Aunt Agga Issue #77



I am a great follower of feng shui but I need to know this – when every month according to FSW magazine the flying stars change and it is suggested we place a certain item as a cure for that month for a particular sector, is this moving around of feng shui items only for that particular month? And can I then remove that item after the month has finished as I need the same item to be placed at another part of my flat? Or if I do not need the same item anywhere else for the following month, do I leave the item where it is until I require it again, or should I move it from the place when the month has finished? I would really appreciate if could please help me with this confusion I have. Many thanks!


Flying stars change locations from year to year and from month to month. The yearly and monthly stars are two distinct sets of stars. At the beginning of each year before Feb 4th, it is vitally important to update your feng shui by placing the correct cures for all afflicted sectors which are being affected by the “bad” or malicious annual stars such as the Five Yellow, number 2 illness star, number 3 quarrelsome star and so forth.

However, each month the monthly stars change locations, so you need to look at these also. While the yearly stars are more important as they have a larger bearing on your luck, the month stars can also make the difference between something good happening to you, or some misfortune befalling you. The bad month stars should be “cured” if they happen to fall into your front door sector or your bedroom sector. You can place cures for the other month stars as well, but these are the two most important areas you have to “look after”.

Once the month is up, you can remove the month cure and either keep it away in a cabinet or store room, or move it to another sector which requires the cure. It is however a good idea to get brand new annual cures each New Year, as the energy is then brand new. When discarding old used or worn out cures, look on them as having done their work for you, and you can then store them away, bury them or drop them into flowing water, a river, the sea or the ocean.


QI have an aquarium at home and always change the water once a week (almost) but how come the water turns green?


I think your filter may not be working properly but it can also be due to your tank getting hit by sunlight. This causes algae to form which turns the water green. If you want to keep fish – which can be great feng shui energizers for your home – make sure your tank is kept clean and the fish are healthy, otherwise instead of bringing good feng shui it might turn energy around!

Invest in a good filter and also install some special light that prevents algae from forming. But remember not to change the water too frequently as too much new water from the tap often results in too much chlorine and this can be deadly for your fish. When you change your water, make sure you add some anti-chlorine agent, and only ever change half the water, leaving some of the old water in the tank. If you can’t seem to keep your tank water clean, it might be better not to keep fish at all. A dirty aquarium is way worse than no aquarium.


QIn the Flying Star method, which should we follow – the Period or Yearly star?


The yearly star is more accurate to follow in predicting the lucky and unlucky sectors for any given year. But it is also advisable to study the two charts together and how the numbers of both charts combine with each other, as this can give you a more detailed and precise analysis of the luck pattern for the sector. In terms of water and mountain star analysis however, the base star (or period star) is mainly to chart the secondary stars, which give you the analysis for the sectors. If you are interested to learn more, get Lillian Too’s book Flying Star Feng Shui Made Easy . This book will explain everything in a lot more detail
for you.


QI know that hanging paintings of 9 koi is good luck; especially in the dining and/or living room. But koi have red dots and you mentioned that this is not lucky? How is this to work?


Not all koi have a single clear red dot on its forehead. This is said to symbolize “failure”. It comes from the legend of the Dragon Gate, where carp that successfully leap this gate can turn from mere fish into mighty dragons. Those who fail the leap however get branded with a single red dot on their forehead. If I were you, I’d look for a painting without koi with a single red dot pm the forehead. It is possible to find.


QMy life went from bad to worse after visiting a reputable feng shui master last year. After consultation, I bought a glass rooster which he said would boost my metal element which I lack based on my Ba Zi. There is an empty hong bao with my name and Ba Zi written on it, which was to be placed under the rooster on my writing table where I spend most of my time. All this cost me a few thousand dollars which I’m still paying by installment. My parents said it’s not good to have things seated on a person’s Ba Zi and since then, things got worse.

I have cleared all those items into a box and have stored them in my wardrobe. But this year have been really terrible for me. I lost my job in April where I worked for 6 years, joined a new company in May and met a car accident followed by falling down the stairs and dislocating my arm at the office. I left my new job soon in July and till now I’m still looking for a job. My wife is supporting me and my 2 kids at the moment and I’m feeling so terrible that things are not smooth for me. What can I do? I also would like to know how can I dispose of all my feng shui items properly. Please help, my kua no. is 9.
Thank you.


I’m so sorry to hear that things have been so bad for you! Your parents are right; it is not such a great idea to have something pressing down on your name. And definitely also never an empty red packet.


Most times feng shui is common sense, and it is always better to learn feng shui and figure things out for yourself than let yourself be reliant on a self-styled “master” or “consultant” no matter how reputable they are, or how much they advertise. Even if you plan to use a consultant, try and read up as much as you can first, so you can ask them all the right questions and sense when they are advising something that doesn’t seem quite right to you. There is no need to feel bad about these things as a feng shui consultation is a business transaction!

As for your recent spate of bad luck, check the front door of your home – do you have a poison arrow pointed at it, like a neighbour’s sharp roof, a menacing looking tree etc? Buy your Fortune and Feng Shui book based on your animal sign and have a read. Many readers find these books really useful as all the important and basic cures are explained in detail. The books also forewarns of unlucky months, with good advice on what to do about them. And they do not cost thousands of dollars, just RM19.80! They are also fun to read and very informative!


QMy friend has always suffered from a lot of anxiety and stress and she takes it out on her husband. Now she’s pregnant, due this year, and she’s even more stressed. She and her husband even see a therapist together. What can I give her to help her react more calmly to life’s ups and downs?


For greater harmony in the home, especially between husband and wife, you can recommend the Makara Dragon. The Makara Dragon is one of the symbols of victory that fight against disharmony in the household, appeasing quarrels and giving you less to fight about. You can find out more on


QIs it bad luck to accommodate the pregnant girlfriend of my son? My son lives in our house and recently he stayed in his girlfriend’s parents’ house as well. I heard from my parents that it is bad luck to accommodate a pregnant woman if she is not really living in as family. I feel so down on my finances since a few months back and am feeling low.

ADon’t be silly! Allowing a pregnant lady to stay in your house is not at all bad luck; in fact it is good luck! Pregnant ladies emanate very auspicious chi and it is said that just meeting or coming into contact with a pregnant lady predicts good things to come. Of course you may be cross with your son for getting his girlfriend pregnant out of wedlock, but you cannot change what happened and you should be happy your son is taking responsibility for it, and not running away from it. Rejoice and do what you can to support these two young people. And of course she is family; she is carrying your grandchild! Say a silent prayer of good wishes for the couple and who knows, the new addition to your family could end up bringing you a change of luck! In short, it is good karma to be kind!


QWe are planning to move to another house and the house we like has the door leading to the stairs; right after you open the door, you see the stairs right away. My mom and aunt said it’s not good but they don’t tell me the reason. Can you please confirm? Thanks.


Your mom and aunt are right. If the front door opens directly to the stairs, whatever chi that comes in will flow up and fall right back out again! If you really like the house, is it possible to do minor renovations to move the door so it is not exactly in line with the stairs? Or put a screen or something to block the stairs from view from the front door.


QI have a quick question… I know that having either black or blue colour on the roof is inauspicious. I am just wondering – is it possible for me to use a very light sky blue, compared to a darker, navy blue, for my ceiling?


Sky blue for the ceiling is absolutely fine. As long as the colour you use for your ceiling or roof does not resemble water it should be OK. It is only the symbolism of “water on top” that becomes dangerous in feng shui terms.