Aunt Agga Issue #79



My entrance is practically nonexistent in our small home. Is it okay to introduce a water feature in the den where I do my work? If so, what kind of water feature can I use and what contents should it have?


It is absolutely OK to introduce a water feature. Water features are safe anywhere in the home EXCEPT in bedrooms, and on the right hand side of the main door (inside looking out). So as long as you observe these two taboos, you will be fine.

The best place for a water feature this year is the Southeast sector. Southeast is governed by the Wood element, so Water elements in the SE always enhance it. And because the SE stands for money luck, enhancing with water brings wealth. But in 2009 it is especially lucky because it always plays host to the annual number 8 wealth star, doubling the effect of a water feature
placed here.

When choosing your water feature for enhancing purposes, make sure it is a yang water feature – i.e. that the water is moving. No point in having stagnant water in the SE; this will only symbolize your wealth stagnating. So your water feature should have a pump mechanism to ensure the water is alive. This year it is excellent to enhance the number 9, as 9 is the ruling number of the year, hence try and get a 9-level waterfall feature, the kind that can sit on a side table in your den. It is also extremely auspicious to include the celestial Dragon in your water feature, or the wealth god Dzambala. This will speed up its good effects
for you.


QOne of my friends is going to give me a Jack Russell terrier this Sunday but the coat on this dog is black and white… and my mum says it will bring bad luck, but I really want this puppy, so I was wondering is there anything I could do… like give this puppy red clothes to wear or something… Could you please solve this problem for me? Thank you!


I have never heard of black and white dogs bringing bad luck. Umm where did your mum get this one? If you love and want this puppy, and can give it a good and loving home, take it! I think whether you adopt this puppy or not should be more to do with whether you can adequately care for the pet, not whether it will bring you good or bad luck. It is always good karma to offer a kind and loving home to an animal in need. One can be superstitious, but you can also take things a bit far. Don’t let something like this stop you from enjoying a gorgeous new companion! BUT if you live with your mum and will need her help to care for the puppy, and she feels this way about it, it might be better to leave the puppy with your friend, because psychologically, your mum might not be able to accept it for whatever reason.


QI have a picture of 3 butterflies in my living room. Is it good or bad? Or can I just remove it? Thank you so much.


Butterflies signify change and transformation, so they are a positive symbol to have in the home, especially for people who need a change or stuck in a rut. With love, when one thinks of butterflies, one often thinks of “The Butterfly Lovers”, a Chinese legend telling the poignant tale of a couple who could only find happiness together as a pair of butterflies. Some interpret this as good, others bad. If you don’t feel comfortable with the butterflies in your living room, especially since it is of 3 rather than 2 butterflies, then yes, you can just remove it.


QHello and thank you for your advice. I have recently purchased ‘Flying Star Feng Shui for Period 8’. Our front door is Northeast 2/3. The centre of our home is our family room. The book identifies the stars as 5/8/2 i.e. Period 8, stars 5 to left and star 2 to right. (See page 125). Lillian Too advises “loss stars in the centre of home brings problems. Lock up stars in storeroom.” Please advise how to/what to do to “Lock up stars in storeroom” as this is our family room. Your time is greatly appreciated, wishing you the best always.


You can trap the inauspicious energy in the centre of the home emanating from the Flying Stars there by essentially creating a small room in the centre of your home to “lock up the stars”. This room needn’t be very big at all, as long as it is in the centre of the centre grid of the home. But although this is one method to overcome this particular combination of stars, it is not always enough nor is it necessarily possible.

If you cannot create such a room in your centre grid, then look to the more powerful metal cures such as a large sized five element pagoda made of brass, or the 5 element bell. But here’s the good news. Your house enjoys sum of ten special in view of its facing direction and this brings general good fortune to your house in this current period of 8.


QHow would I cure a wall in front of my front door? Is the wall the reason why I’m having difficulties finding a new job? Thank you!


Yes, when the main entrance into your home is obstructed, either by a wall, or hit by a lamppost, telegraph pole or imposing tree, this can manifest as obstacles in your life. Is there a way to re-orientate your door such that it is not blocked this way? If there is nothing you can do, perhaps find an alternative entrance into your home that has some “bright Hall” in front of the door? You can also enhance your career sector, the North, with symbols associated with good career luck such as the Dragon Tortoise. You can also use the 5 element cycle, and enhance the North with Water or Metal elements, since the North is governed by the element of Water.


QIs the Snake an auspicious animal? I always fear it so every time one enters our house I would kill it. As of this writing this, a small snake is in the entrance ramp to my house. I killed it, for it might enter our house and harm us if we stepped on it accidentally.


