Aunt Agga Issue #78



I bought a wealth vase middle of last year. The problem is I cannot activate it because in the DVD which shows you how to make your vase, I need to have earth from a rich man. But how! I don’t know anyone that rich. Is there any other alternative? Please advise.


You don’t need wealth from a multi-millionaire if you don’t know any personally. Just someone you respect, perhaps a friend who is doing better than you. If you really cannot, then wealth from your own garden is fine – or wealth from a holy place of worship – get from a place of your own faith or religion.

You can also insert pictures of things you aspire to own inside your wealth vase, e.g. a new car, a bigger house, some new jewellery – be creative! Go flip through a magazine and get working with a pair of scissors.

You should also try and include money from a rich person in your vase – again, no need to be Bill Gates – just someone living in your city who is richer than you. If you ask to change money with them, they will not refuse. All you have to do is open your mouth and ask. If they turn you down, go on to the next person; if they have that kind of attitude, you don’t want their energy anyway. You have nothing to lose! Have fun with your wealth vase and may it bring you plenty of wealth luck.


QI started a new job recently but am not happy with it. I work with students who do not listen to me. I sit in a very large room painted peach, a colour which I cannot change; I also sit under a beam. I am reluctant to put any cures out in case they get taken. Can you suggest anything that can be done apart from looking for another job, which I do not really want to do.


Since you are a teacher, one of the important aspects of your job is that your students respect you and listen to you. So the best feng shui symbol for you is the Ru Yi. This is also known as the “sceptre of authority”, giving those in positions like the one you are in more power, authority and influence over your subjects.

Since you teach in a classroom that is not permanently yours, instead of placing a Ru Yi on your desk, get one which you can wear on a chain round your neck, or one you can carry in your handbag or briefcase. You can also wear a three-eyed Dzi bead with the bead touching your throat chakra; this will give your speech greater power, increasing the likelihood of people listening to what you have to say. As for the beam, try and move your chair so you are not directly underneath the beam when you teach.


QWhere can I look to find out about the best directions for renovations to be done in 2010?


The best resources for things like this are the FENG SHUI ALMANAC and LILLIAN TOO’S FENG SHUI DIARY. These two publications will have everything you need to practise your day-to-day feng shui, including where to renovate, sectors to avoid and any taboos you may need to know about. You can purchase them at


QI have two children already and they are both boys. We want to have a baby girl as this is my husband’s desire. Can feng shui help me?


Unfortunately, feng shui cannot help you conceive a baby girl. In feng shui, it is considered most auspicious to have a boy. In fact, the more sons you have, the more auspicious it is considered! If you are lucky enough to be blessed with 5 sons, then your cup truly runneth over! But if you really want a baby girl, perhaps you can try other methods. Some myths say if both parents turn vegetarian for a few months before the conception period, this helps the chances of having a girl. There are also other well-documented methods, including the Shettles Method, which they claim are scientifically proven to significantly increase your chances, but I have yet to meet anyone personally who has successfully used the method. But even if you have another son, so what? Rejoice! A new baby in the family is always a hei see occasion and brings good luck to the parents, no matter what the gender!


QI received a beautiful framed ornament from my son who is in the military. This is a citation with bronze medal awarded to him while serving in the Middle East – it also came with a soldier doll with a complete outfit, gun and all. Where is an appropriate wall to hang the frame and place the doll which is in a plastic clear case and other awards? My West side is a picture window – no wall. The East is a wooded wall panel of pine like the log cabin. The South is a plain white wall as well as the North. Please advise. Thanks!


The best place to hang awards are the Northeast, as this area symbolizes personal advancement and improvement. But as these awards and medals are related to your son’s career, it would also be good to hang them in the North, the sector that represents career luck. Medals made of metal are also suitable for the North, as metal produces water in the cycle of elements, and North is a water sector.

However, because this latest award comes with an armed soldier with gun and all, try not to display in such a way that the gun points towards the inside of the home. If the toy soldier is in the outer part of the house, facing out, he then serves as “protection” for your home, rather than pose a possible threat. The same logic holds for paintings of wild animals and warriors etc; such paintings and art should be hung facing outwards from the house, in which case they take on a positive and auspicious meaning.


