Aunt Agga Issue #80



Is there any person who is born with bad paht chee for the whole life? If yes, can one’s paht chee be changed? Will it affect immediate family members if the paht chee is changed?


There is actually no such thing as a good or bad path chee, it depends on how you make use of the knowledge of your path chee. When prospective parents with knowledge of the Chinese esoterical sciences “pick” a good date and time for their child to be born, they usually try and find a chart that has a balanced basket of elements, with some auspicious special stars. However, sometimes it is better to leave these things to fate. Even if you have an elective caesarean, you cannot “pick” the exact chart you want, as you still have to have your baby delivered in a particular window of time that is medically safe for mother and child.

For those already born, you cannot “change” your path chee – that is fixed when you are born. BUT you CAN make the most of your Paht Chee circumstance by attempting to balance out your elements with the colours you wear and what you surround yourself with at home (decorative items, colours, ornaments) and to push ahead in years indicated as successful for you, while laying low in years that are not so auspicious for you in terms of your birth chart. That is why it is useful to have knowledge of Paht Chee. To learn more about Paht Chee, check out Lillian Too’s Eight Characters – Chinese Personal Forecasting book. She will also be conducting a Master Class in Paht Chee from 14th – 19th September 2009 – for more details or to enrol, email for more information.


QI have been asked to make a choice between colleague A or B. Actually I don’t like working with either and I hope not to change teams so that I don’t have to choose. Choosing one may hurt the other and I don’t want to make a wrong decision. Can feng shui help me to get the best in this case without hurting anyone including myself? Hope to get your reply soon. Thank you.


If you intend to use feng shui to pick who best to work with, try and pick someone who has an affinity to your animal sign. Take a look at Lillian Too and Jennifer Too’s Fortune and Feng Shui 2010 books that have just come out – they have a section in there devoted to compatibilities of all sorts, including work compatibilities.

If your team member has a special affinity with you according to the principles of the Chinese zodiac, chances are you will find them easier to work with, and projects you undertake together will turn out well. As for hurting their feelings, well, you have been asked to make a choice, and if you say you are using feng shui (and not your personal preference) then they shouldn’t feel hurt. You can point out to the person you don’t choose that your choice will probably turn out best for them as well. Win-win!


QHi I want to learn feng shui but I can’t attend class, so are there any online study courses so that I can learn? Thanks!


Sign up for Lillian Too’s new FREE EZINE at – this will keep you in the loop of opportunities to learn online or by correspondence. This is a brand new service and the aim is to allow you to learn and progress in feng shui without you having to travel or take time off work to do it.


QMy husband has been out of work for 3 years. I have a small toilet next to my flat main door which is in the North, please help me, what should I do?


The North is the career corner, so a toilet in the North is bound to affect career luck especially if it occupies a large part of the home. The best thing to do is to avoid using that toilet – or if you cannot, then always keep the door closed so you cannot see the toilet from the main part of your flat. Energize the North part of your living room instead – use the concept of “small tai chi” – place a small water feature in the North. Note also that the North this year is afflicted by the Five Yellow, so it is also a good idea to have a Five Element Pagoda cure here to suppress these hostile energies from the visiting annual star. Check your husband’s Kua and let him sleep with his head pointed to his sheng chi direction. I hope your husband can find work soon and wish him luck.


QWe have a painting of the ocean with waves and a sailing ship. Is it safe to keep this in our house?


Sailing ships are usually great symbols of good fortune especially when they are laden with valuable cargo that symbolize wealth and riches. However, if the ship in your painting is in the middle of a rough and stormy ocean, then the connotation is not so good, as it symbolizes turbulent and risky times. If you are uncomfortable with the painting, it is best not to hang it in your home.


QI have just bought a painting and it has a scene of a Mediterranean terrace overlooking water, and it has mountain in it as well. It also has some flowers in it. It’s very beautiful, but I’m having trouble finding a spot for it. The only walls that are available are both across from mirrors. Both walls face Northeast. Is this bad? Where else can I put it?


The best place for a painting of the kind you mention is where the stars line up to form a sum-of-ten combination. Your sum-of-ten can be formed by the mountain and water stars according to the natal chart of your home (the best choice), or it can be from the combination of the monthly and annual stars of the sector. A benign scene of both mountain and water makes a fabulous sum-of-ten energiser, and activating this kind of combination brings a very special kind of luck to the whole family where everything goes smoothly and projects, goals and aspirations can come to successful fruition.


QWhat colour should a building be if it is facing South 3? Do I choose the colour according to owner or according to the sitting direction of the building? Does the colour depend on the type of business?

AGenerally it is quite safe to pick a colour for the building based on the sitting direction of the building. If the building faces South, then it is sitting North, meaning it is a Water element building. Shades of Blue or Black are Water colours, or you can use the productive cycle of elements and pick a shade of White or Metallic colour, since the Metal element produces the Water element.



QWhat does it mean to have a piggy bank in the toilet?


It means exactly what it sounds like – your savings get flushed down the toilet. Please do not do that! Remove your piggy bank and place somewhere else.


QI’m presently staying with my sister. She was told that putting a safe deposit in the room will help secure the money from flowing out so she suggested putting one in her room and mine. What I want to know is does this really help? Another matter, someone told me that as she is the house owner, her luck will overshadow mine. What can I do? Please advise.


Yes, having a well-built safe in the house, as well as being practical to keep your important documents and other items of value, symbolizes some kind of protection for your wealth and net worth. The best sectors for the safe, however, would be West, Northwest or North, as safes are heavy duty Metal element enhancers. They are thus not suitable to enhance the traditional wealth sector of SE, since SE is ruled by the Wood Element. If you want to enhance for money using the Eight Aspirations method, then you should energize the SE with an auspicious yang water feature rather than a safe.

As for your luck being overshadowed by your sister’s, don’t be silly! It sounds as if you do have your own room in the house, so you can activate your own good feng shui by practising small tai chi feng shui within your personal space – i.e. your bedroom. Your sister is also being very thoughtful towards you when she suggested a safe for your room as well as for her own, so don’t look on her as competition. When you are generous about your luck this way, more luck comes back
to you.


QIf you are not in a romantic relationship, but wish to be in one, is a silver double happiness ring as effective as a gold one? Also, which finger should you wear it on for maximum effect?


If you are not yet in a romantic relationship, it is better not to wear a ring to attract love. Rather, get yourself the double happiness symbol as earrings or as a pendant to wear. This is because a ring is traditionally what your partner will give you (and you will give him/her one in return) when you decide to make your union official. By wearing a ring, especially one on your engagement or wedding finger, before you are engaged or married, is like telling the Universe and cosmos you are already spoken for. This will then make it difficult for someone to enter into your life.

Make use of the double happiness symbol, but leave the ring for that special someone yet to come into your life to get it for you. In terms of materials, the more precious the material, the better. But if you cannot afford gold yet, get one in silver that is gold plated. You can also get sterling silver, but better to get the variety that does not tarnish, because it is not good meaning for your personal double happiness symbol to be tarnished.


QIs it true that if you install a ceiling fan in your room, the blades will “cut” and hurt you? If so, are there are any remedies?


Ceiling fans are OK as long as you do not sleep or sit directly beneath them. To be safe, it is better not to have a ceiling fan in the bedroom, especially a fast moving one. If you already have one installed, either move your bed from under it, or if your bedroom is not big enough for that, it is really better to remove the fan. Install an air conditioner instead.