The Snake is rich in symbolism and means different things to different people. In Western culture, many people link Snakes with evil, considering it was a serpent that lured Adam and Eve from their idyll with temptation; but others argue the Snake opened up the world of knowledge for Adam and Eve, and thus Mankind.

In Eastern culture however, the Snake is usually viewed as an auspicious creature. They are seen as protectors and sacred guardians. It was Mucalinda the King of Snakes who protected the Buddha against the elements as he meditated his way to Enlightenment. Indian yoga links the Cobra with the god Shiva. To the Chinese, the Snake represents Wealth and Money Luck. The Greeks attribute healing powers to the Snake, hence the modern symbol of medicine featuring two Snakes.


BUT symbolism aside, if a poisonous snake is about to enter your house, it is common sense to protect your family first. If you can help it, it is always better not to kill, so if you see an obviously non-poisonous variety, let it slither away without harming it. But if it is a poisonous variety, then by all means do what you must. If you regularly have snakes visit your house, it may be a good idea to line your compound with sulphur powder. Snakes are said to be repelled by sulphur, and this would help keep snakes off your property.


QI believe I read somewhere that one of the Dzi Beads helps with legal issues but I can’t remember which one, can you tell me? I want to say 12 eyed but I’m not sure.

AThe best Dzi to wear to counter legal issues and entanglements is the 4 eyed Dzi. This Dzi is believed to connect the energy from the 4 cardinal directions of the compass, and also removes all kinds of obstacles in your life. The 12-eyed-Dzi is great for people who are suffering from low energy, and also brings opportunities into the wearer’s life.


QMy 8 year old daughter has a Northeast bedroom. I know that this year (2009) the Grand Duke is in this sector, but I could not finish painting or fixing her room before the new year. I have three questions: 1. How can I finish her room without upsetting the Grand Duke? 2. I know that yellow or brown are appropriate for this sector, but she wants blue or green. Is green ok? 3. Will this NE room be bad for her to sleep in this year and how can I make it better? I would greatly appreciate your counsel. By the way, her kua is 6.


If you have already started to redecorate her room, then it is worst to leave it unfinished than to finish the redecoration works, even if it is the sector of the Grand Duke. I would advise letting her stay in another room in the house while you complete the renovations. Do not do any heavy, banging works. Repainting is fine. But try to keep the room quiet even while you are redecorating. No loud music or banging if possible. Place a decent-sized Pi Yao in the room to appease the Grand Duke and you should be OK. You can also let your daughter wear a pendant of the Pi Yao if you are afraid to incur the wrath of Jupiter.

As for the colour scheme, blue is better than green in the Northeast, as you don’t want to destroy the good earth energies of the sector since the NE represents education and study luck. Blue is water, and earth overcomes water, so blue should be fine here.

Lastly, there’s nothing wrong with staying in the “location” of the Grand Duke – you just don’t want to “face” the Grand Duke, as this would amount to “confronting” him. It is the difference between “direction” and “location” in feng shui, something which sometimes confuses people. The only thing about the NE this year is that it houses the number 3 quarrelsome star, so if your daughter inhabits the NE, you could find her a little more argumentative than usual. The remedy? Place Ksitigarbha’s Fireball to control these energies, and let her carry or wear a Wen Chang Pagoda. Good luck!


QThere is no education corner in my house. My son will be appearing very important exam this year. Please advise remedy.


The education corner according to the Eight Aspirations Pa Kua is the Northeast. If this part of your house is missing and you have children in school or sitting exams, it is important to recreate the energy by lifting the Chi here. Install a bright light in the Northeast part of your garden and keep it turned on for at least 3 hours each day. You can also activate the Small Tai Chi if you cannot do anything about the Big Tai Chi.

Start with his study room or his personal bedroom. Make sure the NE corner of his room is not afflicted or missing, then enhance with education symbols of good fortune. Place a Chi Lin with 4 scholastic objects in this corner, this is one of the most powerful ways to harness study and exam luck. You can also enhance with a crystal globe and twirl this daily. Place this also in the NE sector of your son’s study room. You can do the same thing in the living room of the home if he spends a lot of his time here. And lastly, try and position his study desk such that he faces his personal Fu Wei direction according to the Kua formula.


QIs it bad feng shui to buy a property from a bank auction?


When buying property, it is always good to know the history of the land or home you are buying. In general, it is always better to buy a home with a good history where the previous occupants led happy and successful lives. Homes with a sad history such as those that get put up for sale due to foreclosure or bankruptcy should be viewed with some degree of wariness. However, if you like the home, and it is affordable and perfect in all other respects, then by all means buy it. But make sure that before you move in, you completely refresh the energy by conducting a thorough space clearing of the property. Also check the feng shui to see if there was a feng shui reason that you can spot that caused the home to be put up for sale this way; and whether it is something you can fix. Do all this before making your decision.