Aunt Agga Issue #152


Q We need your urgent help. We just moved. We have limited space. Our child is facing tremendous stress in her school work. What can we do to use feng shui to help her build confidence and for study luck? Please help. Thank you and God bless.

A It is always an adjustment when you move house and that can take a huge toll on a child in school. But if things got significantly worse after you moved house, you need to check the feng shui of your child’s bedroom and study desk. Check her KUA number and ensure her head is pointed to one of her good directions when she sleeps. Also make sure her desk is positioned such that she is facing one of her 4 good directions – Fu Wei is best for someone still in school, but any of the 4 good directions is OK. To boost study luck, get her the bejewelled Luohan for Scholastic Brilliance Luck and place in the NE of her bedroom, or on her study desk. Make sure there are no poisons arrows (sharp edges from desks, cupboards, hanging mobiles) pointed at her as she studies or sleeps. Most of all, make sure she knows that no matter how she does in school and in her exams, you are solidly behind her. Take off the pressure from your side as parents, and let her find her own level. If she knows she has your unconditional support and love, she will gain in confidence and it will make all the difference.


Q We saw a very big rat, size of a guinea pig, in the car park shortly after we moved to our new home. Is this good to see a rat during this time and during the 7th month?

A When you take particular “notice” of something you see in everyday life, it is often sending you a hidden message from the cosmos. Symbolically Rats are considered very auspicious as they belong to the Mongoose family, often depicted with Wealth Gods of the Tibetan Buddhist traditions. The Chinese like to display Rat figurines in the home surrounded by golden coins and ingots as money luck enhancers. Seeing a rat when you are moving into a new home is a sign your new abode will be good for you, and that imminent wealth is coming your way! The 7th month is a Monkey month, and the Rat is the ally of the Monkey, making it doubly auspicious. You have nothing to worry about, and much to smile about!


Q Is there a way to use feng shui to lose weight?

A LOL I wish! That’s the milliondollar question that has spawned a whole industry supplying miracle pills, slimming creams and overnight diet programs. But they all work or don’t work depending on your willpower to ration your food intake and keep up a regular exercise regime. What feng shui can do is help you stay healthy – and part of staying healthy is to maintain a healthy body weight. If your weight is causing you to feel bad about yourself or causing your health to suffer, you can supplement your diet efforts by tapping into your Tien Yi or Health direction when you sleep, sit to eat or while you work at your desk. Get your personal Health direction via the Kua calculator on


Q Can we keep birds as pets? (Parakeet, Cockatiel, Budgie, Mynah)



A Birds always represent opportunities, good news and happiness, but keeping birds as pets is tricky from a feng shui viewpoint, as it is NOT lucky to cage up a bird. Keeping peacocks in your garden if you live in a big mansion for example is OK; or feeding a flock of pigeons that fly free and regularly return for food. But better not to keep your bird in a cage.


Q I plan to have a baby boy. I already have two girls – a Tiger and a Dragon. I don’t know which animal sign I should have next. I am an Ox and my husband is a Rat.

A A Dog baby (2018) would clash with your Dragon daughter, so not the best idea. A Boar baby (2019) would be OK. A Rat baby (2020) would be excellent as he would be astrological allies with your Dragon daughter, and also your secret friend.