Aunt Agga Issue #71



I have a swimming pool in the backyard and it is in the South section of the compound. Is that bad? I’m having financial trouble.


It is better not to have too much water in the South as the South is a Fire sector, and this would create a clash of energies. For the current period, it is most ideal to have the water feature in the Southwest, the place of the Indirect Spirit. If you can, move your swimming pool. If you cannot move it, how about extend it so it stretches into the SW sector of your land?

To have your water feature create better wealth luck for you, build some kind of water flow in your pool so that the water appears to be flowing towards your house. This is a great way of activating wealth luck, and even better if the SW happens to be where your water star 8 is. You can check where your water star 8 is by reading Lillian Too’s “Flying Star Feng Shui Made Easy.” This newly released book also has a ton of great ways to activate for money luck to keep your bank account balance in the black.


QWe are trying to conceive our first child through IVF. We are creating a space for baby as a small nursery. Is there anything else we can do?


Yes! To enhance descendants luck, activate the West sector with symbols of fertility and family. A pair of pomegranates, elephants with trunks down or a hundred children crystal ball are all examples of good energizers for descendants luck. It can also help to sleep pointing to the man’s nien yen direction.

However, you mention you are creating space for a small nursery. To the Chinese, there is a taboo associated with buying things for baby before the baby has arrived. Items such as clothes, blankets and cots should not be bought till quite late into the pregnancy, because assuming all will go well by purchasing everything in advance is believed to be tempting fate. As such, it may be best to leave decorating the children’s room till last. Good luck and I hope you are blessed with a little one soon!


QIs it advisable to place a pot of money plant in the office? Ever since the company secretary placed the money plant (facing the main door) in the office, there was friction and gossip among staff which never happened before. Is there any connection to the effect or is it just a coincidence? Your advice is much appreciated.


Money plants signify Wood energy, and the argumentative star number 3 is a wood star. So if the money plant were inadvertently placed in the sector containing the number 3 star, yes it is definitely causing friction among the staff. The disharmony will continue unless the plant is emoved. The number 3 star has moved to the West sector this year, so make sure the money plant is not in the West, as this would aggravate the quarrelsome energies in the office. Another item you could use to quell office friction is a smart looking Rooster – place in the West part of the office for best effect.


QI have more encounters with unreasonable people than the average person; the airline ticketing officer yelled at me for being late but not at the couple right before me, when there is someone cutting queue that person would choose to stand in front of me, at work colleagues don’t hesitate to say rude words to me never mind that I have always been helpful. Friends told me I am too nice that people don’t hesitate to mistreat me. My hairstylist says I look fragile and easy to bully. I am tired of all these rude people. Sometimes I wonder if my career success is attracting negative people; I don’t want to turn into a nasty woman so that people are afraid to bully me. Is there anything that I can do? I am a horse, born on 5 April 1978 at 1.11am. Thanks.


Hey you don’t have to be a nasty person to be treated with respect, but you do have to respect yourself, exude an air of confidence and quickly shed this “victim complex” . If you see yourself as someone others can bully this creates the energy that makes it a self fulfilling prophecy ! Also others are bound to see you that way too. You are what you think you are. Don’t take it when others are rude to you. Next time someone is rude to you, first ask yourself if you are being sensitive? You do not have to take rudeness. Stand up to them firmly and without losing your cool, then let it go. On the other hand, if you think you may just being small-minded about the whole thing, forget it, you have better things to worry about negative people who are unimportant in your life.

On the feng shui side, check you are not being afflicted by the number 3 quarrelsome star, which makes it difficult for you to get along with people. The number 3 star could be afflicting you in the sector you sleep in, or it could be affecting you through your house flying star chart. In 2008 the number 3 is in the West. If you’re residing in this part of the house, try to move, but if you can’t display a Ksitigarbha Staff here to dispel the argumentative chi. Horse-born people are quite afflicted this year, so ensure you have all the cures in place to counter the bad chi headed your way. Wear a 5 element pagoda as a protective amulet and display the flying horse with pi yao in the South sector of your home.


QAm confused between the lap chun and lunar new year. If a child is born after the lap chun but before the lunar new year, which animal horoscope applies?



The lunar New Year is what determines the animal sign, so you go by that date. If your child is born before the lunar new year, he or she is considered to be born under the sign of the animal of the previous year. However, some believe individuals born around the New Year period will possess characteristics of both animal signs. The lap chun is considered the first day of the Solar year which is the Farmers calendar.


QI heard that it is bad luck keeping empty fish tanks in one’s house. Can I move them outside my house and leave them empty or do I need to dispose of them?

AIt is bad luck to keep empty anything in the house, whether inside or outside. This is poverty programming and it sends negative hidden messages for the home. If your empty tanks are in your compound, it is still considered inside your house. If you don’t want to dispose of them, at least keep them hidden from view.


QWhat element do the colours of purple and beige belong to?


Purple is a most auspicious colour. To the Chinese when something is purple, they say it is “so red it turns purple”. So purple is fire turning into water! In other words, you cannot get luckier or more prosperous. Beige is an earth colour. As a colour combination, if you want real significance, why not try purple and silver together, as these combine to form “Ngan Chee”, which means wealth. A great colour combination for use in business logos, corporate colours etc.


QThe day I activated my water star, a huge iguana nearly five and a half feet long climbed into the back portion of my house through a 9 ft high vertical wall and squeezed itself in through a narrow high window opening. My house is between a long row of double terrace houses. It knocked down all 6 of my big crystal balls which I display on a long shelf below, but amazingly none of them cracked or broke when they fell onto the marble floor. Since it was already late evening when we came back from work, my husband and I decided to leave the iguana alone sleeping at a corner of the house after we locked the sliding door so it could not come into the living room.

Early the next morning, my husband quietly opened the back door to let the iguana out. However the following night, the iguana again tried to come into our house this time through the front door which we locked because I heard the neighbour’s dogs barking earlier and then found some small pieces of iguana skin on the front porch. Is this a good sign, as I have intention to sell this house for a bigger corner lot house. Your advice is appreciated.

AOh my what a very very lucky indication. The iguana is the modern form of the Dragon! I am so glad you and your husband did not harm the “dragon” but it would have been great to actually invite it to come into your home. That it left its skin – well maybe it was shedding its skin. Very lucky! It is a good omen and since it slept one night in your house, well! That surely must be even luckier! As for selling your house, there is no problem with that. Think of the iguana’s visit as a good luck omen to you and your husband, not just to the house. (i.e. it doesn’t mean the house you’re currently living in is so lucky that you shouldn’t move). If you are meant to move to a bigger house, it will happen. And this year it is lucky to upgrade house as the earth element is strong. So good luck with your plans!