July, Aunt Agga, please help, I need your advice on how I can bring his heart back. I have also placed a Rooster with Fan and Amethyst in the North of the living room. Please reply soonest possible, as my husband is planning to see the lady very soon. Please help, I am very sad and desperate for help and advice to mend the situation. Thank you.


Oh dear I am so sorry to hear about your husband’s infidelity. Check that the Crystal Geode you have under the bed is clean and that it is tied to the right leg of the bed (foot side) with red thread. You can also place a LARGE HAPPY wedding photo of you and your husband together in the Southwest of your living room and bedroom. Please implement these as soon as you can, as once your husband has moved out of the home, the feng shui of your home won’t be enough to save the marriage. You can also place six crystal ball in the centre of your living room to remove hostility from your life and to improve harmony between the two of you.


QI live in a mobile home and the driveway is located across the road from a cemetery. How can I ward off its influence and would I offend anything if I do? I would like to move away but need to sell my caravan to do so, and I’m not sure I can do that since I am paying such low rent here.


I’m afraid to say that living next to a cemetery can’t be a good long term solution. In fact, in the month of August it would have been rather spooky, since it was the Hungry Ghost month and many spirits would be roaming about causing mischief! But there are ways to counter the ill effects of the cemetery; but this should only be a short term cure. First, install a bright light on the side of your caravan that faces the cemetery. Keep this light on as often as you can. Then wear some OM AH HUM pendants that protect you from spirit harm. It is advisable that all your family members living here do the same. You can also paint or paste the OM AH HUM syllables on your van and your van entrance. These ward off any spirits that will want to enter your caravan. For the longer term, please look towards moving elsewhere without this cemetery problem.


QWhich famous psychologist picture should I get to be my mentor? And where should I put it?



Haha! I’m not such a fan of historical psychologists as some of them have had some crazy reputations! But if you are in this profession, or just happen to love the field of psychology, then choose someone whose work you respect, in a field of study you respect, and most importantly, someone who left a respectable legacy behind. Their legacy and how respectable they were when they died is very important. There are many famous people who have contributed to this noble science of the mind. One of my favourites is Carl Jung, who not just explored clinical psychology, but also delved into astrology, alchemy and spirituality. He believed that the unconscious mind was a vast untapped area of the human mind. Once you’ve found a mentor you like, place him or her on the Northwest of your study or living room. You can also place him or her in the Northeast to gain wisdom from your mentor.


QRecently, my neighbour who lives opposite our house has been doing renovation and has put up a large window which looks like a big mirror. The mirror (window) reflects the upper part of our main door as the lower part is blocked by our gate pillar. Will this affect our feng shui luck and what is the cure? Unfortunately I am unable to reorient my main door – is there another way? Thank you so much.

AI don’t think the mirror will do any real harm unless it is reflecting something sharp towards you i.e. if your roof is pointed out in an intimidating, sharp way. If this is the case, then your roof is actually hurting your neighbour and the mirror will bounce the poisonous chi back towards you. If this is indeed the case, then I truly advise you to do something about your pointed roof. It’s not a good idea to send bad chi to others as they can only react with retaliation and cause you harm also. Temporarily, (until you can do something about it), you may hang a facetted crystal droplet above your main door. The facetted crystal will break up any shar chi coming your way, dispersing it into the air before it has a chance to enter your home.


QMy husband and I are in the midst of adopting my sister’s out-of-wedlock baby girl. We would like to know when is the best date to legally adopt her. She was born this year in June. My husband is a Water Dragon. I am a Fire Horse. We have five children of our own, 3 boys and 2 girls. They have no objection to us adopting and instead already accepted the baby as their sister. Could you please help us on how to look for an auspicious date?


You are both extremely kind to adopt this little child into your family and I rejoice in your good fortune to be able to do this kind deed. Did you know that this Tiger Child is an excellent affinity with you, the Horse? She will bring you amazing luck indeed. To check for a good day, you need to consult the Almanac. The day should preferably fall between the new moon and the full moon. Do not choose a date in the phase of the waning moon. Then choose a date that does not conflict with the Horse, Dragon or Tiger. Preferably it should also not fall on a day of conflict for any of your other children, but this may not be possible, so don’t worry too much about it. Ideally, try and sign the adoption papers during an auspicious hour (the almanac should provide this information also). I hope this child will bring you great happiness and that you will benefit her greatly in her life.


QI graduated from medical school 15 years ago, then came to the United States and passed all the medical exams I need, but still can’t get into any residency program. When I interviewed for several positions, they told me in a nice way that I am an old graduate. Everything seems impossible for me. I feel very sad and devastated, I keep asking myself what I have done wrong that nobody likes me?


Please don’t be disheartened. This is only a temporary setback in your life and it will soon pass. You sound really defeated and this will come through in your interviews and turn everybody off. So my dear, the first thing you need to do is get your spirit back into shape! You can do this by reciting special affirmations that will build back your mental strength. Start by telling yourself each day that you are a WONDERFUL DOCTOR and SO LUCKY TO HAVE SUCH A GREAT JOB. Tell yourself this as though you are already hired. Imagine the perfect working life – for example, working in a busy clinic or a hospital you admire. Purchase some affirmation stones and surround yourself with them. Place a water feature in the North of your home to activate career luck. I wish you all the best in your future work life! Have faith and nurture your spirit back into health!


QMy headboard is made of wood (a marine ply) but it was fashioned into a hiding cabinet where I keep my expensive watches and jewellery. It looks solid on the outside, but in fact it is actually where I hide my precious things. In my previous apartment we were burgled and only this headboard was not noticed. Is this OK?


Most definitely it is very auspicious! A headboard with jewellery inside means secret wealth coming to you every night when you are asleep! Don’t be surprised if you start dreaming of lotto numbers! Don’t worry, it is perfectly fine to have your precious things stored inside your headboard. As long as your headboard is strong and solid it will be OK. In fact, you could also think of pasting some auspicious objects on your headboard (WOFS sells decal stickers with auspicious objects). This makes your headboard even more auspicious. Well done!