Aunt Agga Issue #72



I have a very large painting of 4 large horses; I was told this means death? Should I remove this painting from my house?


This belief comes from an olden day torture method supposedly used in medieval China. There are disputes over whether 4 or 5 horses were used, but the method was gruesomely entitled “Horses Pulling the Body Apart”. The limbs (and sometimes head) of the victim would be tied to a horse each, then the horses would be startled to make them run off in different directions.

However, I wouldn’t say a painting of four horses symbolizes this unless it actually shows this. Four horses grazing in calm and pleasant pastures signify instead happiness, freedom and spirit. Horses in feng shui are usually considered very lucky, as they stand for strength, fame, victory and perseverance. As long as the horses in your painting look happy and in good spirits, and not scared or running away, it is probably an auspicious piece of art to hang.


QI’m attending my daughter’s convocation this February and would like to know what hand bouquet is suitable for me to present her? Roses? Sunflowers? I want to wish her a bright future and a good career after her graduation. I read from Feng Shui World magazine before that red roses are not auspicious? Please enlighten me.


Red roses are not so suitable for a convocation. They usually denote passion and romance, but even then, there are those who believe that long-stemmed roses that have not been de-thorned spell trouble for the relationship. For an occasion like a convocation where you are wishing your daughter well for the future, yellow flowers are best. Sunflowers, daffodils, tulips are all good choices.


QHi I’d like to ask if it is true that if a person’s paht chee has no water at all it means no good income or finance at all? I was born in the year of Fire Dragon but my time of birth is Sheep. Please clarify. Thank you.


No it doesn’t mean that. If there is no water in your Paht Chee, also known as your Eight Characters chart, you need to balance out your chart by introducing the water element into your life. Chinese people usually do this for their children by naming the child depending on the child’s Paht Chee, so if the child is missing water, the name given could be something denoting lots of water, like “Big River”. Or you could wear more blues and blacks, which also connotate water. Finance and income luck in one’s Paht Chee can be represented by any one of the five elements; what each element means will depend on the person’s self element. To learn more, please read Lillian Too’s ‘Eight Characters: Chinese Personal Forecasting’, a great book for those interested in Paht Chee reading.


QIs it bad feng shui when the numbers on your home address totals 4? Example: 1336 equals 4. If true, what’s the remedy? What if you’re just renting?


I don’t use that method of numerology. To me, a house number that reads 1336 is 1336, not the sum of the numbers put together. I would say 6 is a pretty good digit for the number to end with, as it means energy and luck from the heavens. But if you are looking for an especially lucky combination, look for numbers containing the digits 1,6,8 and 9. As for your home being just a rented property, makes no difference to your luck as if you owned it, if you are living there. So yes, the feng shui of your home where you are living affects you just as much if you own the property as if you are merely renting it.


QHi, I am born in the year of snake. Is it ok to carry or wear snake/python products?


I’d advise not to, as a Snake wearing snake skin is like skinning your own kind for fashion. Akin to cannibalism. It’s a personal choice but if you’re not comfortable wearing it, it’s better not to.


QI need to seek your expert advice on the disposal of items that have been used to neutralise afflictions. Do we need to throw away the items or can we just put them elsewhere to use as decorations? If disposal is required, can you enlighten me on how to go about doing it?


AFeng shui cures that have been used needn’t be thrown away. If they are in good condition, you can continue to use them. If they are no longer a ‘cure’ needed for a particular year and you have nowhere appropriate to place them, keep them away in storage and use them again when they become useful again (when the stars fly the right way.)

However, feng shui items that are chipped, broken or tarnished should not be used as the energy they carry is tainted. In this case, it is perfectly fine to throw them out and purchase new ones. There is no need to treat your good fortune symbols like magic talismans. They are products like any other products that have a sell-by date. If your favourite pair of jeans gets worn out with holes here and there, you would also throw them out. Same thing! No need to be emotionally attached.


QI read on one of your postings (regarding 100 children painting and where to hang it) that one should hang the picture in the west sector. What if the West sector of my home is my garage and it is missing the West corner? We have a 6 year old daughter (born in another home) and lost a baby girl last year who was born too soon. What do we need to do to activate our ‘baby’ luck?


Please don’t hang the 100 Children painting in your garage. It is a rule that when enhancing or activating for good luck in feng shui, you avoid doing so in taboo rooms within the home – these include kitchens, toilets, store rooms and garages.

Instead, activate the West corner of your living room. Hang a nice painting of children in this corner. If you already have one child and wish to have another, hang up a painting of 2 children. The 100 Children painting will also work. Or place a painted crystal ball here, one painted with 100 children. You can get those are World of Feng Shui stores. Spin the ball daily to infuse it with yang energy. And keep the West sector lit.

A note of caution: don’t make too much noise in the West sector this year though, as the quarrelsome star is there, and could cause you and your husband to fight. But lights and good fortune symbols are OK.


QIs it okay if I don’t use wooden door instead of sliding glass door, and drain is in front of the door?

AUmm, no, a sliding door really does not make a good front door. If it is possible to at least have a wooden or more solid looking door to label your front door, even if it is a small one, it will be better. Having a drain directly in front of the front door is also another serious taboo. Cover up the drain with stone slabs so you cannot see the drain and it should be OK.


QHi, I bought a Pi Xie made of Tiger Eye. It is a small one that can hang off the mobile phone. I just noticed however that the behind leg has broken. Can I still use it or do I have to get a new one?

AUsing chipped feng shui symbols and enhancers brings the same kind of energy as wearing torn clothes or eating off broken plates – it brings BAD feng shui! Some believe that when your lucky symbols – such as your Pi Xie in this case chips or breaks – that it has protected you from some bad luck coming your way. It has done its job, so it is time to put it away and replace it with a new one.