Aunt Agga Issue #156


Q We moved into my husband’s company housing last year. And we just found out that the northwest part of our house comprises half of our kitchen (the part with no stove) and the common bathroom. Is there any cure for it?

A Kitchens in the NW are always a little bit dangerous, as the kitchen represents Fire energy and the NW is a metal sector. And because NW represents heaven, it creates the unlucky “Fire at heaven’s Gate” configuration. If you cannot change the location of the kitchen, best is to avoid doing any cooking there, especially cooking that involves open fire. If the stove part of the kitchen is not located in the NW, then it is not so bad. But still, if you have to do cooking, how about set up a cooking kitchen in another part of your home, and keep your NW purely as a “dry” kitchen to serve drinks, prepare salads and sandwiches, and things that do not require open fire?


Q My old parents are not in good health. It is so sad to see my dad losing his memory and so weak he cannot move. What feng shui items can we place to help him recover faster? Who can we pray to for help on health for my dad? Can you please provide us with the wordings and instructions please?

A The best is to bring in a beautiful image of MEDICINE Buddha. We created a stunning bejewelled blue Buddha precisely for this purpose, so that each time your dad sees it and thinks “wow beautiful”, just that thought evokes the blessings of the powerful medicine Buddha. You can also display the Amithayus Plaque in your home. Medicine Buddha will heal, while Amithayus is one of the long life Buddhas. Chanting their mantras daily will strengthen the health and longevity of those residing in your home, especially the elderly folk like your dad. The Amithayus mantra is OM AHMARANI JIVAN TYE SOHA and you can chant a whole mala of this mantra each day or as often as you wish. His plaque features a beautiful image of him together with his long mantra. We will say prayers for your dad to have an easier old age.


Q After the passing of our friend, her precious things were given away, but i have her bag that she was using before she passed away. Is that good?

A There’s nothing wrong with keeping the belongings of someone who has passed on. And if that person was someone special to you, keeping something she used to own may help you keep the memory of her alive. When it becomes unhealthy however is when what you keep of hers is something that causes you to not want to let her go. If you are clinging on to her, even if she has already passed on, it could cause her soul to yearn for you. This is what Buddhists refer to as the great sin of “attachment” and it causes those who have passed on to get stuck in what the Chinese refer to as the realms of the Hungry Ghosts. This is mostly the case when direct family, especially a spouse, grieves too hard or too long for a lost loved one. Better to rejoice and pray for a good rebirth, and completely let go, as this is the best thing you can do for them.


Q I was told by a friend that one should not buy or wear feng shui cures with one’s own animal sign, as it is considered as clashing with one’s own self. Is that true?

A Absolutely NOT true. Wearing your own animal sign is a nod to your own self, and placing a figurine of your animal sign in your home sector only enhances your own luck and empowers your astrological aura. But, what is even better than wearing your own animal sign, is to wear it together with the sign of your astrological allies or secret friend. There are a great many ways to use beautiful images of all 12 astrological animals – they each serve to bring different dimensions of luck your way. For instance, when you place your sign with that of your astrology ally or secret friend, these bring you the kind of bonding luck that enhances your luck, brings you powerful mentors and creates hidden support for all that you do. Astrological allies and friends help you without you even knowing. This is why the Chinese believe so much in displaying one’s allies and friends and both Lillian and Jennifer display all 12 signs in their homes! When you know the science of PAHT CHEE, you will come to realise the many different combinations of signs that activate different kinds of luck!


Q My young son’s bedroom is in the NW. I have read that the NW isn’t a good sector for children. Are there any cures that can be used in this sector to help my son?

A Firstly, this is not true, so there is no cause for worry. The Northwest in terms of family members represents the father, the leader, or the head of the household. It is also the sector of the compass that represents mentor luck, something all children can benefit from. The NW is also the home sector of all those born under the astrological signs of Dog or Boar. There is nothing you need to worry about with your son’s bedroom occupying the NW. And what’s more, this year in 2018, the NW becomes especially lucky, as the annual star that has flown in for the year is the Victory Star #1. To ensure your son does as well as he can however, you can ensure his bed is positioned such that his head points to one of his lucky directions as he sleeps (find out his lucky directions at with the Kua calculator) and position his desk so he faces a lucky direction when he sits to do his homework. Other taboos to avoid – no poison arrows, no fierce animal pictures, choose a wall colour that is pastel or white or light-coloured. Avoid overly bright colours in the bedroom, which can be unsettling, not just for children but for anyone.



Q “How do we add up our house number? If we live in an apartment, would it be the block or our individual unit that is considered the house number?”

A This question falls under the Science of Numerology and a straight answer to your question is that YES, numbers do bring about different kinds of influences to the occupants of a home, and from this perspective, they affect the feng shui of homes. If you know your LUCKY NUMBER, then it would be the number of your apartment unit which is what will be written onto an envelope addressed to you. I f you live in Block 21-7, in Unit 8, then 8 is the most important number. When your house or apartment number resonates with your personal numerological indications – i.e. if it is the same as your birth date or your KUA number, the house number is generally in sync with you and thus considered very auspicious for you. But there are some numbers that are universally good for everyone – 1,6,8 and 9 are the numbers that bring safety and good fortune. The first three numbers, the white numbers of the Flying Star system, bring success, big opportunities and prosperity, while the number 9 brings completion luck and abundance. 2,3,4,5,7 are trickier numbers as they are not universally lucky for everyone, but if you are born with one of these numbers as your KUA , then that number is considered lucky for you. I f your unit has more than one digit, e.g. 27, you add up the two numbers, reducing it to one digit 2+7=9, then 9 becomes the number to take note of.


Q Please help us. We moved to our new apartment, but the unit above us is so inconsiderate and rude. They water their plants dripping water onto our balcony, and worse, splashing water without caring if the units below get wet. We talked to them face to face, but they ignore us and repeatedly do this. Please tell us what feng shui we can use, or prayers to say, to stop such unfriendly and rude acts from neighbours who only think of themselves. We did try to pray, but as we are not Buddhists, we are not sure if there is a special mantra that will help people be nice to others. Thank you.

A This is a very common occurrence and it can be very annoying indeed. You can try sending them an “offering” of flowers. Usually, we recommend reciting a special mantra before making the offering, but since you are not a Buddhist, you can recite a friendly prayer on your flowers before sending to them. You will be pleasantly surprised how this can work wonders! Remember to tie a red ribbon onto your flower as this forges a neighbourly link with them and is extremely powerful. After you have become friends, you can then tell them about the dripping water!


Q “I dreamt of Santa Claus and there were many gifts with him. In feng shui, does this mean anything? I had this dream as Chinese New Year was approaching and thought I should’ve dreamt of Wealth God Tsai Sheng Yeh instead. I also dreamt I was in a mall looking at gifts. What does this mean?”

A Santa Claus is a Western version of a Wealth God! Like Chinese and Taoist Wealth Gods, Santa Claus carries a big sack with him. If you dream of Santa Claus bearing gifts, it can only mean good things! Your dream about being in a mall looking for gifts could be your subconscious telling you that you forgot something during Christmastime. Was there someone you forgot to buy a gift for? But more than a physical gift, is there someone in your life you have been neglecting and ought to give more time to?