QOne of my tortoises died on New Year’s Day. Wondering what it means? Please enlighten me.


When one of your pets or animals in your care passes away, especially if it is sudden and without warning, it often means they have taken away your bad luck, preventing something bad that was going to happen to you. Usually this happens with fishes, but tortoises, dogs, cats can do the same thing. Don’t feel too sad about it. Death can also be a beginning.


QJust bought an auspicious fly on the horse and my sheng chi is in the North. Can I still activate this wealth sector of mine, even though the five yellow star afflicts this sector (North) this year?

AWhenever the Five Yellow enters a sector, it makes it inauspicious, thus the North should not really be activated. If you are looking to activate for wealth, you should activate the Southeast corner, which is the corner that represents wealth luck in the Later Heaven Pa Kua. You can still “tap” your wealth sheng chi direction by sitting facing North, but try not to locate your bedroom or your office in the North part of the home or the office building. And definitely do not undertake any renovations in the North sector, nor play loud music or have too much activity in this afflicted area. Your Fly on Horse can just go on your work desk where you work.



QI’m going crazy trying to look for a cure for my bed but don’t how to do this. I understand that a bed must have a headboard for protection, but unfortunately mine did not have one when I bought it about 10 years ago. My metal bed is positioned in the fame section of the Pa Kua. Please help me find a cure. Thanks.


It is definitely better to have a headboard than not to have one. Can you have one made and installed? A good bed supplier or carpenter can help to do this, or perhaps it is time to change your bed? If you cannot get yourself a bed with a headboard for whatever reason (financial or otherwise), then at least make sure that the head of the bed is placed against a solid wall behind you. The wall can then act as the headboard.


QWhat does it mean when a cat/kitten suddenly arrives at our home? We don’t particularly like cats and have kept it outside to ward off mice.


If a stray cat has chosen your home as a base, and you have so kindly allowed it to stay, that brings you tremendous good karma. In fact, whenever you “save” animals who are in need of shelter and food, or “release” animals who would otherwise have found themselves on a dinner table, you are working up loads of personal merit, which brings you good luck and purifies past negative karma you may have created.

If you don’t particularly like cats but still find a place in your heart to let the cat stay, that is wonderful! Offer it some food as well, but be firm and let the cat know that its place is outside the house. Cats, especially the hardy strays, are very intelligent and resilient. And this cat will repay your kindness some day, whether directly or indirectly.


QMy daughter was born in 1998; I would like to know what an ideal background or wallpaper picture or painting would be suitable for her on her laptop that may help with her education? I have a beautiful white tiger stepping into a river, with 6 butterflies flying around, on my computer, and I was born 10/07/65, is this okay?


For your daughter, if she works on her laptop a lot, an ideal background wallpaper would be one of a bright hall. Rolling fields that stretch on into the distance is the best image if she constantly has to look at it in front of her. But if she prefers, an image that inspires her would do nicely also. Just make sure it does not feature anything too sharp or hostile as this would constitute bad feng shui.

For you, if you’re born in 1965, that makes you a Snake. Ordinarily, one has to be a bit careful when displaying Tigers and other fierce wild animals, but if to you the Tiger in your image is beautiful and inspires positive feelings, then this wallpaper should be OK. And stepping into the river, the Tiger sounds like it is in a relaxed and not predatory mode.

Whenever you pick things like art, it is subjective, so you just have to know the basic rules for good feng shui, then apply your better judgement when putting it into practice.


QIs it alright if I put artificial flowers at the center of my house? The center part of my house happens to be in the South and what type of flowers should I put if I am married?


Artificial flowers are wonderful! They are bright, cheery and don’t need looking after, or that much looking after, apart from a good clean once in a while. As long as you avoid “dried” flowers – the sort they use to make pot pourri – then you are quite safe. If you don’t have time to look after real plants and flowers, then artificial flowers are the best solution.

If the central part of your home is in the South, then red or pink flowers are perfect. Tulips, lilies, carnations, orchids and African Daisies all make beautiful flowers to have in the home.
If you are married, be a little careful about flowers such as roses or peonies, as they can inspire too much romantic energy, sometimes causing infidelities in
the relationship.